I am infinite. And infinity but nothing at the same time


7. Rising out of the ashes

I was standing in the hallway panting.  I was about 10m away from my ward when I realised I left my belongings behind." FISHCAKES!" I yelled. They could be valuable. I mean, look at that necklace. That was amazing, like in a movie. I started to think of ways I could get them back but alarms started blaring and huge metal bars and doors slid down, card liars cut outs fell down and windows were revealed with prisoners , test tubes and other things , some horrifying like a tortore rack with half an arm attached. Figuring there wasn't much time to escape, and that this was no hospital, I nimbly slid under one of the doors and outside to the frount garden. It sstill poked like a regular hospital. I opened a hat and ran down to the side of the ' hospital' and lolled through the windows until I found my room.

the windows  were 1by2 m  with stainless steel frames. I didn't doubt they were reinforced security glass. I knew I would have to be a specialised glass cuter to get in so in doubt I touched a small crystal and quartz claw on my necklace. Once again, a rush of thoughts entered my mind. Teleport. Woah! I have the power to teleport! Cool! But my rejoice didn't last long; as the reality suddenly entered my mind. I don't know how to do it. But hesitation filled me, what harm should it do to try? So I counted to 5 and summoned up all the will in my body, closed my eye and ....


did it work? I asked myself. I opened my eyes and I was in the room! I did it, I did it, GIRLPOWER! I sung to myself. Luckily there was no- one in the room so I grabbed a heavy doty  backpack and three my stuff into it. Hastily doing it up, I swung it on my back and willed myself to teleport into the ' oak woods'. I wasn't sure if it would work, but I opened my eyes and was shocked by what I saw. 

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