Sister of Malik, bestfriend of Tomlinson

Aubry is Zayn Malik's little sister, she is also best friends with Louis Tomlinson and she is dating none other than Harry styles, Rebecca is in the same boat as Aubry, Zayn is like her big brother, Louis is her best friend BUT she is dating the sweet and caring Liam Payne. Will all this change because of a stupid mistake?


21. tanning

Aubrey's pov)

I have never been in so much pain before. I thought I had broken my leg but turns out I had only dislocated it. Ok you are free to go now but try to rest it for a bit alright the doctor said helping me off the bed. Sure thing I said stepping down. I went to walk off but it fricking killed, I didn't say or do anything I just stood there looking at Harry like "can you pick me up" here babe I'll carry you he said picking me up. Thanks I said kissing his cheek. Once we left the doctors we were bombarded with screaming girls. Harry I thought Liam said he rented out some of the island I asked. Obviously not this part of the island Louis chuckled. I'm sorry I didn't know your name was Harry I said to Louis. Mmmm you got me I was trying to keep it a secret but now it's out he laughed. When we got back to the beach where everyone was zayn was covered in sand form head to toe. Why the hell would you do that! Now it's in my hair zayn yelled running back up to the holiday house thing that we are staying in. Hey aubry where did you's go this morning Bec asked. We'll first harry and I went for a romantic walk, then Louis joined us, then we had a race I dislocated my knee and now I'm here i smiled. Right ok, how about we go for some breakfast Liam asked. I'm in Bec said raising her hand. Of corse you are when are you not I giggled. Just because your cripple doesn't mean I can't hurt you Bec threatened. Ooo I'm so scared. I'll get you when your healed, and it'll hurt she said before running off. Love you too I called out. I will never understand you's Luke laughed. Whats not to understand Hemmings I asked. First don't call me Hemmings and second you's always threaten each other it's strange. Oh sorry I said messing up his hair. Hey no one touches my babies hair maddie said laughing. We all burst out laughing at Luke's expression. He really doesn't like it when people touch his hair.

Well what's the plans for today Louis said sitting next to me. Well I think I'm just going to sun bake all day I said smiling. Okay..........and you guys he said looking at everyone else. I reckon I'm going to tan like aubry maddie said smiling. Me too BECC said raising her hand, me three Sophie said joining in, oh and me jayde I said jumping up. Ok what about you Lexi? Nah I'm going to swim she replied. Ok well the boys and I are going to plan something cool and spectacular for you girls so....... Girls piss off Louis said standing up. Erm can't walk dickhead I said pointing to my leg. Oh right get Harry to take you up and then don't come back down! He yelled sitting back down, out of nowhere He started screaming because he "touched a crab", And this guy is supposed to be older than me, hm I think not. "Ok girls I need you to leave now so, Harry if you may take Aubrey up to the pool now that would be lovely" Louis said in a weird voice. We all nodded and started walking up, well I didn't Harry carried me. When we got to the pool Harry set me down on the tanning chair and gave me a light kiss and said "try not to get burnt baby" I smiled and kissed him back. "I won't now go have fun with Louis babe" I said taking off my shirt to revile my neon pink bikinis. Harry was staring at me, well my boobs should I say. "Uh Harry eyes are up here" I said flicking him. "Oww that hurt " "good now go" I said shewing him away. All the girls joined me on the tanning chairs smiling like idiots. "What's up with you's" I asked pulling my sunglasses down. "Oh nothing" maddie said giggling. "Clearly it's not nothing, tell me!" "Well we were talking about how long it'll be before you and Harry are either married or have a kid together and by that little moment it looks like it'll be pretty soon" becc said slapping my butt. "Seriously you had to slap my ass!" "Well it is pretty big, so why not hit it" maddie said pointing at my ass. "Ok guys stop looking at it" I giggled.

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