Sister of Malik, bestfriend of Tomlinson

Aubry is Zayn Malik's little sister, she is also best friends with Louis Tomlinson and she is dating none other than Harry styles, Rebecca is in the same boat as Aubry, Zayn is like her big brother, Louis is her best friend BUT she is dating the sweet and caring Liam Payne. Will all this change because of a stupid mistake?


10. Arguing amd Meeting new people

Aubry's pov)
When i woke up in the morning I heard Harry on the phone to someone, ok don't judge but I'm nosy ok. 

H: ok well come over at 12:30 and then you's can meet her alright.

H: ok see you then love you, oh and tell mum not to be weird please.

Hey Harry said giving me a kiss, hey who was that I asked. Oh haha that was my sister Lexi, he said smiling at me. Ok we'll I'm going to go wake up my lovely brother I said kissing Harry again. When I got to zayns room I heard him on the phone too but this time the person was on speaker so I could hear everything.

(Code Z: Zayn   MG: mystery girl)

MG: when can we tell Aubry?? 
Z: well since your coming over today lets tell her today, how does that sound. 
MG: yay I can't wait till we can hang out again. 
Z: alright I've gotta go, see you today love you babe.
MG: love you too byeeeee

What's up with everyone having someone over gosh. Hey Zayn I said walking into his room. Hey Aubry, he said giving me a big hug. Want some breakfast I asked. Sure lets Go but I want a piggy back he said pouting. Alright get on I said tiring around. When he jumped on I almost fell over. Geeze Zayn what ya been eating I groaned. Oh you callin me fat he joked. Uh no, but I'm hungry so lets go. I said walking out of his room. When we got down stairs everyone was awake and were eating breakfast. Hey guys Zayn chirped. 

Hi they all said in unison. Everyone be ready by 12 because we have a lot of visitors today Louis said from the kitchen. Uh who are these visitors I asked. Oh ummm well there is my sister Lexi Harry said with his mouth full. Oh and mine too her name is maddi Niall said wiping his mouth. My girlfriend jayde Louis said smiling. My girlfriend who is Harry's sister Lexi Zayn said shyly. Oh and uh umm Sophie is coming over Liam said quietly, but everyone heard it. Becc looked up at Liam shook her head and ran away from the table crying, thank god nialls here for her, he got up and ran after her. Thanks a lot Liam your a fucking idiot you know that I yelled. Babe calm down Harry said hugging me. No Harry I can't Liam's going to be bring that slut over that he cheated on becc with and expect me to be fine with it I yelled pointing at Liam. Sophie's not that bad just give her a chance liam said calmly. Give we a chance, Liam it hasn't even been one fucking day and your already inviting Sophie over, how do you think becc feel huh I yelled walking over to Liam. She's moved on Aubry she has Niall he said with a tear rolling down his face. Liam I hope your hurting I spat out running to my room.

Beccs pov)
I can't believe Liam is actually inviting Sophie over, when I heard her name I just broke down I couldn't handle being there so I ran outside and cried. I could hear Aubry yelling at Liam, and she was serious because she never usually yelled. I was listening to what they were saying when someone came up from behind me and hugged me. I immediately pushed the person away, turned around and slapped them, ahh fuck that hurt Niall said holding his cheek, oh shit I'm so sorry I thought you were a creep I said touching his cheek. It's ok he said smiling, Niall I asked. Yeah love he said slowly. Can I kiss you, like right now I asked. You sure can he said grabbing my waist. I grabbed his cheeks and kissed him passionately, I never wanted this moment to end. Becc I know you and Liam just broke up but uhh would you like to be my uh girlfriend he asked looking into my eyes. YES! Niall I'd love to I said wrapping my legs around his waist kissing him. C'mon love we have to get back it's almost 12 and we have to get ready he said putting me down. Ok I smiled. 

Liam's pov)
When Aubry left from yelling at me all the boys turned to face me well apart from Niall.  uh Liam care to tell us what happened Zayn asked. Well uh I kind of cheated on becc with Sophie and I guess she found out so we broke up I explained. WTF man seriously your a dickhead, becc loved you Liam Harry said sounding disappointed, And how long was thing going on for Louis asked angrily. Uh about 4 months I mumbled. Aubry is right your a fucking idiot Zayn yelled getting up and walking away. I've messed up haven't I, I asked Louis. Honestly, yes and now you've lost your friendship with Aubry and your relationship with becc Louis replied. 

(Time skip to 12:30 sorry)

Louis pov) 
It's now 12:30 everyone has calmed down and are waiting for, jayde, maddi,Lexi and sophie to get here. We were sitting watching when there was a knock at the door, ill get it Zayn said jumping up to get the door, when he opened the door I heard jayde's voice i immediatly jumped up, babe she cried hugging me, ive missed you so much i said hugging her. then in came lexi, louis she yelled running giving me a massive hug, he lexi i said hugging her back. uh hem Zayn and Harry coughed. Oh hey big bro and hey babe she said hugging Harry then kissing Zayn. Where's maddie and Sophie Niall and Liam asked. Right here they said at the same time. 

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