I am infinite. And infinity but nothing at the same time


3. Putting back the pieces

I woke up a couple of hours later; it was midday. All of a sudden I had an urge to touch some thing around my neck. I had been changened in to an old and dull hospital gown but  a necklace still hung aroung my neck and my belongings were on the bedside table, most of them shattered broken or ripped apart from the mysterious 'accident'. I hesitated at first ; It could be atrap but eventually gave in. What harm could touching a pendant possibly do? I took off the necklace and looked at it. It had several glass capsules, each with a small amount of what seemed like glitter. There also was a sharks tooth and several other small toothy hornlike things. In the middle of this, there was a beautiful tear shaped was lilac, purple, teal, coral and aquamarine. The colors faded into each other with streaks of gold and silver. It was bored with thousands of gems, rocks and minerals, carved into little stars and hearts. It looked so amazing, like a mini galaxy.  In awe and wonder I reached out to grab it but fear overcame me. I started to cry in confusion and agony but stopped immidently realising I was crying over a piddly little necklace.


so I reached out and clenched it hard.


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