Her name was Bethany. She just moved to Florida in a beach house right by the ocean. She's excited to start her new life here, especially when she meets a sweet boy with lovely green eyes and curly hair. Soon she will get to know the real cheeky boy known as Harry Styles.


2. Relax Time

Beth's POV: After being at the airport i was starving. I got out an apple and started eating it when Krista ran down the steps in her bikini and short green shorts on. 

"What are you doing?" She has a shocked face.

I'm confused, " apple."

"Why are your clothes on?" Now i realize what she's talking about. She expected me to already be heading towards the water, but she said that completely wrong. I'll mess with her a bit.

"Okay, Let me get naked to enjoy this fruit" I laughed.

She laughed too,"Get your suit on NOW!"

"Okay okay! I just wanted to eat. But I'll eat it out there." She laughed and nodded in agreement. 

I ran to my room and opened up my drawer to find a bikini. The top was a cream color with ruffles and the bottoms were striped peach and cream. It was my favorite bikini I had and the colors showed off my tan really well. My hair was down and i put on some light blue short shorts. I grabbed a towel, a book I started reading, and my apple. I went to the window to see Krista getting in the ocean already. What an impatient little girl. I go to the open glass doors that lead outside and i head toward her. I lay down my towel next to hers and sit on it and start to eat my apple again. She smiles at me and i smile back. We both love the water and missed hanging out together by it.

While I eat my apple i start reading. After reading a chapter I'm done with my apple. I close my book and stand up. "I'm coming in!" I pull off my shorts and throw them on my towel. I run over to Krista and step in the water. She was playing with the sand underwater with her feet. She smiles at me and i smile back.

"Lets walk." She says. I nod my head in agreement. We walk along the water and talk.

"So how great is this Kris?" I grin.

"Amazing. This is what we both wanted. These years are going to be wonderful." She claps her hands together.

 I giggle, "You got that right! I can just feel it!"

We talk more about how we've been and so on. Once we're back where our towels are we got sit down. "I think I'm going to go take a shower" Krista says.

"Alright, I'll be in later." Krista walks to the house and i open my book. I just love the calm sound of the waves. After three chapters i decide to go for a walk again. This this time I walk in the other direction than I went with Kris to just look around. I walk a long way when i decide to turn around. The sun is setting so it's starting to get dark. I'm coming close to my house when I hear singing. I stop walking. It's a boy, and he is good. I follow the voice closer to the ocean. 

"Don't Try to make me stay, or ask if I'm okay,

I don't have the answer.

Don't make me stay the night, or ask if I'm alright.

I don't have the answer."

I stop when i see a boy Standing there singing out to the ocean.

"Heartache doesn't last forever.

I'll say I'm fine.

Midnight, ain't no time for laughing, when you say goodbye."

He sits down and continues.

"It makes your lips, so kissable.

And your kiss, unmissable.

You fingertips, so touchable.

And your eyes irresistible."

I start to walk closer to him. I'm struck by his voice. I have to see him. I keep walking not even thinking just listening to him. I end up walking right next to him. I stand there and look at him. He looks up at me. I realize that I made him stop singing. I'm immediately embarrassed, "Um I'm sorry, I uh..saw you, well no I heard you and listened. Um. Sorry-" 

"Pardon? Why are you apologizing to me? Have you done anything wrong?" He said slowly in his low British accent. Wow.

"Well I stopped you from singing, and i should have just left you alone." Wow i sound really stupid. I'm just so nervous in front of this boy and i have no clue why. I don't even know what he looks like because it has gotten pretty dark really fast. 

He stood up, "You're fine. I was planning on going back home soon anyways-"

"You have an amazing voice." I interrupted.

I heard him laugh, "Thank you very much" He steps closer to me and I gasp. He's beautiful. I look in his eyes and i realize who it it. The guy I'm talking to is Harry Styles! 

"Y-you're Harry Styles. From you know..One Direction." I whisper.

"Yes. Whats your name?" He says sweetly.

"I'm Bethany." I reply to the handsome curly haired boy.

"What a beautiful name, Bethany." He smiles and I blush. Wow this boy.


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