The Styles Triplets

Three brothers with three different personalities. The smart one, the badass, and the sensitive one. Who would figure we would fight over the same girl, and do whatever it takes to make her one of ours. This will be war. Whose side are you on? ****Created for @Down_For_1D and @harrystyles_no on Twitter**** One-Shot (4 chapters, max.)


1. Morning

I wake up first, I'm always the first. I reach for my glasses on the bedside table and soon the solar system posters illuminate to sharpness on my ceiling. I sat up, rubbing my hands through my hair, my pajama set was still warm from my body. 

I touched the wooden floor, my toes screaming for warmth. I pushed through it and went to my dresser. Grabbing a nice hot ironed flat button down which will be covered by my pullover vest and navy blue trousers. I placed the clothing nicely on the bed after I pulled the sheets tight. I would get dressed but first I was going to get the bathroom before the others get up. 

I quietly open my bedroom door, and then a loud swoosh. I closed my eyes tightly before looking down at the ground to see the pile of math problems that would get me ready for the final. One equation per sheet of paper. I liked math. 

I take a breath, listening. I didn't hear anyone, so I exhaled with a smile and tip toed over to the bathroom. I shut the door quietly and then relieved myself before styling all my bed curls back with gel. I hated when my hair was in my face, always in my way. I don't know why I didn't just cut it yet. 

I brushed my teeth, cleaning my face with soap and water because I can't be blessed with perfect skin like my brothers. I put my glasses back over my nose and open the door. Time to wake them. 

This was not the most exciting part. More like a hell. 

I went to Harry's room first, knowing he was easier than Ed. I opened his door. My brother was more into clothes, Starbucks, and the popular crowd. He was a social butterfly and it made me want to puke. Sure I have friends, but Harry ugh, Harry will do anything. Literally. 

Just as long as he gets a higher popularity status. I don't know why because he is the most popular guy in the school with the girls and the guys. 

"Harry, wake up," I said as I turned on his bedroom light and opened his curtains allowing the May sunrise to seep into his room. 

"W-What? Mar, go away," he muttered as he pulled his duvet over his head, rolling over. 

"Come on, Harry," I grabbed his duvet and yanked it off his bed. 

"Marcel, stop! Go play with your calculator or something."

I narrowed my eyes, crossing my arms. "I threw your iPhone into the toilet."

"WHAT?!" He shot up in bed, throwing the leftover sheets until he was running towards the bathroom. "Fuck you, Mar!" 

"Good morning to you too." I dropped his duvet onto his bed and then went to Ed's room. 

I pushed the door open, the darkness was like the inside of a cave. Ed was more into rock and punk music, and his room was covered in posters from tons of bands all around the world. He likes to think he doesn't belong to the family and he really doesn't want to call us brothers. 

He's the brother who has an insane amount of tattoos and smokes, because his room smells of that too. He never does homework, or actually never goes to school either. In a way he is kind of like Harry, but Ed is more of a badass. Not giving a shit about anyone and doing whatever he likes. 

All three of us are in different crowds, different cliques. 

Instead of yelling at Ed to get up, I make it easy on myself. I open his curtains, turn on his lights, and then reach for the blow horn on his messy desk filled with drawings. Okay he was good at sketching, and I felt like interfering into his private life. The sketches were always of the same girl. 

The girl. 

I pushed my eyes away from the paper. The same girl all three of us liked for years now. She's our neighbor, and like our best friend. Completely off limits, but so pretty. 

"Mar, get out!" Ed screamed at me as I quickly dropped the blow horn back on his desk and left the room. 

I headed back towards my bedroom. 

"What did you do this time?" Harry asked me over the toothbrush in his mouth. 

"Nothing," I muttered. 

"Yea right," said Ed as he emerged from his bedroom. Just give up Marcel. I stopped pushing my back against the wall, my head falling back as well. "He was staring at Em again." 

Harry tried his best to laugh but it sounded like he was gurgling. "Wanker," he said before spitting out his toothpaste and Ed went into the bathroom. "Ed, get out! I was here first!" 

"I'm just taking a piss," muttered Ed. 

I rolled my eyes as I went back into my bedroom, shutting the door. I got dressed, and tied my shoe laces. I rolled my inhaler into my pocket and grabbed my backpack by the handle as I left the room and went downstairs. 

I dropped my backpack to the floor by the front door. When I entered the kitchen, Ed was already there. He was leaning against the counter with the patio door opened just a little. A cigarette hung between his fingers as he inhaled the fumes. 

"Good morning, Mum," I said to her as she placed pancakes on a plate. The towering pancakes were hot and smelled amazing. 

"Good morning, Mar," she smiled as she dropped the plate on the table and placed a kiss on my cheek. "Harry not down here yet?" 

"Mum, you're talking about Harry," said Ed as he dropped the still hot cigarette bud onto the patio and smashed it with his foot. 

I took a glance outside and noticed the sun trying to come out, but knowing the weather in England we would get another day of overcast. It would be a little cool, but not freezing, we usually never get hot summer weather until the middle of the summer. 

"Harry, hurry up, sweetie!" Mum yelled up the stairs. 

"I'm coming, Mum!" Harry yelled back. Soon the footsteps were heard on the steps and then he was sitting beside me reaching for pancakes. Ed also joined and grabbed pancakes. Soon there was one left, and guess who didn't get that either. 

I exhaled loudly, "I'll make more," Mum smiled, rubbing my shoulder.

"That's fine," I reassured her. "I'll just get cereal."

I pushed away from the table and reached for the box of Cheerios and a bowl. I crashed the bowl to the table making a loud noise. Ed smiled up at me with a mouthful of pancakes. I started to sit down, but I never hit the wooden chair. I landed on the floor as Harry's foot removes itself from my chair. 

"Boys, stop it! Harry apologize to your brother." 

I stood up as Harry muttered a 'I'm sorry' that was incredibly fake. 

I hardly got a mouthful of Cheerios before we all had to leave for school. Harry and Ed left the house first, getting into their separate cars. Harry models and other various jobs which I'm pretty sure prostituting was one of them, but it paid enough for him to get next year's Audi. 

Ed had a black Aston Martin which he saved for since he was seven and I'm also sure he had some job Mum doesn't know about. 

One of them usually takes me, but today no one was going to offer. I pulled off my glasses and pinched the bridge of my nose as I heard them speed away. I would have to take the bus. 

"Fuck," I swore as I stood awkwardly waiting for the bus.

"Mar, did they leave without you again?" Mum asked for the front porch.

I turned around and nodded, trying not to let the tears fall from my face. I know siblings can be rough but it has been torture lately. 

"Hold on, I'll take you!" She yelled as she started to go inside.

"That's alright, Anne!" 

I turned my head quickly at the sweet voice. 


She pulled along the curb in her vintage baby blue Volkswagon Bug. 

"Thanks Emma!" Mum yelled.

She waved towards Mum, "Come on, Slowpoke!"

I smiled as I got into the passenger's seat. "Thanks Em."

"What did you do to your brothers this morning?" 

Other than staring at you on a piece of paper? "Nothing. They're just being themselves." 

"I'll have to yell at them."

Please don't do that. They'll both find it as a turn-on. "Yea," I just laughed it off. 

She has no idea we all like her. We like the way her blonde hair runs around her shoulders or when she puts the strands into a braid and decorates it with flowers. She's also an artist. She paints, and plays the guitar, and is in almost every club in school. 

She fits perfectly with Ed, because they both love doing the same things. She fits perfectly with Harry because she also is a social butterfly. But she fits nowhere with me. She's the type of girl who makes me do her homework. Except she never did that. 

Instead she's my partner in calculus, and I'm the only one who can be her partner. Not Harry. Not Ed. She's all mine for ninety minutes everyday. 

And I fucking love that. 

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