Sister of Malik, bestfriend of Tomlinson

Aubry is Zayn Malik's little sister, she is also best friends with Louis Tomlinson and she is dating none other than Harry styles, Rebecca is in the same boat as Aubry, Zayn is like her big brother, Louis is her best friend BUT she is dating the sweet and caring Liam Payne. Will all this change because of a stupid mistake?


14. Island

Aubrey's pov)
So Harry where are we going I asked while throwing my togs into my bag. I'm not actually sure because Liam just said it out if the blue he said laughing. Alrighty then I better pack some stuff for if its cold I said grabbing my jeans out. HURRY UO WE ARE LEAVING IN 5 MINUTES Liam screamed. Done Harry said kissing my cheek. Yep I said popping the p. when we got downstairs everyone was there with their bags, well apart from Luke cuz we at going to go get his bag and the 5SOS boys. We all good to go Liam asked. Yes but where are we going madi asked. We are going to.....................Fiji I've rented out half of the cottage  for us to stay in for a week Liam said smiling. Ok then let's get there then Louis shouted. We're going on a bear hunt, we're going on a bear hunt what we going to see Niall started singing. Oh please Niall no singing madi groaned. Oh I'm sad now Niall said putting his head in becc's lap. 

(Skip car trip and plane trip)
Pause: Also all the 5SOS boys are with one direction and the girls they got picked up along the way.

Back to story: 
Aubrey's pov) 
When we arrived at Fiji it was beautiful even at night. Ok so we have to make sleeping arrangements Louis said quiet loudly. Alright well everyone that is a couple can go find a room Liam said smiling. And you boys can share a room Liam told the 5 SOS boys. Does that include Luke too, 
Ashton asked. Umm no he's staying with madi Niall groaned. Why Calum asked, well uh they are dating Niall said quietly. WHAT! Everyone shouted. Oh uh my little sister is dating luke Hemmings Niall said loud and proud. Oh so that's who the mystery girl is Michael said grabbing his bags. Hum never thought she was into a guy like Luke I said to Harry. I don't think any of us did he chuckled. 

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