I am infinite. And infinity but nothing at the same time


8. Crystal star

I was at the oak woods of seaquea. It was amazing how they managed to turn a small, boring clump of trees into a moneymaking amusement park. There were stalls everywhere, most of them coloured leafy green but some were made out of varnished oak wood. The stalls sold everything you could imagine. There was about every single kind of food and drink, and just about every object. Green and brown nail polish, tents, dressing gowns, batteries, pet food and even undies! I arrived at around 9:00 pm and it had just closed. I didn't have any supplies and I was still in my old shabby 'hospital ' gown so I decided to steal some supplies. I figured because i was allready the no 1 criminal in the planet, it wouldn't mater if I stole some clothes and food. Besides, they had plenty of it. I snuck in to the back of a clothing store and got changed into a soviner ' trees rule' tee-shirt and a pair of Adidas trakies and sneakers.( don't ask me what that's got to do with trees.) I snuck into other shops and stole shows, underwear, pen and pad, closes for all weather, sleeping bag and extra blankets, blow up materess, pillow and toiletries. After that I sat down and had a hot dog and popcorn for dinner. I stashed a lot of microwaveable food and some huge bottles of water into my bag. I then set off into the woods to find this mysterious sapphire.

 I started trekking through the woods, where there were several stalls for scavenger hunts, craft, and other activities. After about 14 minutes I had gone in and out. I had scowler end the woods thouroly but I did not find any sapphire. At the back of the woods however I found an old fence with graffiti on it. Some of it read : the real woods, kiddie central and a giant YOLO. I hopped the fence and was delighted to find a large oak wood, at least 15 acres big. I didn't have to search long, after 5 minutes I found a giant blue sapphire tree, glowing in the night. 

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