My Story ..

Okay so this isn't a pity story, It's true .
It's what I've went through alone ...
Freya Flynn ... x


2. Well....

I've decided to write a chapter everyday something happens so ..

Here's what happened today ...


So I woke up did the usual bizz and my friend and I decided to go outside for a while. I told my mum , she said whatever.. So anyway that was about 1:30. I ttold Ingrid (Mum) That I mightn't be back for a while. Once again all I got was a fine..

So I got back maybe 5:30, I walked through the door, Ingrid started screaming at me asking where I was and screaming at me. Then she started giving out to me telling me I wear way too much make up . even though I was only wearing a little concealer under my eyes just to hide the dark circles .. Then she said I never do any work. All I do is sit in my room being a fucking mute and listening to me crappy music.. Then she roared at me telling me to go straight to my room.. Which I did because I was terrified considering I'm Twelve .. That's all so far ..

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