I Can't Love You

She can't love him. He can't love her. Harry and Scarlett have one drunken night that they can't take back. They go through something that someone there age should never go through. Will they end up falling for each other or forgetting each other?


2. Party Time

When we got to the party Henry grabbed me a drink and we went and talked to people. I saw Harry in the conner with some cheerleader. I went over and immediately Harry come towards me. "Hey Harry"

"Hey Scarlett. How are you?"

"Good. Having a fun time?"

"Yea. Now" he said winking at me. I gave him a playful punch in the arm and we continued on talking. After a few drinks we both became kinda tipsy so we decided to dance. As we were dancing Henry came over to me and pulled me away. Harry looked hurt but he was interrupted by someone yelling "Truth Or Dare" Harry pulled me back and we went and sat down with a bunch of people who wanted to play the game. Jack spun the bottle and it landed on a girl named Tracey. "Truth or Dare?" Jack asked. "Truth"

"Okay. When did you loose your virginity?" Of course this game had to be dirty.

"In 10th grade" Everyone laughed and continued on. Everyone in the game chose truth so when the bottle landed on me I decided to choose dare. "Ohhhhh" everyone said. I just smirked. 

"Okay. I dare you too go into the room with," He looked around for a moment and his eyes met with Harry's. "Harry". Harry smiled.

"And do what?" I asked

"Anything you want" I got up and Harry followed. We went into the room and locked the door. "Hello" Harry said slyly. 

"Hey" I said back

We sat down on the bed and looked at each other. "Soo. What do you wanna do?"

"ahh not sure. How about you?"

"I have no idea" We looked at each other for about 3 more seconds and then out of no were we started making out. I don't know if it was because we were kinda drunk or what, but it got pretty serious really fast. I don't really remember much. All I remember is that Harry had a hot body and really big arms.


When I woke up in the morning my head hurt and I didn't know were I was. I looked around and noticed Harry sleeping next to me. Oh My God! Did I sleep with him? I jumped up grabbed my clothes and went into the bathroom. I got dressed and went back out to find Harry awake and dressed. "Hi" I whispered

"Hi" He whispered back "Last night was fun" he said

"Yea it was" I said back. It was kinda awkward. We looked at each other "Well I better get going" I said walking towards the door "Yea me too" Harry said walking to the door and opening the door for me. I walked out and went to door, "ohh shot!" I said to myself remembering that Henry probably left. "Whats wrong?" asked Harry coming up behind me

"Ahhh I don't have a ride home" I said pulling out my phone. Harry took it off me and said "I'll give you a lift" He took my hand and we walked to his car. On the way home we talked about school and friends. When we got to my house he walked me to the door. "So I had fun last night"

"Yea me too"

"Umm would you wanna do something with me tomorrow?" Harry said shyly.

"Yea sure"

"Okay great! Pick you up at 10" he kissed me on the cheek and then went back to his car and drove off. When I walked inside, my dad wasn't home. I went up and had a shower. I got changed and called up my friend Jaz. We ended up going shopping and I brought a new outfit for tomorrow. I was surprisingly excited.

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