The Styles Triplets

Three brothers with three different personalities. The smart one, the badass, and the sensitive one. Who would figure we would fight over the same girl, and do whatever it takes to make her one of ours. This will be war. Whose side are you on? ****Created for @Down_For_1D and @harrystyles_no on Twitter**** One-Shot (4 chapters, max.)


4. Secrets

I wasn't sure what I was doing but my body was completely taking control. I pushed Em against her wall, she gasped, and I love the sounds she would make. 

I went to her throat, wanting nothing more but to taste her. I could feel her moans vibrate against her neck with my lips and it sent shivers up and down my arms. Her fingers escaped into my hair, slightly tugging at my neck. 

I couldn't even think. I just wanted her. I've wanted her forever, and now I've finally got her. 

I caught her by surprise as I reached below her thighs and picked her up so her legs went around my waist. She was slightly above me and I extended my neck upwards to reach her, not wanting to break, not wanting any separation. 

Then I heard a door close. The front door?

I pulled away and she tugged harder.

"Don't stop," she breathed. 

"I think your mum's home." 

"She thinks I'm at your place. Just be quiet," she looked down and smiled. "I've waited too fucking long to stop now."

I turned around and slowly placed her on the bed trying to create as less noise as possible. "Just tell me when I've gone far enough."

"I won't," and as she said the two words slowly I felt her fingers pop open the button on my trousers and then the downward zip of the zipper. "I want you to touch me…everywhere. I want you inside of me. I want you now."

I swallowed, "Fuck." 

The one corner of her lips rose and I bit down on my bottom lip. Then it dawned on me.

"Em, I--I never…," I didn't want to say more because I knew it was a complete turn-off. 

"I know, Mar," she whispered. "I'll teach you. Take my shirt off." 

Her legs were over top of my thighs as I sat up on my knees, leaning over a little and then ran my fingertips along the bottom of her shirt. I grabbed onto it and slowly started to pull up, she lifted her body for the shirt to be removed completely. 

She wasn't wearing a bra, she was already half naked and my imagination was running wild. She reached for my left hand and brought it closer and closer to her. She placed it on her right breast, my large hand completely dominating her. 

"Squeeze," she breathed as her hand squeezed over top of mine. I did what she wanted me to do and now I knew why guys obsessed over boobs. They felt amazing, soft, gentle, precious. Taste was drenching my mouth and without her telling me to I leaned closer to her and placed her already erect nipple in my mouth. 

"Oh," she mumbled into the air as she arched her neck back, exposing more and more skin. 

I sucked and when she told me to do it harder, I did. I didn't want to hurt her, but I trusted her to tell me if it didn't feel good. Within minutes I was going to her other breast, and squeezing the one I was just sucking on. 

"My turn," she breathed and I grew hesitant.

"No, let me keep going." 

"I'm already wet," she whispered. 

"What?" I was confused. 

She looked up at me. "I--I'm…," she was struggling with words, I'm such an idiot. This is why I shouldn't be the one here. It should be Harry or Ed, but it's me and I'm making everything terrible. "Here," she breathed, reaching for my hand again. 

She brought my hand down her body, skimming her long torso before stopping on the button of her jeans. 

"Take them off." 

I wasn't sure I would be able to, but before I knew what I was doing, I was popping the button and pulling the zipper down. I placed my fingers in between the space of her skin and jeans and tugged downwards. She lifted her hips, allowing me to take the fabric off the rest of the way. Soon the denim was past her toes and on the floor. 

I left her black panties on. The lace, ugh, this was ridiculous. 

"Touch," she whispered. 

I just looked at her and soon she brought my fingers down over the fabric of her panties. I felt the warmth, the want, and the wetness. She was turned on, wanting more, setting her imagination to another level as she became excited. Did I really do this to her?

Could someone like me make her this wet, this warm? 

"T--This is what you do to me," she breathed. 

I bit down on my bottom lip. I wasn't sure what to do, I was so lost in my own thoughts. I could feel the growing pain in my boxers, I wanted to be free, but I didn't want to push it. 

"Do it," she said and I quickly went to my trousers and pulled them down the rest of the way and lowered my boxers. 

I felt like I was moving too fast. Going extensive speeds I never felt possible. I took my index finger and slid the fabric to the side as I moistened the tip of my erection with her wetness. 

Then I slid inside of her. It was unexplainable of the different touches I was experiencing as I glided further and further inside of her. 

Her gasping made me stop but she pushed her hips forward sending me even further. I moaned with her as I was a far as I could go inside of her. 

"Thrust," she urged. I did what she wanted and started to exit and enter her slowly but quickly going faster. Her hands tightened around the duvet as her small breasts moved up and down with my thrusts. 

She looked so gorgeous beneath me. The small droplets of sweat forming on her skin was matching mine as she moaned, speaking my name. It just made me want to go faster and faster. 

And I did. 

I didn't stop. 

Then I felt her grow tighter and smaller around me and I started to slow. 

"No, don't stop, keep going. Mar, you're gonna make me come, just don't stop."

I swallowed, this is what it feels like. This is what a woman feels like. 

"Fuck, Mar. Marcel, Marcel, Marcel," she kept repeating until I felt it.

Like a rush of feeling and colors. The pulsing surrounding me, the moans, the curses. It was so different, and so intoxicating. 

It was so perfect. 

She slowly stopped but continued to pulse as she giggled. "That's the f--fastest I--I've ever…," she never finished her sentence, but instead looked up at me. "Do it again."

I smirked at her, "Okay." 

"Our secret," she breathed as she let her head fall back down. "Our fucking dirty little secret." 


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