Sister of Malik, bestfriend of Tomlinson

Aubry is Zayn Malik's little sister, she is also best friends with Louis Tomlinson and she is dating none other than Harry styles, Rebecca is in the same boat as Aubry, Zayn is like her big brother, Louis is her best friend BUT she is dating the sweet and caring Liam Payne. Will all this change because of a stupid mistake?


12. Short authors note, then finally introducing Luke

Hey guys really sorry about all the misspelt words, my phone keeps having spazzes while I'm typing. 

No one pov)
Later on the night everyone went to bed because it was really boring and awkward. ( sorry about the time skip)

Maddies pov)
When I was laying in bed I couldn't get to sleep because I was waiting for Luke to call me.

(Maddie and Luke phone call)
L: hey babe 
M: hey, sorry I'm whispering its just that I'm at Nialls and he doesn't know I'm dating you.
L: what haven't you told him yet?
M: no, sorry I'm just too scared.
L: it's ok babe, it's just going to be really awkward next week because the boys and I are going to see the boys.
M: ill tell him tomorrow but I wanted you to be here.
L: alright, I'll be at the boys flat tomorrow at 9am so please be up.
M: ok I will love you 
L: love you too, gotta go night.
M: night 

* phone call ended*

After the call with Luke I was really tired and I couldn't stop worrying about telling Niall, eh better out than in I always say ( i just quoted off shrek that's a bit sad haha) I soon fell asleep just thinking about how Niall would react.

*Next morning*

Nialls pov)
Becc and I were sitting on the couch watching Disney channel when there was a knock at the door, ill get it babe I said kissing becc cheek. Hey Luke, what are you doing here I asked confused. Uh we'll is maddie here or even up for that matter he said smiling. Yes I am she said standing next to me. Something is up with them I know it. Umm ok so why are you here Luke, you weren't supposed to get here till next week I said sitting On The couch. Um we'll Niall, Luke and I have something to tell you maddie said slightly smiling, I swear to god if your knocked up so help me luke I yelled, Niall chill I'm not knocked up maddie said calmly. Ok we'll Niall maddie and I are dating and we have been for a while now Luke said holding onto maddie's hand. What, and did you say you's have been for a while I said shocked. Me and him are dating and yes it's about 6 months now maddie's said smiling at Luke. Get out now I yelled, what no Niall please maddie yelled back. It's my house now get out I yelled pointing at the door. Hey babe calm down becc said rubbing my back. Sorry it's just that she's my little sister and I don't want her to get hurt I said calmly. Niall mate I promise I won't hurt her and if I do you can send someone to kill me like said chuckling. Ok but if u hurt her god only knows what I'll do to you I told Luke. 


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