My Janoskian Experience

Natalie and her bestfriend Emilie are visiting Australia instead of going on their high school graduation trip and run into some new friends called the Janoskians.


1. Australia

Natalie's POV

I woke up happy because I was going to Australia with my Bestfriend Emilie instead of our high school graduation trip. I got out of bed and showered and dressed in a burgundy over sized jumper, black skinnies,and white converse and my hair in a sock bun 

I checked my phone and saw that Emilie texted me 

Emilie: Hey!Excited for today! xx
Me: Me to! Gunna miss London though xx
Emilie: same, pick me up in 20?(: 
Me:Okay see you then! 

I packed all my bags said by to my mom and went out to my car and was about to leave when I forgot it. My penny board. I ran up into my room and got it and threw it in  my trunk of my black range rover and began to drive to Emilie's 
When if others Emilie came out wearing a plaid shirt with black skinnies and black toms. And her hair was curled.
 She threw her bags in my trunk and got in 
"Did you bring your board" I asked
"No shit be right back" she said 
I laughed were like the same person
She came back and threw it in the back and we started to drive to the airport I turned on my radio and Best Song Ever was on the radio and we sang along. Yeah were kinda obsessed with one direction :$ 
When we arrived at the airport we put our boards in our suitcases and got on our plane no problem. 

Emilie's POV 

When we landed I woke up Nat and we got in her car and drove to the house we rented. When we got there we just went to bed 


I woke up and decided to make breakfast for me and Nat she loved bacon so I made alot of that and scrambled eggs and put everything on the table. I was just about to call her down but she came into the kitchen with her onesie that she LOVED and said it smelled good

Natalie's POV

I woke up to the smell of BACON and went to the bathroom and put my hair in a bun, and looked at myself in the mirror and smiled at the onesie i was wearing and remembered when i got it 


"I'm tired can we go home now?" Emilie asked
"We can as soon as I find a OnePiece store" I said 
"Okay fine" Em said 
*20 mins later*
"Shit I don't have enough"  I said
"Aww we can come back?" Emilie said 
"Okay" I sighed 
 I started walking out when Emilie stopped me 
"I'll be right out I'm just gonna go to the bathroom" she said 
"Okay" I responded 
Emilie came out not long after and got in I was about to start the car when she stopped me 
"What?" I asked
"I got something for you" she said 
"What is it?" I asked 
Then she pulled out the onesie and gave it to me 
"Aww thanks em" I said and hugged her 
"No problem" she said 
Then we drove home 


I went down and saw it was all on the table 
"It smells good" I said 
Emilie smiled 
I sat down and put some eggs on my plate and loaded it with bacon.i looked up at Emilie and smirked at her and she laughed 
We finished up and went to sit in the living room

"What do you wanna do today?" Emilie asked 
"Wanna go penny boarding around?" I asked 
"Yeah sure then we could go to the mall" she suggested 
"Sounds like a plan" I said and got up and went to my room to get ready
I showered and dressed in black skinnies, a purple sleeveless blouse and white converse and grabbed my penny board and we left to go to the mall
We penny boarded around Melbourne to find the mall, when we found it we got off our boards and went in. 
We were walking around trying to find a store we wanted to go to carrying our penny boards when I bumped into someone...

"I'm sorry" I apologized 
"No I'm sorry I wasn't looking where I was going I was Keeking" he responded with the most cutest Australia accent
I looked up at him and got caught in the most beautiful green eyes I the world..

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