Opposites attract

Makayla: Beautiful. Popular. Every guy's dream girl. The girl all girls envy. But Makayla isn't the typical rude, snobby, fake popular girl, in fact she is the opposite. She is caring, sweet and charming.
Marcel: Nerd. Shy. Keeps to himself. The #1 bully victim, that is until Makayla saved him.
Soon, these two are the best of friends who tell each other everything. Makayla sees Marcel isn't who he claimed he was. Well not completely. She always found him adorable and cute on the inside and out, but suddenly when he makes a change in his appearance everything is just hot. Once these two date and fall in love, things happened that weren't supposed to. One of them ends with a broken heart.


3. People have taken notice

Makayla's POV

" Hey, guys!" I said as I walked to some of my friends. They gave me a weird look. " What?" I asked. "Ugh... well, you are really taken interest in that nerd, Marcel." Bianca said. The rest of them nodded. "And?" I asked raising an eyebrow. I didn't see what the problem was. He's a very nice person. "And, it really is messing up your popularity. He's the low life ugly nerd, and your the hot popular girl." Mary added. I gave her a stunned look. " Marcel is no where near a lowlife. He is a great person. He's sweet and nice." I snapped. They scoffed.

" No, Makayla has a huge crush on Marcel. That's why she's so defensive. She loves him." The schools slut, Clarissa came and interrupted. I even saw Marcel walking down the hall passing us, and he glanced at me, he must've heard that. He did a slight wave,, and I waved back and smiled. He blushed an looked own an continue walking. " First of all, I don't have a crush on him. He's just really nice. " I explained. Yes, I told a little lie but I don't even know if he likes me back. He could be one of those people who don't go out and  they just focus on their studies. " Yeah, sure. You just want to get in his pants." She rolled her eyes. " No and im surprised you didn't get in his pants, since you have sex with everyone in school." I said. She huffed and walked away. Some girls gave me high fives, like Caiti, Miranda and Shianne. Those girls are the nice ones.

I walked to English and the teacher said to sit next to your partners. I got up and sat next to Marcel. "Hey, Marcel." I said. He gave me a weak smile before saying "Ermm... I don't think we sh-should h-hang out anymore." and looked down. I gasped and I got hurt. " Wha- Marcel I thought we were friends. What happened?" I asked frantically. " Well, since you've hung o-out with me... your popularity has decreased. Doesn't that u-upset you?" He asked. Ohhh. Phew.

" No Marcel! Your awesome. Im glad we're partners. I don't care what people say." I exclaimed. He looked up and we made eye contact. It only lasted about 3 seconds before he turned away blushing. "Th-thank you, Makayla. It really means a-" He got cut off by another perverted popular jock. " Hey sexy. What's with you and this nerd? You like him?" He asked. Marcel looked down, ashamed. I put my hand over his under the table and he looked at me. " Shut up, Brian." I snapped. "  So you do have a crush on him. And I thought you would go for an actual man." He scoffed as he said that. I stood up. "1. I don't have a crush on him" I began, blushing. " 2. He is a better man then you'll ever be." I added. " Ok. But this is really messing up your reputation. "He said walking away. Marcel hung his head low. " See." He mumbled. I held his face in my hands. " Marcel. Nothing is going to change, okay? I don't care about what people say. Your cool, and sweet." I said and then I kissed his cheek.

He blushed. "Thank You, Makayla." He smiled.


We walked to my house. " So... ugh... make yourself comfortable. Im going to go change." I announced and showed him to the living room. I ran upstairs and got into an oversized pajama shirt and short shorts. I walked downstairs. " Ok. So can I get you anything?" I asked. But before he could answer I said, " You know what? Im going to make some ice cream." and walked into the kitchen. I made it and put it in two bowls. I walked out and handed his to him. " Th-thank you Makayla." e said. Why was he stuttering. "Why are you nervous?" I asked. " H-how do you know im nervous?" He asked. "Marcel. I know you more than you think. You stutter when your nervous." I replied. " Well, ugh... are y-you just wearing panties u-under that?" He asked. I giggled.

I decided to mess with him. " Actually, im not wearing anything." as I smirked. He widened his eyes as his face turned red. "W-what?" He asked. " Yes you dope! Im wearing shorts." I said lifting my shirt up. "They look more like underwear." He said. I giggled because it was true. "there just pj shorts." I said. He nodded. " So... what movie?" I asked. " I have Marley and me, ugh, Identity theif" I rambled on and on and when I said 'Love actually' he perked up. " Im guessing this." I smiled and put it in. I sat down and devoured my ice cream. He giggled and looked away when I looked at him. "What?" I asked. " Well, you have ice cream all over your face." He said. I shrugged. "Well you have some on your lips." I said pointing to it. He was about to lick his lips when I held a finger up. " I got it." I whispered and then kissed him and tasted the yummy ice cream. He didn't do anything. I pulled back. I smirked and he blushed.

We turned our attention to the movie. I was thinking about how sweet and dorky he is. Its hilarious but I think its cute. I am kinda scared to tell him, I know, weird. But he might be one of them people who just focus on their studies, so if I told him, I might get humiliated. But I don't care. I will tell him one of these days.

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