Sister of Malik, bestfriend of Tomlinson

Aubry is Zayn Malik's little sister, she is also best friends with Louis Tomlinson and she is dating none other than Harry styles, Rebecca is in the same boat as Aubry, Zayn is like her big brother, Louis is her best friend BUT she is dating the sweet and caring Liam Payne. Will all this change because of a stupid mistake?


4. Chapter four

Aubry's pov)
Fanks Lewis I said in a weird voice. Don't call me that you know I hate it he yelled but he was joking. Lewis the tommotomlinson I shouted at him trying not to laugh. That's it your going down he said running at me. Ahhhhh help me Lewis is trying to rape me I said laughing. Ooooo that's it Aubry in the water you go he said picking me up and running me to the pool. *SPLASH* Louis!!!!! I screamed. Sowwy he said laughing then he bomb dived in. Hey guys what did we miss Liam said while walking in with the rest of the boys. Ummm well I "raped" her Louis said doing  air quotes when he said raped. Oh so just the usual stuff becc said jumping in the pool. Yep pretty much I said
Jumping out of the pool. Where are you going Harry said pulling on my arm to face him. Just to get a towel cuz I'm all wet I said kissing his nose. Hehe you're wet aye Harry giggled. Uh no not in that way now let me go cuz I'm cold I said pulling away. Ok he replied smiling like he had a plan. Just as I started to walk away it felt as if I wasn't wearing a tog top, I looked down and low and behold my bikini top was missing. I immediately covered my upper area and screamed. What's wrong love Harry's said laughing. Oh nothing just that IM MISSING MY FUCKING TOP! I shouted. Awe here baby and don't shout Harry said putting his top over my head.

Harry's pov)
When Aubry was standing in front of me telling me that she was going to go get a towel I undid her bikini top without her noticing. When she saw that she wasn't wearing a top she screamed I threw her tog top on the ground and walked over to her trying not to laugh. What's wrong love i asked still trying not to laugh. Oh nothing just that IM MISSING MY FUCKING TOP Aubry screamed. Awe here baby and don't shout I said while taking my shirt off and putting it over Aubry's head. Thanks babe she said kissing me. No worries now let's go swimming I said picking Aubry up and running towards the water. I jumped into the pool and did a dramatic hair flick that made everyone start laughing. Soon we were all in the pool apart from Zayn, we played a couple of games of Marco Polo but then that got cfboring so the girls did handstand comps while the lads and I did flips into the water. 

My turn Aubry screamed, alright Malik show me what you've got Louis called from in the pool. Aubry started running but slipped on the tiles, it felt like she was falling in slow motion but everyone was frozen apart from Aubry. Once Aubry hit the floor I immediately ran to her and picked her up, thank god she didn't pass out or land in the pool. She had busted her lip by the looks of things, Come on let's get you fixed up Liam said grabbing Aubry From my arms.Ok but I can walk you know Aubry said trying to hop out of Liam's arms, alright lets go I said holding Aubry's hand. 

Aubry's pov)
I have to admit when I hit the ground it fricking hurt. Come on let's get you cleaned up Liam said while picking me up. Ok but I can walk I said getting out of Liam's arms. Alright let's go Harry said grabbing my hand. Liam and Harry lead me to this room in the bus, uh where are we I said confused. This part of the bus is where we go if we are hurt Liam said putting gloves on. Oh ok I said smiling. Now Aubry this is going to hurt Liam said holding this wipe thingy. It's ok I'm a tough girl I said laughing. Ok 1,2,3 Liam counted down. Ahhhhh that hurts I cried. It's ok babe it's over Harry said picking me up and walking over to the door . One sec Liam called. Yes'm I called back. Well I have to put this strip so your lip doesn't split open again Liam laughed. Oh yeah hah thanks li-li I said kissing his cheek. Aww that hurt I said rubbing my lip. Yeah it will so no kissing Harry ok Liam poked my nose. NO WAY! I said while folding my arms and pouting like a spoilt brat. Whatever now I'm going back tot he pool cya love birds Liam said running out of the bus.


Soon an hour passed and we all got dressed for the m&g as well as the concert. Becc and I were just wearing some of Liam and Harry's clothes and some ugg boots, because its not like people are here to see us. The boys were all wearing singlets, sweatpants and a cap. As we were leaving the tour bus some fans spotted is so we had to run because 1- they sometimes get out of hand and 2- management said they aren't allowed to be late. When we got the the m&g becc and I sat in the green room since the concert and the m&g are at the same place. After the m&g the boys came in to get dressed, I think they forgot we were still in here cus they started stripping off their clothes not that I cared about Harry but seriously my brother ewwww! Uh guys we are still her becc said giggling. Shit sorry forgot you's were in her Niall said putting his pants back on. All good nialler but I think it's time for Aubry and I to go becc said pulling me away from Harry. Nooo I don't want to go I said pouting. Too bad now lets go and Harry keep it in your pants tonight please becc said pulling me out the door. I hate you I joked, aww love you too becc said laughing. Ok you's can come back in cuz we are on now bye guys Liam said kissing becc while Harry kissed me. Bye boys I called out in a weird voice.

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