The Love That We Share

Lizie was just a normal teenager, until she goes on her senior trip to the UK. While there she runs into the one and only "One Direction". Little did she know that when she became a little more than friends with Harry Styles that it would take her places she had never been. Even if they mean getting her into serious trouble with the law.


4. Landing In London

Chapter 4

Lizzie's P.O.V.-

After about five hours we were landing in one of the most magical places I could think of. London. Well second magical, no one can pass up Disneyland. Evelyn was out cold beside me. And I'm sad to say, I just couldn't resist. "EVELYN WE'RE ABOUT TO CRASH!!!!", I screamed at her. "AHHHHHHH!!!!!", she screamed at the highest pitch ever. I couldn't help but laugh hysterically at how high her scream got. She just looked at me as if she could kill me with her eyes, which only made me laugh harder. "Shut up! God I hate you!!", she said to me. "Okay, okay I'm sorry", I said even though it didn't sound meaningful because I was still kind of laughing. "She just shook her head and tried to hide a grin. Even she couldn't deny I had gotten her good. "Evelyn we're about to land you might want to get everything packed together.", I said trying to be serious. "I will, mrs-scare-the-shit-out-of-my-bff.", she said to me with a smile. I just laughed at her name for me. The flight attendants were getting everything put away and were telling us to buckle our seat belts for landing. We did as they told us to do and sat quietly for a while until we heard the skid of the tires on the landing strip

~at the "hotel"~

We stepped out of the taxi and could do nothing more than stare at where we were staying. It was dreadful. You think of it couldn't be that bad. Yes. It can be that bad. It wasn't even a hotel, it was some cottage residence made to look like a hotel. But whoever had done the decorating needs to be hunted down because they did the worst job possible. To give you some kind of mental image, half of the shutters were gone or either slightly swaying as if they could fall off any minute. The lawn may have been mowed sometime in the 19th century. Maybe. Then there's the owner herself standing in the doorway, if there was a door connected to the hinges. As she was standing there I saw at least four coach roaches run out. Yeah it was that bad. We stood there staring at this horrid place until one of us spoke up,"Mrs. Spaulding you don't really expect us to stay here do you?!", a tall freckle face boy said. "Well the brochure was so much better.", she said, more to herself than to us. Olivia spoke up, "I refuse to stay here!", she said as if she was queen. "Well Olivia we don't really have any other choice now do we?", Mrs. Spaulding said to her. She huffed and marched up to the front door, "Move, grandma!", she said to that poor old woman. I don't think she could hear though because she kept smiling like an idiot. We all took Olivia's lead and tried to stay on the walkway, because who knew what could be lurking in that knee high grass. Once we were inside the old woman lead us up the stairway and up to the second floor where we were going to be staying. Upstairs was nothing but a long hallway and about 8 or 9 rooms. Once Mrs. Spaulding gave us our room keys me and Evelyn got our stuff and tried to settle into our grungy room.

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