Sister of Malik, bestfriend of Tomlinson

Aubry is Zayn Malik's little sister, she is also best friends with Louis Tomlinson and she is dating none other than Harry styles, Rebecca is in the same boat as Aubry, Zayn is like her big brother, Louis is her best friend BUT she is dating the sweet and caring Liam Payne. Will all this change because of a stupid mistake?


26. Going home

I threw on one of Harry's big shirts and some underwear on and ran back out to Harry who was smiling just as much as I was. He had already packed everything and we were ready to go. I wrapped my arms around Harry's torso and kissed his bare chest. "I can't believe your pregnant" he said sliding his hands down the curve of my back. 

"Neither can I, but one thing I know is that this baby is going to have the best dad in the world" I said looking up into his eyes

"And an amazing mummy" he said leaning down to kiss me. I happily let him kiss me because well let's face it he's Harry. 

"C'mon we better get home Louis knows that were coming back. He thinks I'm sick" he chuckled 

"Oh corse he does" I laughed

We picked up out bags and walked out hand in hand. We waited for about half an hour for our car to be dropped off, when the car got to us we jumped in the back. I was absolutely stuffed so I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep. 

*2hrs later*

"Babe? Aubrey wake up it's time to get on the plane" Harry whispered in my ear. I groaned and rolled over. Big mistake! I landed on the tiled floor with a thud. 

"Oh shit!" Harry said picking me up bridal style. I was still half asleep with a sore ass so I just closed my eyes again. 

"just carry me" I whispered.

"Only because I love you" he sighed. Now I wasn't asleep but I wasn't fully awake but, that didn't mean I couldn't hear what some fans were saying. One thing caught my attention 

"look I can see her ass! Harry wasn't lying it is massive!" A male voice called out. Obviously Harry heard because one of his arms pulled my shirt down even lower. I should have known to put on shorts. I could feel harry gripping onto me harder and harder as we made our way closer to the fans. 

I opened my eyes and cupped his face. "Harry don't listen to that Horney ass mofo, who cares if he sees my bum it's only for you" I kissed his lips softly. He smiled against my lips which caused me to smile. 

"Now that I'm awake put me down and let me grab some shorts out" I giggled.

Harry placed me down and handed me the bag. We walked over to the bathroom and I quickly slipped on a pair of work out pants. We walked back over to where we walk onto the plane, with a few more comments about my ass we were finally in silence. 

" ah finally I can hear myself think" Harry said laying back in his chair. 
I just smiled and pulled out my phone, i looked at some of the photos that we had taken while we were in Fiji and one made me smile from ear to ear. It was a picture of me sitting on Harry's lap in the sand while someone threw sand at us. I set that as my home screen and turned to Harry. 

"Look how cute we are" I said putting my phone in his face. 

"Uh babe I can't see" he chuckled pulling the phone away from his face a bit. 

"Dm I look good in yellow" 

I have him a look like 'are you serious' 

" I'm joking. We're adorable, just like this one will be" he whispered putting his hand on my flat stomach. 

"Harry there's not-"

"Shhh grasshopper will hear you" he shushed me 


"Our baby, that's it name because we don't know if it's a girl or boy" he said smiling. 

"You're such a dork" I said cupping his face. "But you're my dork" I kissed his lips softly. He pulled me into a deeper kiss with a little tongue but we were interrupted by someone clearing their throat.

I looked up shyly to see Paul? What the?

"Paul my man what are you doing here?" Harry asked shaking his hand. 

"Well the plane landed 5 minutes ago but you two were too busy kissing, and Zayn sent me up here to see if you were ok" he explained giving Harry a *you're in trouble* look 

I smiled at Paul and hoped out of my seat. I held out my hand for Harry and he took it. "Cya Paul" I said cheerfully. 

"Yeah bye kids, and be safe please" he said waving us off. 

When we stepped out of the plane it was still dark and I could faintly see the boys and becc. I sprinted down the stairs and ran inside, when becc saw me running she bolted towards me. I jumped into her arms and she wrapped one hand around my back and the other around my legs. 

You see we can't be longer than 2 days away from each other. We're sisters that got separated at birth. She finally put me down and looked me up and down.

 "We have some talking to do" she whispered in my ear so only I could hear. I nodded and we were soon joined by the boys. 

"Hey there stranger" Louis said pulling me into a hug. I wrapped my arms around his back. I pulled away and Liam was next to greet me with a small hello and a hug. 

"C'mere sexy gal!" Niall squealed. I jumped and wrapped my legs around his waist. This is all normal, but if people didn't know us they'd think I were a slut or something. 

I walked over to zayn and squeeze the life out of him. "I missed you,  hug me bro!" 

"Yeah now let me go you're embarrassing me" he said pushing me off. 

I stumbled back a bit but Harry's arms wrapped securely around my waist. He brought his head around to the side if my neck and kissed it softly.

 "Harry stop it tickles" I giggled squirming. 

"Ok I'll do this then" he said spinning me around and locking lips with me.

"Guys stop that gross, I don't need to see that" I heard zayn groan. I pried away from Harry's lips and turned back to everyone. Harry wrapped his arms around my waist but put one hand on my stomach, and kissed my cheek. 

The boys were to busy bickering about how cute we were and how gross it was to notice but becc, her eyes widened and she became teary. 

"Are you" she mouthed. I smiled and nodded.

She screamed and everyone looked at her. 

"Baby what's wrong" Niall asked stroking her arm.

"Oh I erm I saw a spider, sorry" she said looking around the airport.

"C'mon let's get home I'm tired as fuck" zayn said as he walked away.  

We all started to walk over to the cars, Harry kept on staring down at my stomach. Once we got to the cars, Niall, becc, Louis, Harry and I all went together in one car. And in the other Liam, zayn and the girls were asleep in there which I found cute. 

Zayn drove off first, well I should say he sped off first. Niall was driving so we weren't going as fast as zayn. Harry and I sat in the back with Louis, becc kept on looking back at us and would smile big. I would roll my eyes every time which would make Harry chuckle. 

Half way through the car trip i began to feel sick. I brought my knees up to my stomach and closed my eyes thinking that would make it go away. But no it just made the vomit come up. I opened up my door and let my guts out. Thank god we were at a red light, I felt Harry's hand rub my back and becc's hand hold back my hair. After a good 5 minutes I was finished.  

I pulled my head back in the door and becc handed me a drink of water and a piece of gum. I mumbled a small thanks and rested my head on Harry's shoulder. 

"Don't worry baby, grasshopper will be out soon" he whispered in my ear causing me to smile. I closed my eyes again and before I knew it I was out to it.

Harry's pov) 

"Don't worry baby, grasshopper will be out soon" I whispered kissing her head. I felt her smile against my shoulder. After 5 minuets of her head on my shoulder she became more heavy, I kicked Louis' shin and he was about to tell but I shushed him. 

"Is she asleep" I mouthed 

He leaned forward still holding his shin, he slowly pulled back. 

"Yep" he said loudly. "Oh shit yeah sorry" he whispered.

Aubrey shifted in her sleep and brought her hands up to her stomach. I smiled and dropped my hand down on top of hers. 

Niall stopped the car and turned around to face us, a small smile grew on his face. "What?" I whispered. 

"Look at Louis" he whispered pointing at Lou. I turned my head to loo at him and I had to cover my mouth so I didn't laugh. 

Louis was asleep with his hand pressed on his cheek with drool rolling down and his hair was a mess. A flash went off causing me to jump, which woke Aubrey up.

"Sorry baby go back to sleep" I whispered rubbing her stomach. 

"I- I just want some fruit loops" she mumbled.

"What are you talking about Bre?" Becc laughed.

She didn't respond, I'm guessing she fell back asleep. Niall hopped out of the car with becc behind him. I gave Louis a slight nudge and he woke up. 

"C'mon we're here" he nodded and sleepily got out if the car. I carefully pulled my seatbelt off along with Aubrey's and I slowly picked her up. When I stepped out there were screams, oh great. Not that I don't love the fans but they get a bit crazy and loud sometimes. 

I was praying that Aubrey would stay asleep as I ran inside and with my awesome praying skills she was still out like a log, just like her brother. 

I walked up to our room and lowered her to the bed. She looked as if she was in comfy enough clothes to sleep in so I just left her in what she was wearing. Me in the other hand had to get out of these jeans! I carefully slipped into bed next to Aubrey and watched her as she slept. I couldn't help but notice that her shirt was up revealing her stomach. I flipped so I was in my stomach and pressed my hand to her stomach, and began to speak.

Aubrey's pov)

I knew Harry was trying to be carful not to wake me up but the fans screams just blew it. When he put me down on the bed I was trying not to smile thinking of when we were in Fiji. I heard Harry get into bed next to me and soon enough I felt his hand on my exposed stomach. 

"Hey there little one, I'm your daddy. Harry is my name, your beautiful mummy's name is Aubrey she is just amazing, and your name is grasshopper because we don't know what you are yet. You're probably the size of a pins tip but you're still my angle. Goodnight grasshopper." He whispered kissing my stomach. He kept his head there until I spoke. 

"You know you might crush grasshopper" 

His head shot up and looked up at me. "You're awake, did I wake you?" He asked kissing my cheek. 

I shook my head 'no' and he just smiled. 

"I'm really tired and I'd prefer you not talk to grasshopper again tonight please babe" I said letting out a big yawn.

"Ok but one last thing" he whispered

"And what might that be sir styles?"

"This" he said pulling me into a deep meaningful kiss. 

He pulled away and rested his head on my forehead. "Now you may go to sleep, you too grasshopper" he said putting his hand on my flag tummy. I laughed and closed my eyes, and once again I was asleep before I knew it. 

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