The Love That We Share

Lizie was just a normal teenager, until she goes on her senior trip to the UK. While there she runs into the one and only "One Direction". Little did she know that when she became a little more than friends with Harry Styles that it would take her places she had never been. Even if they mean getting her into serious trouble with the law.


1. School Trip

Chapter 1

A/N: hi guys, so this is my first story. I hope you like it!! Also I'm looking for characters so if you want to be in the book just comment and tell me your info:). Thanks guys. Like. Fav. && Fan!! ~H~

Lizzie's P.O.V.-

I've been packing for a week solid. I think I've got everything, Wait, "MOM!!", I yelled downstairs. "WHAT?!?", me and my mom are very similar. She's been raising me alone since I was three. So far she's done pretty good. Being without a dad my whole life wasn't as bad as you would think, me and my Mom have a pretty good relationship. Anyway, tomorrow I leave for England for my senior trip. The palace, London Eye, and Big Ben. This senior trip is going to be amazing! "CAN YOU COME CHECK MY BAG?" I yelled back in reply. I heard her stir from the living room and make her way up the stairs. My mom is Gorgeous. Always has been, that's why I can't understand why my dad would want to leave us. "Why sweety?" She said once she got into my room. "I just want to make sure I've got everything". "Elizabeth you and I both know you've got everything." I just smiled. "I'm going to miss you mom". "I'm going to miss you too baby".

Once mom had gone downstairs, I called Evelyn. She's been my best friend ever since I can remember. She answered the phone after a few rings.


"Evelyn, have you packed everything?".

"Yeah, why?".

"Because, I'm worried I'll forget something."

"Is that the reason you're worried? Or is it because HE is going?"

"That's not why I'm worried"

"Really Lizzie? Because I distinctly remember you chewing your nails and staring at him when you found out he was going. AND with his current slut."

"I could care less what him and his slut do."

"Okay Lizzie, but maybe while we're over there you can find a new guy. Okay?"

"Yeah okay. Bye Evelyn"

"Bye Lizz"

Why would she think I care that Bryon's going. We dated forever ago. Well a year isn't forever, but it's close. A year ago he broke my heart. A year ago I was crushed. A year ago I made a vow to never date another douche like him again. He's dated other people. I've joined new social networks. So I'm over him. No matter how cute he is. That's probably why I haven't dated anyone else, I just can't find a good guy. Maybe I'll have some luck in England. Or maybe I'll stay forever alone like I have for the past year. Yeah, my odds are about 50-50 on this. But who knows, maybe Evelyn will inherit some magical powers in the next 24 hours. Or me. Either will do. Don't get me wrong, forever aloneness isn't all that bad, I can wear sweats, no need to be pretty, who am I kidding. It sucks. And has sucked for the past year. But I've stood by my vow. And I plan on doing that even in London. No matter how cute of an accent they have, British boys can be trouble. Good and bad. Let's just hope I find a good one. *sigh* fingers crossed right?

Harry's P.O.V.-

I'm home. After all of me and the boys' touring we finally have our break. Now that I'm home in England I feel like my real personality is back. Not the boy-band image everyone else sees. I just wish someone was here with me. Since Mom is on vacation with Gemma I'm all alone. The boys are in their hometowns and I'm here in mine. But maybe I can find someone soon. The boys are always telling me to find a girl. But who knows, I may be that guy who just gets dead end people and never finds a real relationship.

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