Opposites attract

Makayla: Beautiful. Popular. Every guy's dream girl. The girl all girls envy. But Makayla isn't the typical rude, snobby, fake popular girl, in fact she is the opposite. She is caring, sweet and charming.
Marcel: Nerd. Shy. Keeps to himself. The #1 bully victim, that is until Makayla saved him.
Soon, these two are the best of friends who tell each other everything. Makayla sees Marcel isn't who he claimed he was. Well not completely. She always found him adorable and cute on the inside and out, but suddenly when he makes a change in his appearance everything is just hot. Once these two date and fall in love, things happened that weren't supposed to. One of them ends with a broken heart.


4. Who's this?

Makayla's POV

The movie was over and he looked at me. " So... now what?" I asked. " Well, it is your house, Makayla" He chuckled. I giggled. Before I could say anything, my parents came through the door. They were laughing at something. "Hey, dear, we got stu-" My mom came in and her eyes laid on Marcel. " Who's this young man?" Mom asked. My dad came in behind her. " This is Marcel. " I said motioning to him. " U-ugh, I-im so sorry. I should get g-going." He said standing up. My dad smiled. He obviously didn't think Marcel was a bad guy. Well, Marcel's appearance sends off his innocent vibe.

" No its fine. Would you like to stay for dinner?" My dad asked. Whoa! He just asked him to stay! That's different. He NEVER ever didhat. Marcel looked so nervous. " I couldn't. I d-don't want to I-intrude." He said standing up. " No, son, its fine. I insist." He said. Wow dad. I smiled at him and Marcel. So did my mom. Marcel looked at me in nervousness. I nodded. " Thank you, sir." Marcel said and shook his hand. " Okay. I'll start dinner." My mom announced and walked off to the kitchen.

My dad went to the kitchen but when he passed me he whispered, "I like this boy better then the rest of your boyfriends." and walked off. Crap! He must think he's my boyfriend. I looked at Marcel. "Im sorry. I did-" I began. " No Makayla. Its fine." Marcel cut me off. I smiled. " So is umm, having friends for dinner normal?" He asked scratching the back of his neck. " Well, no! you shouldn't eat your friends. That's wrong." I exclaimed jokingly. He laughed and said " You know what I mean." "Well, ermm, yeah its normal. Not for dad though. He kind of thought... well.. that you were my boyfriend." I stated. He widened his eyes and his face went red. " o-oh. Ermm... o-oh." He stuttered nervously. I chuckled. " Well anyway since its normal, maybe you'd l-like to ermm, you don't have t-to but maybe ermm, come over mine and have dinner with my p-parents." He stuttered and looked down blushing. " Yes. That would be cool." I smiled. He looked up and smiled also, exposing his dimples.

We were eating at the table and I was hoping my mom wouldn't say anything embarrassing. " Oh gosh this is so nice, Makayla is always talking about-" My mom began but I cut her off. "Mom!" I groaned and she slapped a hand over her mouth and said "oops"

Marcels POV

She talks about what!? Me? Makayla was looking at me. I smiled like an idiot. " So boy. How long has this relationship gone on for?" Her father asked. She widened her eyes, as well I. I choked on my food. I swallowed it hard. " S-sorry sir, b-but we aren't exactly a-a couple. Just friends" I informed. He nodded his head in understanding. " Well, you look like a good guy so, lets keep it that way." He said. I smiled innocently. I was so nervous right now.

~After dinner~

We walked to my house. " Okay thank you Makayla. For the dinner. It was amazing." I said truthfully. She smiled. " No problem, Marcel. It was fun." She said. She then pulled me into a hug. I hugged back. I inhaled her beautiful scent and then I think I could hear her doing the same. She pulled away smiling. " Bye Marcel. See you tomorrow?" She asked. " Only if you want to. " I relied smiling. She did to. She then waved and walked away.

I walked inside and went up to my room. I jumped on my bed an just thought about Makayla. She means so much to me and we've only known each other for a couple days. But she's the ONLY person besides my parents who actually is nice and caring. She is the only person who doesn't bully me. She is beautiful. I don't know how I got so lucky.

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