I Can't Love You

She can't love him. He can't love her. Harry and Scarlett have one drunken night that they can't take back. They go through something that someone there age should never go through. Will they end up falling for each other or forgetting each other?


21. 3 Years Later

Scarlett's POV


3 years had gone by since Harry and I broke up and I was loving my life. Not because Harry wasn't in my life anymore, but because I had an amazing job, a nice, cosy little apartment and a very nice cat named Donna. I had graduated 2 years ago and moved to Manchester for a job offer I could not turn down. It was a modelling job for an agency my dad's friend sponsored. I had been working there for a year and a half now and I absolutely loved it. I got lot's of free clothes, from the top designers, got to travel a lot for shoots and I was friends with four amazing girls who also modelled with me. In fact tonight, us five were heading into London for a premiere and were meeting up with El's boyfriend and his friends. 


It was 11 o'clock when I headed over to Sasha's. I arrived with bags of food, my outfit for tonight, over night bag and my big make-up kit. As soon as I walked through the door, Sasha and Zoe hounded me for the food. I handed them the bags and we all sat down to eat. After our lunch, I had a long shower and blow dried my hair. I came out of the bathroom to fine Eleanor and Bea doing each others hair. Sasha did my make-up and Eleanor did my hair in nice loose, curl half up do. I changed into my outfit and by four we were in the cars and pulling out of the driveway. We were on our way to London.


*2 Hours Later*

We pulled into the valet just after six. They took our car and we walked into our hotel. It was pretty fancy seen as we were just staying here for a night but oh well! Who cares right? We checked in and through our bags in our rooms. We had to leave right away or else we would miss the premiere. We hoped in a cab and off we went again. 


El and I linked arms as we walked down the red carpet. Photographers snapped as many photos as they could and interviews tried to coax as over and get us to answer questions for them. But to be honest I had no idea what this premiere was for. Some type of movie about zombies or something. I didn't care either. As we finished the red carpet, I left the girls and went to the ladies room. I fixed my make-up and hair. I looked pretty good. When I came out everyone was seated for dinner and I was the odd man out because I hadn't found my seat yet. I slowly walked over to El and the girls as a man introduced the actors in the movie. I spotted them and quickly rushed to sit down.


Harry's POV


There she was. Standing right in front of me. Heading over to me. Well possibly, I don't think she had spotted me yet. She looked amazing in her short white dress. So good that I wanted to just ran up to her and kiss her. I excused myself from the table and started to walk towards her. When she looked up from the floor and saw me standing there, she halted to a stop.


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