The Love That We Share

Lizie was just a normal teenager, until she goes on her senior trip to the UK. While there she runs into the one and only "One Direction". Little did she know that when she became a little more than friends with Harry Styles that it would take her places she had never been. Even if they mean getting her into serious trouble with the law.


3. On The Plane

Chapter 3

Evelyn P.O.V.-

I was worried for a second. I thought that I would have to go to London without my best friend. She was late, and Lizzie's never late. What was with her this morning. When I saw her and Mrs. Spaulding board the plane I realized I'd been holding my breath and finally took a breath. Remembering what she had texted me this morning, I pulled out my makeup bag and began to lay things out on the fold out table-thingy in front of me. As she got closer I realized why she had texted me. Her scar was clearly visible even though she was trying to cover it with her hand and collar of her shirt. I was the only other person, besides her mother, that knew about it. It happened long ago right before her dad had left. He was upset, probably drunk like always, and had been throwing things and smashing stuff. When he was throwing a vase, he accidentally threw it in her direction and a shard of glass cut deep into her lower cheek. Ever since then she's kept it hidden from anyone else other than me and her mom. Not even her last boyfriend knew about it. But he didn't deserve to know about it. That dick. She made her way to my row and sat down beside me. She looked at me and breathed heavily. She could finally relax. I knew how stressed she got when I came to being late. She nodded to me as to say 'you can start makeup now' and I did. Even thought he doesn't need much, only around her scar I took my time. I like doing people's makeup. After about five minutes I had applied foundation, blush, eyeliner and mascara. I handed her a mirror and a lip gloss for her to finish everything up. When she handed it back to me she spoke. "I almost had a heart attack", she said. "I know, but you're on the plane. We're headed to London and you have nothing to worry about", I said. She chuckled, "You won't believe what I did to this soccer mom" she said between laughs. "What did you do you?", I asked her wondering what she was laughing so hard about. "I pulled in front of her and she flicked me off. So I cracked my window, screamed 'FUCK OFF' and kept on going.", now we were both laughing so hard and loud everyone turned around to see. Including Bryon and his slut who had been interrupted from there make-out session by our laughing. When Lizzie saw then she shut up automatically. I knew she hated him and couldn't stand looking at him. Or his slut of the week. This weeks selection was Heather. A black haired dumbass who will get with any guy who looks her way. Making her a perfect target for Bryon. When they had turned back around I looked at her and spoke. "Lizzie, I've made it my life goal to get you a GOOD guy in London". She looked at me weird like I was stupid to try but replied anyway. "Good luck Evelyn". "Lizzie you act like you can't get a guy, you could get a rock star if you wanted.", I said. "Evelyn, I don't want a rockstar". "What about a boyband-star instead?", I asked knowing she'd agree to anything with the word 'boyband'. "Okay, maybe a boyband-star.", she said hiding a smile. I laughed, "Who knows, 1D could be sitting in London right now, waiting on you to pick one of them to marry...well all of them but Louis. He's waiting on me.", I said with a grin. "Evelyn, One Direction is not waiting on me to marry them.", she said chuckling. "Never know what the future holds Lizzie.", I said. "Yeah, I gue-", she started to say only to get cut off by the pilot telling us to buckle our seat belts and prepare for liftoff.

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