Her name was Bethany. She just moved to Florida in a beach house right by the ocean. She's excited to start her new life here, especially when she meets a sweet boy with lovely green eyes and curly hair. Soon she will get to know the real cheeky boy known as Harry Styles.


4. Volley ball

I woke up to the light shining in on me. I got up and put on my glasses. I went to the kitchen. Krista was making a bowl of oatmeal and stopped when she saw me.

"Well good morning four-eyes!" She greeted me giggling.

I yawned, "Gee thanks." I give her a mean face.

She laughs, "Oh Beth, you know you're cute in your glasses! If you looked bad I wouldn't even joke about it."

"I don't think I look cute, but whatever, thanks." I smile. I walk over and put a piece of bread in the toaster. While its cooking I get a banana and lean back against the counter eating it.

"So what are we doing today?" Krista asks while sitting at the island counter, eating her oatmeal.

"I wanna go tan outside and read." 

"Me too! That sounds great." 

I clap my hands. "Yay! We'll go down there in twenty minutes. Sound good?"

"Yes!" She replies happily. After I finish eating I go up to my room and take off Harry's sweatshirt. I don't know why I didn't tell Krista about him and last night. I just didn't really think about it. That's a lie, I just didn't want to just yet. I probably will tell her when we're tanning. I get another bikini and put it on. It's a strapless mint bikini top and navy blue bottoms. I put in my contacts and put my hair up in a new messy bun. I get my floral raybans, towel, and phone. I look in the mirror. I look pretty cute today! I run to the living area and I see Krista sitting on the couch on her phone. 

"Come on! It's beautiful outside!" I yell jumping up and down.

"Okay let's go." She laughs. I take my book off of the counter and grab Krista's hand. She has her book, towel, phone, and her sunglasses on her head too. I pull her with me out of the door and we run to a spot and lay down our towels. We lay on our bellies and start talking first. There's people out walking around. Not many, just a few here and there. None real close to us. I like how each house is spread out enough so you're not all up in everyone else's business. 

"Gosh this view!" Kris says.

"I know. It's aaaaamazing!!!!" I laugh. I'm looking at the ocean. Krista doesn't say anything else so I look over at her. She's looking at something else. I lean my head up more to look over. I see some people playing volleyball out by the water. There close enough to see that they're boys but not to see they're faces. I notice that there's four of them. 

"Really? That's what you're looking at?" We both start laughing hysterically.


"This morning I woke up thinking about Bethany. She was such a beautiful girl. I remember her face. She just had things about her that was adorable. Like the way she bit her lip when she was thinking or had a crinkle in her forehead when she was listening to something important. It's so cool that she lives by me too. We for sure will be close. I mean we have to. The first night we've ever talked, we spent hours together. I hope she found me interesting. I look at the towel that I got from the beach last night that I'm pretty sure she left. I'll need to give it to her. I wonder if she thought it was weird that I gave her my sweatshirt to wear. I'm usually confident about this stuff but I just don't know. I just want to go see her. Right now. I mean I know where she is. She's not far at all.What am I thinking? I'm not going to go see her. We'll just meet up whenever. Just when I was thinking about  all of this the boys ran in and said that they were going to play some volleyball. 

"Alright I'll be out there soon."

"Okay hurry up!" Lou yelled as they ran out.

I got up and put on my dark blue swim shorts and walk out the door. When I headed out I was walking to the boys when I looked over and saw two girls lying down on some towels and talking. I would have just kept walking to the boys but i noticed that smile. I look closer at her face and it's Bethany. I start heading over there without really thinking. I go right up to them and sit next to her. She flinches and fast looks over at me along with her friend. I sit cross legged and she fast realizes its me and the best thing happened. She grew a great big smile and sat up and hugged me. I hugged her back smiling.

"Hi Harry!" She releases me and still smiling nudges her friend, "Kris this is-"

"Her shocked friend interrupts her, "Harry Styles, yeah I'm pretty sure I know him! How do you two know each other. Why have you never mentioned this friendship?" She's staring at  me in disbelief while she says it all.

Beth laughs her cute laugh, "I just met him last night. I just forgot to tell you."

Beth than looks back at me with that same smile, "Sorry Harry, this is Krista. She's living here with me."

I stick out my hand, "Hello Krista, how are you?"

""I'm actually fantastic Harry Styles. I'm talking to a celebrity so I'm kinda nervous too." 

I laugh, making Beth join in. I nudge my elbow on Beth, "So what are you up to?"

"Just relaxing, what about you?" She smirks at me.

"Well I was actually on my way to play a nice game of volleyball with the boys when a lovely lady caught my attention." I smile at her causing her to blush.

"Oh how dare her, distracting you from serious things." She smiles backs.

"Well maybe she can make up for it by tagging along and playing some ball with us." I say with testing eyes.

"I would but I'm in the middle of something serious. I'm kinda in the middle of relax time."

"True...." I pause and stare into her playful eyes. "Okay relax time over. Let's go. Oh and Krista you're officially invited." Krista's face lights up. 

"Fine but you have to promise you won't get overwhelmed with my mad skills." I laugh at her comment. 

"Ugh don't worry I won't. I'm pretty good myself." 

"I'm pretty great." She giggles.

"Okay... then bring it." I get close to her face and raise my eyebrows, waiting for a smart comment. She looks back into my eyes but doesn't say anything. She starts to blush and I quickly move my lips to her cheek and she gasps as I get up. I reach my hand down to help her up. She grabs it and jumps up close to me. She puts her hand behind my neck and pulls my face down and close to her. "It's on Harry Styles." She whispers, winks and let's go of me. Oh. My. God. My heart is beating fast. She is now helping Krista up and  we all start walking over to the boys. Krista looks nervous and Beth looks excited. We get there and the boys stop playing and look at us. Zayn has the ball, drops it, and starts kicking up in the air with his feet while him and the boys come over to us. 

"Hey boys! This is Bethany and Krista. They've come to play with us." 

Niall smiles at Krista and she blushes and shyly smiles back. 

Louis jumps up and rubs his hands together. "Fantastic! Okay well I'm Lou, this is Liam, Zayn, and Niall." 

"Hi nice to meet you all. Zayn your'e good with the ball, do you play soccer?" Beth smiles making a conversation with him. 

Zayn looks up from the ball to her and grins, "Yeah, um football yeah. You play?"

She scoffs, "Uh duh! I love it."

Liam joins in, ":Well looks like we'll be playing football, or eh soccer too sometime!"

Beth claps her hands, "Sounds great! I'll show you boys how Americans play!" She laughs and they join in.

"First volleyball," I say. She walks closer+ to me and looks up at me. She looks so cute in her white floral sunglasses. She raises her eyebrows. "Okay and teams?"

Lou chimes in,''Captains?"

"ME!" Niall yells.

"Me too" Zayn offers.

"Alright! Niall first because he's younger."

"Krista" Niall answers quite quickly. Krista looks shocked but walks over to him and smiles. He gives her a high five and they laugh.

Zayn quickly says,"Bethany." Or at least quicker than I liked.

"Harry!" Niall yells in his thick Irish accent. I walk over to Niall and smirk at Beth and throw my fists up like we're going to fight. She laughs and rolls her eyes. Putting her thumb down and I smile at her admiring her natural beauty in my head.

"LIAM" Zayn yells louder than Niall on purpose.

Niall screams, "NO! Not Lou. He'll kill me if I mess up." Lou laughs and says, "Now just because I'm the best doesn't mean you have to be afraid." Niall and him chuckle and we start the game. Beth looks at me and I blow her a kiss and she blushes and gets ready. 

We play for awhile and she actually quite good. Very athletic, her and Krista. Even though Krista was more involved with Niall than the game. We hit it back and forth and Beth hits the ball that hit fast down next to me. That was the winning point. I fall to the ground in defeat. She laughs loudly as she starts dancing and cheering up and down. She spins and shakes her butt and chants happily. Zayn and Liam give her high-fives and she continues to cheer and smiling at me. As she rubs it in my face I get up and run to her. I pick her up bridal style and she screams. She laughs and wiggles trying to get down but I have strong grip on her.

"Harry! Put me down. Don't be mad that I destroyed you!" She laughs and I just smile at her. I carry her to he water and I drop her in it. She yelps and stands up in it. 

"Harry!" She laughs. "You're dead!" I start to run away but she tackles me in the sand. I end up on my back and she straddles me. She tries to hold down my arms but she's not strong enough. I flip her on her back and I start fake wrestling her. She laughs and then when we're almost out of breath we stop and I sit next to her. It's silent and all you hear is the waves and our panting short breaths. I Look over to see her already looking at me. She quickly looks back at the water and sighs. 

"What are you thinking?" I ask.

She looks at me,"Just how fun this day has been."

"It has been pretty great hasn't it?" I keep looking at her while she looks at the ocean. She is so incredibly beautiful. I look at her lips and they are just perfect. I want to just grab her and pull her in to a kiss. She nods in agreement. 

"I'm sorry, but I just have to say that you are so beautiful." She slowly looks at me and replies quietly, "Thank you."

"No problem." I keep looking at her. "Do you want to go for another one of our walks?"

She looks at me, "definitely!" We both look over and none of the boys or Krista are there. I'm guessing they went to our house.

We start walking and we see a bench so we decide to go sit there. "So..." Beth starts.

"So?" I ask.

"What do you wanna talk about?" She asks.

"I don't how about we just get to know each other more." I suggest.

"Okay, you first."

"What made you come over to me last night?" I ask her.

"You're voice. It was just beautiful. I had to see who it belonged to." She grins lightly playing the memory in her head. She bites her lip. "What song were you singing?" She looks me in the eyes and waits for my answer.

"I'ts just a song I wrote. I've been messing with it. Did you like it?"

"Very much" She softly whispers. She scoots a bit closer to me and keeps eye contact.

"Would you want to hear it again?" I watch her face light up and she nods. I take a deep breath and I look out at the ocean. 


"Don't try to make me stay, or ask if I'm okay.

I don't have the answer.

Don't make me stay the night, or ask if I'm alright. 

I don't have the answer."

He looks at me and then down at his hands.

"Heartache doesn't last forever,

I'll say I'm fine.

Midnight, ain't no time for laughing.

When you say goodbye."

He looks at me and  takes a breath and looks into my eyes while continuing. 

"It makes your lips, so kissable.

And your kiss, unmissable.

You fingertips, so touchable.

And your eyes irresistible."

He stops and keeps staring deep in my eyes. We sit there in silence. He takes my hand and rubs it with his thumb. His touch is amazing to me. He stands up and pulls my hand to where I'm standing in front of him. Not losing eye contact he leans down a bit and steps closer. I lean my head up and we close our eyes as he fills the space between our faces. His lips touch mine and we kiss. In that moment I feel electricity run up through my body and my skin feels tingly. He puts his hand behind my back and I put my hand on the back of his neck. He pulls me closer filling any gap between our bodies. Our kiss is slow and our lips move together in motion. He pulls away after a few more seconds and we both open our eyes. His bright beautiful green eyes meet mine and he leans in for one more small kiss. He then lets go of me and I let go of him. We look at each other.

"Wow. I'm sorry, I, I had to" He looks down with his hand on the back of his neck.

"It's fine" I smile. "I wanted to do that too" I look at him. 

"Well that's great! We better get back to everyone and see what they're up to." He rubs the back of his neck.

"Okay Harry." I giggle.

We then walk back to the house in a happy comfortable silence. 

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