Out of Time (Zayn Malik Fanfiction)

“Sometimes I feel like I was mistaken, you must be an angel. Sit down and teach me what life is all about. I see myself changing no longer a stranger; you gave me a reason to never die. You are my only hope…”

Zayn Malik.

One afternoon, one homeless person and one mistake he did changed his life forever.


Because he’s cursed. Cursed to live forever.

The only way to lift the curse is to receive a kiss and to be loved back by a girl who he’ll fall in love with. But it wouldn’t be so easy if he were a wanted criminal. Right?

Tick tock, time is running out. He only has a limited amount of time left and if he’s not able to lift the curse before time runs out, the curse stays with him forever.

“Love isn't easy, but it must be fought for. Because once you find it, it can never be replaced.”

{Note/Warning: There will be some abusive and sexual contents in this story. Zayn Malik is NOT harmful in anyway possible in real lif


2. Chapter 2.

Chapter 2.


Breathe in. 
Breathe out. 
Breathe in.
Breathe out. 
Those were the phrases that I kept repeating. 
I could pass out any second from all this running. Right now, I’m running from people trying to capture me. Why? 
Well, because first of all, I’m the number one criminal of this country and second of all, it's because of this twat who screamed my name in public. 


I was walking down the streets of London with my sunglasses and my hood up, trying to cover my face. As I was walking with my head down, suddenly, this person bumped into me, which caused my sunglasses to fall. 

"Oh sorry, mate, here's your sunglasses back" he apologized as he handed me my sunglasses. 

But before I could answer back, 

"Wait a second, are you-" he gasped and stepped backwards. 

"Help! Help! Please! Somebody help! It's Zayn Malik!" He screamed. 

The second he said my name, I ran and ran as fast as I can towards the woods. 
I looked back and I saw a bunch of people with knives and guns. Idiots. I can't be killed. Drive a knife through my chest, shoot me with a gun, I would heal in an hour or so, the only way to kill me, is to probably slice my head off or burn me.

I jumped behind one of the bushes and opened the lid to the underground secret hideout. You see, I made this hideout just in case something happens, I don't want to 'hide' in my house because then, people would be able to find where I live and destroy everything I have, and I don't want that to happen. 
This secret hideout is the opposite direction of my house, so it's an 80% chance they won't find my house. 

After 30 minutes of hiding, I assume that the people have left and probably gave up on finding me. 
I lift the lid up and looked around, thankfully, everybody's gone. 
I closed my eyes and tried taking a deep breath but a noise made me stop mid-breath. I jerked my head to the source of the sound and widen my eyes. 
It was a girl. She looks frightened. 

"What are you doing here?" I asked. 
She let out an ear piercing scream, so I ran over to her and covered her mouth, which made her screams muffled. 

"Licking my hands won't make me let go." I chuckled. 

"Though, it's pretty disgusting." 

I saw her roll her eyes. 

"If I let go, will you stop screaming?" 

She nodded and I let go. 

"You haven't answered my question yet." 

Instead of answering my question, she started running but tripped over a large log, which made her fall. 

I ran over to her and squat so I'll be in the same height level as her. I chuckled and tucked some of her hair out of her face so I could get a better view of her face. Wavy and long brown hair, beautiful blue eyes, and plump lips. Wow. 

"What are you doing here?" I asked her once again. 

"My dog ran after the people chasing you, so I panicked and ran too. But my dog ran to a different direction and well, I ended up lost. So, here I am now." She mumbled while looking down. 


What should I do to her? I can't let her go, because she knows about my secret hideout and well, lets just say she knows too much. 
Should I just kill her and leave her in the woods? 
Or should I just bring her back to my house? 
But if I do,-

"Fuck!" I screamed. That bitch threw a rock at my head, and now it's bleeding. I tried looking for her, and apparently, she running, again. 

I tried catching up with her, and I doubt that she's going to make it out of the woods because we're deep inside the woods and she can't get too far because she's limping. 

I ran to her and grabbed her waist and pushed her up on the nearest tree. She whimpered when her head came in contact with the hard wooden tree. 

A growl escaped my lips. 

"Please let me go." She whimpered as a tear escaped her left eye.

"Will you fucking stop running!" I screamed at her face. I was furious, why the hell did she throw the rock at my head? It fucking hurts. Yeah, I know it heals fast, but hey, I have feelings too, you know? 

"Sorry." She whispered. 

I groaned, picked her up and threw her over my shoulders. I started walking to my house, and unfortunately, she started crying and kicking around. 

Gosh, this is going to be a long walk home. 




I unlocked the door and dropped her on the hard wooden floor. I smiled innocently.

"What?" I said innocently. 

She glared at me and stood up. 

"Can I please go home?" 

"What's your name, love?" I asked her, ignoring her question. 

"Madeline. Madeline Lynn Brooks"

"I'm Zayn. Zayn Malik." 

"I know." She spat. 

"So can I please go home?"

"Nope. You're staying here." I smirked. 

"What? Why? Until when?"

I chuckled. "One question at a time love, yeah, your staying here because if I let you go, you might tell everyone where I live and they'll throw me in jail." 

"So does that mean i'm living here forever?" She widened her eyes. Tears escaping her blue eyes. 

"Yeah. Pretty much" I smirked. 

But that smirk was slapped away by her. Literally. 
The spot on my cheek stings from where she slapped me. 
Without thinking, I grabbed a fistful of her hair and dragged her up the stairs into my room. 


*Madeline's POV*

I was thrown onto the king sized bed, wincing at the pain on my scalp and on the hard throw to the bed. I tried running, but unfortunately, Zayn grabbed my ankles and yanked me underneath him. He smirked at me and I spat on his face. 

"Fuck you!" I screamed

"You'll fucking regret what you did" he growled.

He went to one of the drawers beside his bed and took something out of it. 



He smiled a very devilish smile and pulled up my wrists with his huge rough hands.

"No, Don't! Please!" I cried as he continued to fumble with the cuffs. 
About 3 minutes later, he sadly succeeded on cuffing my hands with the bedpost.  

I stayed still and stopped fighting because I know that it's really pointless. He walked towards the door, stepped out of the room and closed it shut, there was a clicking noise, signaling that the door was locked. I stared at the ceiling and before I knew it, I began to cry myself to sleep.  


What have I gotten myself into?


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