Out of Time (Zayn Malik Fanfiction)

“Sometimes I feel like I was mistaken, you must be an angel. Sit down and teach me what life is all about. I see myself changing no longer a stranger; you gave me a reason to never die. You are my only hope…”

Zayn Malik.

One afternoon, one homeless person and one mistake he did changed his life forever.


Because he’s cursed. Cursed to live forever.

The only way to lift the curse is to receive a kiss and to be loved back by a girl who he’ll fall in love with. But it wouldn’t be so easy if he were a wanted criminal. Right?

Tick tock, time is running out. He only has a limited amount of time left and if he’s not able to lift the curse before time runs out, the curse stays with him forever.

“Love isn't easy, but it must be fought for. Because once you find it, it can never be replaced.”

{Note/Warning: There will be some abusive and sexual contents in this story. Zayn Malik is NOT harmful in anyway possible in real lif


17. Chapter 17.

•Zayn’s POV•


Madeline just hugged me out of nowhere and I was in pure shock, I thought she hated me, I thought that she hates being around me. I guess bringing her to that ‘date’ was a pretty good choice. Maybe it’ll change the way she sees me. But then again, if I tell her about my secret, then she’ll be freaked out, it’ll change the way she sees me, but if I don’t tell her, then she’ll feel like I’m hiding things from her.


Before I could finish what I wanted to say, someone had to barge in my room. Madeline let go of me and we both turned to see an angry Niall on the door looking at us. But when we both met his eyes, his face immediately turned into an ‘innocent’ one.

“Hope I wasn’t interrupting anything.”

Oh, yes you are interrupting my time with Madeline.

“Just wanted to let you guys know that dinner’s ready.” He laughed.

We both nodded at him and Niall closed the door.

“What did you want to say?” Madeline looked at me with worry in her eyes.

“Uh, never mind.” Her face fell into a frown and she replied an ‘Oh’ before standing up and making her way to the door.

I hurriedly stand up and grabbed her hand before her fingertips could touch the doorknob.

“Madeline. Will you please have dinner with me?” I said with pleading eyes.

“Uh, sure I guess.” She shrugged and left my room.




When 5 minutes passed, I went out of my room to go down to the kitchen to eat dinner with Madeline. When I reached the kitchen, I saw Niall talking with Madeline, laughing. This made me want to rip off Niall’s head off. Doesn’t he understand that I like Madeline and she’s mine and only mine.

I continued walking towards them, trying to keep my face bright.

“Hey, so what are you guys talking about?”

“Nothing.” Madeline smiled and sat down on the dining table.

I nodded and sat across her.

“How is your shoulder?” She asked me.

“My what?” I asked her confused.

“Your shoulder? Remember? The one that got shot by those people this afternoon?”

“Oh right! Uh, yeah I think it’s okay. I guess.” I shrugged.

“Oh alright then. Speaking of those people who shot you, do you know them?”

“To be honest, no, not really. I’ve never met them in my life before.”

Honest, I’ve never met them. Yeah I’m a criminal, but doesn’t mean I have connections with every single bad guy in the country.

“Oh, okay then.”

Jace came to the dining table and served our meal for tonight.

I started eating my juicy steak, and mash potatoes, but when I looked up to see Madeline, she’s not even eating her food, she was only playing with it, and she looked so down.


She looked up from her plate and looked straight into my eyes;


“Aren’t you hungry?”

“Oh, not really, no.” She replied me with sadness in her eyes.

She gave me a small smile and looked back at her plate of food.

“Madeline, are you okay?”

“Yeah, yeah I’m perfectly fine.”


“Um- I- I’m not hungry. E-Excuse me.”

She stood up from her chair and exited the dining room.

What’s going on with her?

I sighed and got up from my seat to go after her. I went up the stairs and knocked on her door.


I was answered by silence.


I knocked on her door again, but I was answered by silence.

“Madeline?” I said a bit louder and knocked a bit louder, but I was then again answered by silence. By this point, I was getting really worried about her. I bit my lip and decided to just open her door. I grabbed the door handle and pushed it down slowly, the door opened a little and I put my head in between the door and the doorframe.


I looked around her room, but I don’t see any sign of her being inside here. Where could she be? I opened the door and entered her room; I looked around her room until my eyes settled on the bathroom door. Could she be in there? I walked to her bathroom door and knocked thrice.


I put my ear against the door and it was totally silent until I heard some sniffles.


I put an arm above my head on the door and sighed.

“Madeline? Please come out.”

“No. I’m peeing.”

“I know you’re not. Could you please at least tell me what happened?”  I chuckled.

“Nothing happened.”

I tried opening the bathroom door, but it had to be locked.

“Madeline, please come out. I’m sorry.”

I was answered by silence.

“At least tell me what happened?”

We both became silent until someone else entered the room, I looked back to see Niall. What does he want?

“Where’s Madeline?”

“Why do you care?”

“I’m her friend. Of course I should care.” He scoffed.

Niall walked to the bathroom door and knocked thrice on it.

“Tried that, she won’t come out.” I rolled my eyes and scoffed.

“Madeline?” Niall said gently.

“Yeah?” She replied.

“Please come out.”


I heard the door unlock slowly, followed by the door opening. For a second, I swore that Niall looked back at me and snickered. I stood behind Niall and watched Madeline come out of the bathroom with puffy red eyes. Niall hugged Madeline and she cried on his shoulder. I suddenly felt so angry and sad at the same time, so I rolled my eyes and left her room. It’s not fair how Madeline is always happy and whatnot around Niall, and whenever she’s around me, she’s always different. It’s just not fair. I entered my room and closed the door and plopped on my bed. I’m so angry that Niall is trusted and liked more than I am and I’m so sad that Madeline likes Niall better. Does that make sense? Urgh.

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