Her name was Bethany. She just moved to Florida in a beach house right by the ocean. She's excited to start her new life here, especially when she meets a sweet boy with lovely green eyes and curly hair. Soon she will get to know the real cheeky boy known as Harry Styles.


3. Walking Around

We're just standing there and I'm looking down not knowing what to say to this handsome boy, I'm an outgoing person so it's weird that I can't think of anything to say. He breaks the silence by saying, "It's such a lovely night."

I smile at his attempt to make a conversation and look up to meet his amazing eyes. "Yes, it is. I love the ocean. I just got here today."

"Oh, so you're on vacation?" He asked.

"No, I go to college here and instead of staying in a dorm, I got a house here."

He nodded and started to walk and motioned for me to follow next to him. We start walking the way Krista and i did earlier. "I see, so you'll be busy this year? You won't have much time to relax by the ocean?"  

He looked out in the ocean. I looked at him. "Well no, I will. I graduated early so I got a headstart on college and credits. I already have my required credits so I'll be going have the time and only for the classes i want. Like fashion." I explain.

He looks at me and nods, "Okay, so your into fashion?"

I nod. "Yes, very much."

He smiles and stops walking, turning towards me. "So, how is my fashion?" He points his hands down from his shoes up to his face where a huge smile sits.I step back and look at him. He is wearing a jack wills sweatshirt, dark skinny jeans, and white sneakers with it. "I like it, it shows who you are but is still simple." I smile.

"How do I know you're not lying?" He asks with a tiny smirk.

I purse my lips slightly and bat my eyelashes. "You just have to believe me. I'm a truthful person, especially when it come to fashion. I'm telling you, I shouldn't have worn this. I should have atleast brought a shirt or my towel because I forgot how chilly it gets at night." 

Harry then takes off his sweatshirt and hands it over to me. "Here, why don't you wear this." 

This was such a sweet thing, I take it and put it on. It's a bit big on me but I don't mind and I don't think Harry does either because when I look up at him he is smiling at me. I then bends his head down and shakes his hair with both of his hands and then combs it over to one side with his fingers. I watched him do it and i had to admit it was pretty cute. He looks up at me and I quickly thank him hoping he didn't notice me staring. Once we start walking again I decide to hear more about him. "So what are you doing here?" I walk a little closer to him.

He notices but doesn't react. "We finish our tour in a week. They are all here in miami so we decided to take our break here. We have the rest of summer off and we start getting ready for our tour in the end of October." 

"that's nice. So you all stay together on your time off?"

"Yeah, we're pretty close."

After awhile off walking and talking we decide to head back. Harry is such a nice guy. When I talked to him I nearly forgot about him being famous. As we are walking back we're silent, but not a weird silent, more of a 'this is a nice time' silence. We're getting close to my house when he stops and says, "This was nice." I look up at him and nod in agreement. "I had fun." 

"Me too, I had an incredible time with you Bethany." He smiled.

I smiled back blushing slightly. I didn't want this night to end. 

"So I've been walking toward my house not even thinking about where you live. Where would we go from here, I'll walk you there." He scratched the back of his neck nervously for some reason.

I nod, "Well we've actually been heading toward mine as well."

"Oh splendid then!" He exclaimed, making me giggle.

We started to walk again when I started to shiver a bit. He looked at me,"Still cold?"

"A bit yeah." I answered. Harry stepped closer to me and put his arm around me. His hand rubbing my shoulder as we continued walking. I smiled to myself as we got closer to my house. 

"We here's mine" Harry happily said while pointing to a nice beach house.

"Really? Because that's mine" I pointed at mine beside his. He looked at it and turned to me, "Seriously? That's so funny!" He laughed and I did too.

"Well thanks for walking with me, I'm gonna go to bed-"

"Um I was planning to walk you all the way home." He stated.

"No I'll be alright. It's just up there." He shook his head.

"No really, I would love to walk you." He insisted, his eyes hopeful.

I smiled giving in. "Okay that's fine." He smiled greatly and he walked me to my door and stood in front of me. I stared into his eyes and he stared into mine, before he looked down at his shoes and chuckled while rubbing the back of his neck again. "So uh, neighbor-" He looked up to meet my eyes again. and I giggled. "Thanks for walking with me and all. It was nice to just talk with someone. I hope we do this again. soon."

I nodded, "We will. For sure."

He smiled, "Good, I know where you live so you better not be lying." He joked. I giggled, he's so cute.

He laughed, "Okay, well I'll see you soon." He stepped to me and gave me a nice 5 second hug. "Good night Bethany."

I opened the door and looked at him, "Goodnight, Harry." He smiled and turned around heading to his house and I shut the door leaning back on it, still smiling. I walked into the kitchen to get a glass of water. The house had only few lights on so I knew Krista was asleep. I was tired so I got ready for bed. I went to my bathroom and took out my contacts and put on my glasses. I put my hair up in a messy bun and put on a St. Louis Cardinals jersey and some short navy blue shorts. I went to my room and went on the deck. I sat there and thought over my evening with Harry. I feel a rush of excitement run through my veins just thinking about him. My skin heats up and happiness washes over me. I walk back in my room and get his sweatshirt. I put it on and snuggle up in it while watching the waves. This was such an amazing night. Harry is such an amazing guy. This will be an amazing year. I go to my bed and drift to sleep thinking of happy thoughts of Harry.

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