My Story ..

Okay so this isn't a pity story, It's true .
It's what I've went through alone ...
Freya Flynn ... x


1. Well then ..

Okay so this is basically what I went through from March 2012 on.

Most of you will think "Oh she's lying!"

I'd like to see you walk a mile in my shoes... Cause I can guarantee you that you won't last five minutes...

Let's get started ..


Well in March 2012 I was the happiest little girl in the world considering I was ten and I had nothing to worry about. I was happy, loud, always cheerful! Then my friends just began to turn on me. By April , I had no one, I relied on the company of stuffed toys .. I was a loner.. Days grew longer, I was terrified to go into school, but I never told my parents any of it. They still have no clue what I'm going through. Everything was grey in my mind. Then came June 19th my birthday, Everyone showed up but I spent the majority of it hiding in my bedroom or the bathroom , terrified of what they would say to me or do to me..

I was officially eleven and I was opened to a world of websites and what not , Of course I was cyber bullied by those kids who loved to make my life as close to hell as possible.. At one point it was all to much so long story short I swallowed a handfull off pills hoping I'd leave this cruel planet.. But unfortunately I woke up a few hours later in my bed.. People started calling me fat and ugly and soon I started to believe them so I slowly starved myself only drinking glasses of water and chewing on gum.. I thought it was worth it so I began to binge.. I'd put on the shower to drown out the noise of me puking and just carry on until I felt good about myself. Then came the cutting .. I would slash my wrists everynight , I hadn't realised how pretty blood was until it streamed down my arm. My parents thought nothing of the fact I never wore T-shirts.. They were oblivious to everything.. The bullying in school got worse it upgraded to pushing down stairs and up against walls.. Being called slut , whore, hoe ect.ect.

I tried suicide so many times but there was always a voice in the back of my head saying you'll miss on out something huge.. I'm still waiting for that something. I was known as the 'Little Mute Girl' in school..

It got really bad .. So bad that nothing would ever go back to normal.. I had a mild case of anorexia which I battled with until three months ago.. Then my parents began to realise I wasn't eating.. I began to gain weight rapidly and I panicked.. I knew I wasn't getting anywhere with the starving and the binging so I stopped. I was all alone , left to battle the devil with nothing but my conscience..

No one would've understood ... I'm still not completely over the cutting and the suicidal thoughts and I'm still battling depression but I'm getting better.. But I owe it all to five boys, five amazing boys who turned my world the right way around again .. One Direction, They saved my life,and they don't even know I'm alive. Without there music,I would have had nothing.. I'd have no one to live for besides my Sully (Best Friend) and Those boys.. My parents never really cared about me.. Not enough to realise how broken I was.. I'm finally getting away from the people who made my life miserable..

Well that's my story so far .. I wish I could erase that part but It's my life and I'm writing in pen so I can't rub it out.. (Not a real pen a hypothetical one.)

Thanks for reading , I hope I didn't waste your time and no I am not just an attention seeking whore, I needed to get this off my chest ..



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