Out of Time (Zayn Malik Fanfiction)

“Sometimes I feel like I was mistaken, you must be an angel. Sit down and teach me what life is all about. I see myself changing no longer a stranger; you gave me a reason to never die. You are my only hope…”

Zayn Malik.

One afternoon, one homeless person and one mistake he did changed his life forever.


Because he’s cursed. Cursed to live forever.

The only way to lift the curse is to receive a kiss and to be loved back by a girl who he’ll fall in love with. But it wouldn’t be so easy if he were a wanted criminal. Right?

Tick tock, time is running out. He only has a limited amount of time left and if he’s not able to lift the curse before time runs out, the curse stays with him forever.

“Love isn't easy, but it must be fought for. Because once you find it, it can never be replaced.”

{Note/Warning: There will be some abusive and sexual contents in this story. Zayn Malik is NOT harmful in anyway possible in real lif


8. Chapter 8.



 It stayed silent for a while until I coughed awkwardly.


“I- um- I have to go.” Zayn coughed out awkwardly.


I silently said bye and saw him leave out of the library.


I stared out the window debating whether I should go to the kitchen and grab something to eat or just stay in this library. Or go to one of the bathrooms and try to escape out the window. I can’t escape from this window because I can’t open it and I can’t just break it down because it’ll make a loud noise.


I like that last option. I stood up and ran to the nearest bathroom. I closed the lid of the toilet and stood up on it. I tried reaching for the lock of the bathroom window but my height isn’t giving me any much advantage. I sighed and tried again. I stood on my tippy-toes and stretched my body and arms.


Yes! I grabbed it and tried unlocking it. It’s rusty. Fuck.


With all my strength, I tried opening the lock and I finally succeeded. I looked down at my hands and it was really red. I stopped for a while and thought on how the fuck was I supposed to climb to the window if I can’t even reach it by hand.


I quickly started opening each drawer in this bathroom and luckily, I found a bunch of toilet paper and some towels. I wasted no time on stacking everything on the toilet seat and when I was done, I tried standing up on everything. Fortunately, I can reach the top. I pushed the window open and pushed myself up.


Suddenly, I heard the door open and I quickly widened my eyes. Should I stay like this until Zayn gets me down and starts beating me or should I jump out the window now?


“What are you doing?” Said a very unfamiliar voice. It’s not Zayn.


I quickly turned around but I lost my balance and fell. I closed my eyes, waiting for the hard impact, but it never came. I slowly opened my eyes and was met with 2 pair of green eyes.


He had caught me before I could even reach the hard ground.


“Wh- Who are you?”




“Um, can you please put me down?”

“Uh yeah, sure” He blushed and put me down, letting me stand on my two feet.


“Who are you? What are you doing here?” I widened my eyes in realization that I didn’t know this guy and I’ve never seen him in this house before.


He chuckled. “I work here for Zayn.”


I made an ‘O’ shape with my mouth and stared at him. He’s actually pretty cute, blonde spiky hair, beautiful blue eyes, and I could see some tattoos on his left arm.


“Were you trying to escape?”


“Um, yeah, but don’t tell Zayn. Please!” My eyes widened as I begged him.


“Yeah, of course I won’t. Secret’s safe with me.”


I sighed in relief and thanked him.


“Have you eaten yet?”


“Um, no.” I smiled sheepishly.


“Let’s go then.  What do you want to eat?”

“Wait, what time is it?”


“Around 3pm. Why?”


“Just asking. Um, can I have mac and cheese please?”


“Yeah, sure”




After I finished eating, Niall and I spent the rest of the day with each other. Apparently, Zayn had another person working here, and his name is Jace. He told me that he was one who took care of me when I was unconscious. Niall and I also got to watch movies, laid outside the backyard together and just looked at the sky. Sometimes I would catch him staring at me and sometimes I would catch myself staring at him back.


“Goodnight Niall.”  I smiled shyly.


“Goodnight Beautiful.” He smiled and I blushed.


I walked up the stairs trying to hide my blush and smile but when I reached the top of the stairs, I saw a pair of feet standing in front of me. I gasped quietly and lifted my head slowly. Thighs, torso, beautiful plump lips, nose, and my eyes finally reached his beautiful brown eyes.


His face showed anger, why though?


“Where are you going?”


“To my room.”


“Where were you?”


“In the backyard.”


“With who? And what were you doing there?”


I furrowed my eyebrows starting to get annoyed by him. Why does he have to ask so many questions?


“Does it really matter? Quit asking me such pointless questions! This is ridiculous. I’m going to bed.” I walked pass him and went to my room. But when I took my 3rd step, I felt Zayn yank on my hair dragging me to the opposite side of my room. Oh no.


“Let go!” I screamed.


My hands went up to Zayn’s fist and I tried pulling it off my hair. But he just pulled harder.


He then kicked his door open and threw me on the bed. I tried running but Zayn caught me by my waist and he literally slammed me back on the bed. I didn’t dare move another inch, so I stayed still. Zayn then went onto the bed and stood on his knees.


I stared up at him and he smirked.




I tried talking but Zayn grabbed both of my ankles and slid it between his two knees. Which made me yelp.




I was cut off again, when Zayn unbuckled his belt and held it on his right hand.


“Don’t ever talk to me like that. And when I ask you a question you answer it.” He spat.


I kept quiet and stared into his eyes.


“Aren’t you going to answer me?”


I kept quiet and stared at him. Again.


He lifted his right arm; the one with the belt.


I closed my eyes ready for the hit.


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