I am infinite. And infinity but nothing at the same time


5. That ' little something ' in your way

Infinite. The thought lingered in my head, what did it mean?! I didn't have time to think anyway as soon as I was awake, Miriam came in. It was like she new exactly. Ehen to come in so I had no private time. " hi darl, nicesleep?" " yes thanks but that's not the point. You see, 

i have to leave, I remember now. The accident happened when I was going home from gym. I was attacked by a teenage boy, I couldn't see his face, it was night, and I was badly wounded but he ran off because wolves began to come out from the forest beside us. I was also attacked by thee wolves but they didn't kill me, but I was mortally wounded. I fell asleep near a 15 m cliff I must of rolled off it and then I woke up here. My parents will be worried so I best be off now. Bye! "I lied, I didn't know what had really happened at that accident; springing out of bed and running towards the door.  Miriam was too quick for me though grabbing me and pinning me back onto the bed. " oh steetie, you can't leave now, you see it wasn't 5 weeks you were in here healing, but only 1/2 a day and most humans wouldn't even survive an accident like that! Your dangerous, we don't want you hurting humans , you are a killer for all we know! So we are just going to kill you, before you kill us darl. No harm done love." "NO HARM DONE! What are you talking about, you are killing an innocent human child!  I screamed, running out of the room at almost the speed of sound.


yhe word  hung in my ears, taunting me


not so sure it was good now.

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