The Styles Triplets

Three brothers with three different personalities. The smart one, the badass, and the sensitive one. Who would figure we would fight over the same girl, and do whatever it takes to make her one of ours. This will be war. Whose side are you on? ****Created for @Down_For_1D and @harrystyles_no on Twitter**** One-Shot (4 chapters, max.)


3. Finally

"Mar what are you doing?" I asked Marcel as I leaned against his door frame into his bedroom. 

"Em's coming over," he pushed his glasses further up his nose. 

"She is?" I rose my eyebrows. 

"She comes over every Friday. We do our calculus projects together." 

"How comes I didn't know about this?" 

Marcel stopped placing his books onto his bed from his backpack as he looked up at me. "Because you and Harry are never here on a Friday night." 

"Have you fucked her yet?"

"W--What?" He stuttered dramatically. "N-No."

"Of course you didn't." 

"What do you want, Ed?" 

"I want you to leave her alone and not get any crazy ideas." 

"Crazy ideas?" He sat down on his bed. 

"Yes, stop this Friday bullshit. Em doesn't need to be tutored, she needs to come out with me. I'll show her how to live, how to have a good Friday night." I caught him rolling his eyes. "I mean it Marcel. Leave her alone." 

"Fine," he said sharply. "I'll leave her alone."

"Good," the corner of my mouth rose in a smirk. "Have a nice evening."

"Bastard," I heard him say before I turned and walked away. I chose to forget about it.


I threw my pillow across my room, slamming it into the medals of all the spelling bees and science fairs I've won. They all fell to the floor but I didn't care. I hate how my brothers had such control over me. 

I stood up, I wasn't going to let it keep affecting me. 

I picked up my books and homework before leaving my room. I did a hallway and kitchen check before I went towards the front door. So far so good. No one. 

I fumbled for the doorknob and finally got ahold of it. Until a piece of my homework fell to the floor. The door was opened now and I needed to get the paper.


Fuck, fuck, fuck. 

I turned my head to see Em. 

"Em?" I muttered. 

"I was coming over. You know for our--."

"Shh," I started. "We need to go over to your house." 


"Please," I muttered. 

She took a second before nodding, reaching down for the piece of paper and then motioning me forward. I quickly walked across the front yard into hers. 

"Mar, will you please tell me what the fuck is going on?" I heard her ask me.

I just kept walking. 




"My brothers want to fuck the living shit out of you and I'm in the way." I stopped. I realized that I was at her front door. 

"What?" She narrowed her eyes. 

"P--Please," I took a breath. "Please lets go inside before they find out I'm gone."

She opened the door and I walked up the stairs to her bedroom. I dropped the books onto her bed and soon her door closed and I watched her lean against it.

"They said that?" 

I exhaled, "They don't have to, Em."

"It's that obvious?" 

"You've shot them down so many times. You have nothing to worry about." 

"Oh," she breathed. 

I watched her features. Concern. Was she really confused? "Wait? Didn't you know? About my brothers?"

"Mar, you and your brothers have been my friends since I could remember." There's that word, 'friend'. "I always treated the conversations, the teasing on our long and close relationships as a friendship. I never expected anything else out of it other than to be a good friend." 'Friend'. "Actually that's why I'm so scared right now--."

"Don't be," I started. "I'm sure they will leave you alone soon."


"I mean they'll give up and you won't have to worry about anything."


"They do this all the time, and they sooner or later just move on. Once they realize you aren't interested then they'll walk away."

"I love you."

"Cos you know we have been friends for so long an--what?" My eyes widened, the green orbs growing bigger as she hugged her arms closer to herself. She didn't look directly at me but at her booted feet. A small smile forming over her lips. "Em?" 

I reached forward and brought her chin up. Her amazing colorful eyes staring back at me, the same ones I've fallen into so many times. 

"What did you say?" 

She took a breath. "It's stupid."

"No," I said more sternly. "It's not."

"Ever--Ever since that time I fell off the swing in the backyard. How your brothers just laughed at me and called me a baby when I started to cry because my hands were starting to bleed from the stones. You were the only one who came over and made sure I was okay. You made me feel better."

"Emma that was almost eleven years ago."

"That was the first day, and I can't believe it has taken me this long to realize it. You were always the one who made sure I was okay. You kept me safe. I fell in love with you Mar."

My mouth went dry. Why is it something you wanted to hear years ago makes such a strong difference. Makes you want to stand your ground and not jump around like a lovesick puppy. I wasn't sure what I was supposed to do. Comfort her? Hug her? 

Softness touched my lips. I was brought out of my world, and refocused on the lips like marshmallow. Soft, but yet so powerful. 

I growled low in my throat when I felt her fingertips pull on my trousers, pulling me closer. I let my arms move and dropped them on her waist. 

I've wanted this all for so long. 

So fucking long. 

And within seconds we were pulling away from one another. 

In that instant the only word that dropped from our tongues was, "Finally."

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