I am infinite. And infinity but nothing at the same time


4. Dusting off ( putting back pieces p2)

t was warm to the touch and appeared to shimmer inmy hand. It kind of felt like liguid and velvet mixer together; it was hard to describe. It felt normal, I thought to myself, why is it so important? I jolted back, it was vibrating, and suddenly a rush of feelings overcame me.your name is rose amysest grace and you were abandoned by your parents. You raised yourself in the wild. Go to the oak woods of seaqau and search for a large sapphire. There you will find your destiny, but you will have to risk everything. You do not belong here, you are infinite, you are more than this. The vibrating stopped, and my brain went into overdrive. Should I go? I thought. I didn't have anything so why not? I am infinite after all, and I'm pretty sure that's good.





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