Sister of Malik, bestfriend of Tomlinson

Aubry is Zayn Malik's little sister, she is also best friends with Louis Tomlinson and she is dating none other than Harry styles, Rebecca is in the same boat as Aubry, Zayn is like her big brother, Louis is her best friend BUT she is dating the sweet and caring Liam Payne. Will all this change because of a stupid mistake?


16. Camp out

Jaydes pov)
Dinner was just like any other dinner with the boys, Louis swears, Liam gets all daddy directioner on him, Niall laughs at everything, Zayn stares at himself in the spoon, and Harry is instagraming everything. Ok me and Harry are going for a swim who's coming Aubrey asked. I'll come I said raising my hand. Actually everyone will come Liam said standing up. Ok I'm gonna get ready I said taking off to mine and Louis's room. I was in the middle of getting dressed when Aubrey and becc opened the door. We need your help Aubrey said with a hint of worry in her voice. What's wrong I asked. Well the other day we got tattoos and we haven't told anyone becc smiled. And niall doesn't exactly like tattoos but Harry does duh Aubrey added. So you's want me to cover them up or what I asked. Cover them up please they begged. Ok get in your togs then come back I said pulling one of Louis's shorts over my togs. Within 5 mins they came back in their togs butt hey had a towel wrapped around them. Ok so where's yours I asked Aubrey, she dropped her towel and there was a small bird on her collar bone, I put concealer  and then skin coloured body paint on it and it wasn't visible any more.  Now where's yours I asked becc, exactly the same place she replied. I repeated what I did for Aubrey on becc. Oh umm Jayde I'm not done yet Aubrey giggled. Geese how many did you get I asked. I got 3 she replied. Alright where are they I asked . 

Aubrey's pov)
The other day becc and I went to get our matching tattoos that we had been talking about for years. After we got our matching ones I thought it would be the perfect time to get my other ones.


Aubrey I'm nervous becc wined. Oh shut up you'll be fine I'll be right next to you getting it done too I said getting on the tattoo bed. Ok ready the guy said putting the out line on my collar bone. As ready as I'll ever be I smiled. It took about 2 hours to get it done which didn't surprise me. After both becc and I had finished getting our tattoos becc was as white as a ghost. Umm I was wondering if I could get another 2 tattoos I asked the guy who did mine. Umm do you have what you want with you he asked. Yes I said getting out my phone I showed him the two tattoos I wanted which were a feather behind my ear and a small cross like Harry's on my hand. I was at the tattoo parlour for another 6 hours. I told becc she could leave but she didn't. I'm kinda scared to show niall becc whispered. Why and why are you whispering I asked in a normal voice. I don't know she said back. Ok that'll be 300£ please the lady behind the desk said smiling. Here I said handing her the money. Becc and I walked out to be swarmed  by fans and paps asking if we got tattoos, of corse we lied and said we were seeing our friend. Becc and I decided not to tell niall or Harry just yet so we are going to cover it up till we tell them.
End flashback
Still Aubrey's pov)
Alright Where are they Jayde asked. I moved my hair to revile my feather tattoo Jayde did what she had to do to cover it up. Now where's the third and final one she asked emphasising final. It's where Harry's is I said smiling. Umm what one she laughed. Oh right, his cross I replied. Umm that's on his wrist so it couldn't be there because your left wrist doesn't have anything and your right has a bandage on it...... Wait a second it's on the hand that has the bandage Jayde said to herself. I removed my bandage and once again she did what she had to do. Finally were ready to go swimming yay she cheered. We all walked down in our togs. I was wearing high waisted flower bikinis, becc was wearing neon ti dyed sort of bikinis and Jayde was wearing black floral bikinis. We all threw on one of the boys big shirts and walked out to the pool to see everyone else waiting either in the pool or on the edge. Geeze took your time girls Luke laughed . Oh shut up you take 30 mins just to do your hair I said back. Jayde jumped into the pool and landed on Louis's back which was pretty funny. I carefully slid into the pool with becc the water went all cloudy. I looked over to beccs collar bone to see her tattoo exposed. Shit that must mean mine are showing. I quickly jumped out of the pool amd ran into zayn. Hey woah you've got a tat zayn yelled. What Niall asked. Aubrey has a tattoo he said pointing to my collar bone. Cute Harry said moving my hair but of corse it was the side my feather tattoo was on. No she has 2 tattoos Harry chuckled. What is it Liam asked. It's a feather and it's behind her ear Harry replied. Awe twinzies Liam called out from the pool. Actually I have 3 I corrected them. What they all said in unison. I have three tattoos, I have a bird on my collar bone, a feather behind my ear and then I have one like Harry or my right hand which is a cross I said holding my hand up. Yep she defiantly is zayns sister Louis laughed. Hey I like tattoos ok I defended myself. Also becc has a tattoo I smiled. Wait you've got one too, please just as it's one niall said with a hint of disappointment in his voice. Yes it's only one and it's like Aubrey's becc replied getting out of the pool. Which one Louis asked. The bird she said moving her long hair away from her collar bone. Aww cute niall said hugging becc. I thought you'd be mad she said kissing him. I'd only be mad if you got like 27 Niall replied. Oh I can't handle the pain to get anymore becc laughed. Alright enough with the tattoos Lexie called out. Everyone get your ass in the pool I screamed. Everyone that was out of the pool dived into the pool. 

We were swimming around for hours and it was now 11pm Sophia and Lexie fell asleep on the pool lounge, zayn fell asleep in the doughnut ring in the pool, Aston, Niall and Calum all went to the little shop to get alcohol. Ok what are we going to do till the boys get back with some drinks Louis asked. Let's go down to the beach light a fire and camp there I suggested. Oh hell yes, this is why your my best Friend Louis said hugging me. Hey keep your hands off she's mime Harry said pulling me onto his lap. I just giggled because he grabbed me by my waist and I'm  extremely ticklish. We're back Calum yelled running in with  bags in his hands. Ok don't get comfy because we are going down to the beach and then camping there I said jumping up. What about these three Niall asked. We'll carry them down there but we need to get blankets, and 3 blow up mattresses Louis replied, well we've got food and drinks so we'll meet you's there niall said walking towards the beach. I'll carry Lexie since she's my sister. I'll carry Sophia since she's my girlfriend Liam said mimicking Harry. I ain't carrying my brother I just walk him up I said smiling. I took the biggest run up and I dove on him. Argh my balls, my balls zayn screamed. Whoopsi I giggled. Time to get up we're going to camp on the beach I said hopping off of him. Ok but my freckling balls hurts now zayn complained. I'm sorry love ya brodda I said kissing his check then I jumped out of the pool. Zayn we have to help the others get stuff for camping on the beach I said helping zayn out if the pool. Luke zayn and I grabbed the blankets, pillows and the 3 blow up mattresses. When we got down there Sophia was awake but Lexie was still asleep in Harry's arms. Umm how are he going to blow the mattresses up Louis asked. You did get a fricking pump oh wow Michael laughed. I'll go get one and I'll get some music too Sophia said running up the beach. Within 15 minutes she was back and she had a radio.  We blew up the 3 mattresses and Harry laid Lexi on one,he is such a caring person. Louis lit the fire and turned the music up so loud, luckily we rented put half of the island. We all went around in a circle taking shots of alcohol. We weren't dunk but we certainly were tipsy. Lexie woke up half way through mine and Louis race because Louis tripped over and started screaming like a little kid.

Harry's pov) 
It was now 3am and everyone had gone to a mattress to sleep.  on the first mattress there was , Luke maddi, Lexi and zayn . On the second mattress there was Liam, Sophia, ,Calum, Aston and Michael. And on the last mattress that was very close to the fire was Louis, Jayde, Niall and becc. Aubrey and I just grabbed a blanket and laid on the sand in each others arms and looked up at the sky. Harry you still awake Aubrey whispered. Yeah what's wrong I replied. I'm really cold she shivered. I wouldn't blame her she is in bikinis, with a thin shirt over them and the smallest blanket ever. I pulled her closer to me so there was no room and I pulled the blanket completely over us, it was actually really warm and comfy. Better I asked. Mhm love you she said kissing my check. Love you too now of to sleep because you know Louis is going to wake us up I replied kissing her lips softly. In a matter of seconds Aubrey body became dead which I knew that meant she was asleep. I soon fell asleep listening to the waves crash on the shore. 

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