Sister of Malik, bestfriend of Tomlinson

Aubry is Zayn Malik's little sister, she is also best friends with Louis Tomlinson and she is dating none other than Harry styles, Rebecca is in the same boat as Aubry, Zayn is like her big brother, Louis is her best friend BUT she is dating the sweet and caring Liam Payne. Will all this change because of a stupid mistake?


22. sexy firemen?

A few hours went past and us girls were a wee bit tipsy. You see throughout the day Michael and Niall decided it would be a good idea to have a waiter being us some "drinks". Little did we know they had a small portion of alcohol in them. It is now 6:30pm and it's still daylight and Louis has asked us to come back down to the beach. Since I was tipsy I didn't think about my leg so I just stepped down on it, hmm doesn't hurt. Becc, maddie, Sophie, Lexie, jayde and I all pranced down to the beach hand in hand singing "we're off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of oz!" And then out of nowhere jayde screamed "you're a wizard Harry" which caused us all to drop to the floor in laughter. We were all laying there when 6 figures stood in front of us with weird masks on. Before I could ask anything one picked me up and ran down the beach. I stared giggling as the mystery person ran. When we came to a stop I was thrown onto something soft along with the other girls.

"ladies and ladies may I have your attention please, tonight is our night to show you girls how to have fun! And no Aubrey it's not a dirty comment, so without further ado I give you the sexy firemen" a familiar voice hollered through some speakers. "Sexy firemen?" Jayde said confused. Before we knew it there stood, Liam, Louis, Niall, zayn, Luke and lastly Harry standing there in firman outfits but with no shirts. "Holy sweet baby Jesus Louis is some sexy shit!" Jayde screamed. Louis flashed her a smile. "Work it Luke!" Maddie screamed. One by one we screamed out something to our boyfriends. "Now you probably think it's some strip show don't you girls?" The voice of Ashton said through the speakers. We all nodded. "Of corse you's did, but you're all wrong it's actually......................................................... So you think you know your girlfriend!" What's that becc screamed. "Well my friend this is a little reward for you, sir Calum here is going to ask each boyfriend a series question about his lovely girlfriend, if he gets a question right you have to kiss him, and if he gets it wrong he has to pull out a punishment out of the hat, and between you and me girls they are pretty bad! Now let's get this started" "woooooo yeeahhhh baby!" I screamed. "Hey girls I'm your host Calum hood, now can I please have the super sexy Louis the tommo Tomlinson to the stage and his super sexy girlfriend jayde!!" Jayde jumped up and ran to the stage.

When Louis was finished he got a total of 8/10, his punishments were to wax on of his legs and the second on was to pierce his nose.

No ones pov)

After Louis was Niall, Niall being the one that always listens he got a perfect score of 10/10!, next was Luke and maddie, Luke being an alright guy got 6/10 his punishments were that bad, he had to eat 4 worms, pierce his lip, dye his hair purple and lastly wax his chest. Next was zayn, he got 9/10 and his was the worst punishment of them all, he had to have his nuts waxed! Aubrey didn't watch because it's her brother and that's gross.

Aubrey's pov)

I feel so sorry for zayn he had to get his balls waxed! Now it's Liam's turn and I can gaentee he's going to get 10/10. After his 10 questions were up he had the score of 7? He had to eat a chilli, wax his eyebrows and he has to wear a mankini for 2 days. I couldn't stop laughing when he came out in a neon green mankini. Now for me Harold styles and Aubrey styles! I mean Malik!

C- Calum h- Harry

1- what is her biggest fear?

H- clowns?

C- correct

2- how old was she when she had her first kiss?

H- 12?

C- correct

3- what's her favorite movie?

H- erm..,.......... Dear john?

C- I'm sorry that wrong it's drop dead Fred.

H- shit

C- Harry you have to.................. Wax................. Your........................ Arms, legs and Chest!

A- I'm sorry Harry. 1,2,3 *rip!*

h- holy shit

C- ok that's your arms now your legs. 3,2,1 *rip!*

h- argh fuck!

A- I'm so sorry baby

C- ahh I love this now 1,2,3 *rip rip rip!*

H- holy mother of god that hurt like a mother fucker!

I could take it anymore, I didn't like the fact that Harry had to have 3 thins waxed and now he's in pain. Cal can he only have one last question? I asked with pleading eyes. Hmm ok but if he gets it wrong he has to have double the punishment " everyone cheered. I looked down at Harry who had tear rolling down his cheeks. I wiped them away and kissed him softly. Alright Harry last one! Who did Aubrey lose her virginity to? Calum asked smirking know he didn't know the answer! Everything went silent. Was it me? He asked. Calum's smile grew massive, Harry dropped his head know he was wrong. Nah it wasn't and I don't think I should tell anyone Calum said chuckling. It was Louis becc screamed. Shut up! Louis screamed. Harry's head shot up, he started smirking at me and jayde was laughing her head off, few I though things were going I go bad for a sec. Now sir Harry it's time for you punishment and Aubrey gets to decide what it is Calum said pointing at me. W-what no I can't do anything to hurt Harry, I said shaking my head. Wait I'll choose something that isn't painful. Wait! I want his to get snake bites because they are really attractive I said smiling. I knew Harry always wanted snake bites so that's why I said that plus they are a massive turn on! After he got it done I gave his a massive kiss. I love you I whispered. Love you too now let's go to bed he had scooping me up. Goodnight I called out as Harry and I ran up to the hotel. When we got in Harry started kissing me everywhere and one thing lead to another and bam we had just finished our little "sexy time". We were both laying on the bed out of breath and sweaty. I love you Harry I said laying my head on Harry's chest. I love you too baby he said kissing my head. I slowly drifted off to sleep to the sound of his heartbeat.

*The next morning*

Harry's pov)

The next morning I woke up and smiled at Aubrey. All the memories came flooding into my head, I love this girl so much and there is nothing that can change it. Aubrey started to wake up so I turned the tv on quietly. Morning Harry she said sitting up. Morning gorgeous I said kissing her lips softly. What are we doing today she asked laying back down. "Well I was thinking we could just hang out at the pool and then come up here and watch some movies?" "Sure sounds fun! I'll go get into my togs she said jumping up. Since we were both naked it didn't take long for us to get ready. I slipped into my yellow swimming trunks and Aubrey got into her banana bikinis, the grabbed her phone and Sunnies and we were off. Today was just us and only us!

Aubrey's pov )

Today in have been feeling a bit off but I guess that's what you get when you drink right? Harry and I have been down at the pool for a good 3 hours and I was loving it. There is pretty much nothing that can come between us, I was sitting in the black tube with my Sunnies down and my eyes closed when I heard Harry go silent. Great this isn't going to go well. I sat up and looked around, where Harry? Harry? I called out. No answer. Hmm maybe he went to the toilet. Just as I laid back I was pushed out of the tube and into the water. Harry why did you do that I squealed. You looked hot out there so I decided you had to get into the water I cool you down he smirked. Argh you're so cute, c'mere I said grabbing him by the neck and pulled him into a deep passionate kiss. When we pulled apart I was breathless, I'm hopping out I said swimming over to the edge. I started to hop out when I was pulled back into the water. "Harry I want to get out" I squealed. "I know you do but I don't want you to" after another hour of swimming Harry and I finally decided to hop out. It was about 3:30 and I was starving, we walked hand in hand Into the lobby, then to the kitchen. I got the Chief to make me a chicken and salad wrap, Harry got him to make him a banana cake in the shape

Of a banana. Oh god he's weird. Once we ate we joined everyone on the games room. We spent the rest of the day in there laughing with everyone and running a muck. Soon it was time for everyone to start packing to go home. That week went quickly but

Harry and I are staying for another couple of days. Once everyone was finished pack we said goodbye and watched then get into the cars. Now it's mine

And Harry's holiday! Harry scooped me up and ran into our room. He threw my on the bed and I straddled his waist. I looked down at his tattoos tracing over each one, my favorite are his birds. I started giggling when he did the same to my bird tattoo. Let's get a new tattoo I said quietly. What?" Let's go get another tattoo Harry me and you!" What are you crazy! "No Harry I'm serious let's go. I said jumping up. I threw on one of Harry's shirts as did he and we walked down to the tattoo parlor. I decided on "the ones that love us, never really leave us" written on my ribs and Harry got 24.6.10 tattooed on his arm. Why that Harry? I asked pointing to the date. Because that's the date I met you he said kissing my nose. I giggled and stared blushing. He is

Too cute. I had the sudden urge to vomit but I pushed that feeling away. "Hey haz can we go back I'm not feeling too well I said clutching my stomach. Yeah sure babe he said grabbing my hand. When we got back I laid down in bed and went to sleep as Harry rubbed circles on my stomach. Why do I feel sick at 10:30 at night I haven't eaten anything apart From that chicken wrap?

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