I Can't Love You

She can't love him. He can't love her. Harry and Scarlett have one drunken night that they can't take back. They go through something that someone there age should never go through. Will they end up falling for each other or forgetting each other?


6. Skype With Harry

Scarlett's POV


I was doing homework when I heard my computer go off. I ran into my bedroom and saw my skype was ringing. It was Harry. I brought the computer into the study and answered the call. 

"Hello" I said in a high pitched voice

"Hey" said Harry chuckling 

"What are you doing?" I asked

"Not much, the lads just went home and I was kinda bored. Gemma's out and so is my mum."

"Do you wanna come over? You can come have dinner with my dad and I" I said hoping he could come.

"Are you sure your dad wouldn't mind? I mean I've never met him before"

"I'm sure. He likes all of my friends"

"Haha okay. We'll I'll be around soon. Bye" 

"Bye" I hung up and went and got changed out of my school clothes. I got into a dress and denim vest. I put on my blue doc martins and walked back into the study to finish my homework. 10 minutes later I walked downstairs and started to make spaghetti bolognese. As I was chopping up a zucchini the doorbell rang. I wiped my hands and ran to get it. It was Harry. "Hey" I said opening the door. "Right back at ya" he said with his cheeky grin. We walked back into the kitchen and Harry helped me make dinner. I never knew cooking could be so much fun. We had a small pasta fight and I ended up having to go change again. It was hilarious though. When my dad came home we sat down at the table and had a very nice meal.  After dinner Harry and I went upstairs to my room and I put on some music. We sat around talking and listening to music until 11. "I better go" Said Harry, looking kinda sad

"Ohh" I said trying not to sound sad. We walked downstairs and I opened the door for him. "I had a fun time" He said.

"Me too" I answered back. He leaned in to kiss me but just as we were about 2cm away, my dad came out of his room and said "Hurry up Scarlett, you have school tomorrow" 

"Yes dad" I said not turning away from Harry. I bit my lip "Next time Styles" I said and he smiled. "Bye" he said whilst jumping into his car. 

"Bye" I yelled back. He waved and then drove off into the night. I had this amazing feeling in my stomach.   

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