Opposites attract

Makayla: Beautiful. Popular. Every guy's dream girl. The girl all girls envy. But Makayla isn't the typical rude, snobby, fake popular girl, in fact she is the opposite. She is caring, sweet and charming.
Marcel: Nerd. Shy. Keeps to himself. The #1 bully victim, that is until Makayla saved him.
Soon, these two are the best of friends who tell each other everything. Makayla sees Marcel isn't who he claimed he was. Well not completely. She always found him adorable and cute on the inside and out, but suddenly when he makes a change in his appearance everything is just hot. Once these two date and fall in love, things happened that weren't supposed to. One of them ends with a broken heart.


14. How to Be Romantic

Makayla's POV

When class was over, I sprung up from my seat, grabbing my books. " Kay, wait up!" Marcel called from behind me. I sighed and stopped walking, waiting for him to catch up. " I know something is wrong, Makayla. Is it me?" He asked, fixing his glasses. " No, Marcel. And why do you think something is wrong?" I asked, trying to seem believable. " Well, first of all, you haven't called me by my nickname at all, when I know you like to call me it." He said jokingly. I faked a giggle. " And you just seem... I don't know... just upset." He said. Before I could reply, Caiti called him over. I sighed and rolled my eyes. Go Marcel, go to your girlfriend, my mind said sarcastically.

" I need to talk to Caiti. See you later?" he asked. " ugh... well, I don't think I can. Ugh, maybe tomorrow?" I suggested and lied. I just didn't want to see him. He practically flirted with Caiti in front of me. He looked down in disappointment. " Okay, babe. Bye." He sighed and pecked my lips. He walked off, to Caiti. A few tears were forming in my eyes at the thought of him leaving me for her. But I blinked them back. How can a boy I never knew, get me so worked up?

~The End Of School~

I stormed off towards the doors to leave. I hopped into my car, drove home and through my bag down with force. " Is something wrong, honey?" My mom asked. I sighed before running a hand through my hair. " Yeah. Marcel likes Caiti." i said angrily. " Well, what makes you think that?" She asked, wiping her hands on a towel. " Well, when i introduced them, he couldn't keep a smile off of his face, and he was talking to her for a while. He couldn't keep his eyes off of her mom!" I sighed.

She chuckled lightly. " I think someone is jealous. I met the boy. I can see the way he looks at you. He doesn't like Caiti." She assured. " But-" " No buts. He most likely just wants to get to know you better by going to your friends or something. That's what you father did to me." She whispered the last part making me giggle. " I don't know, mom. I just don't feel like talking to him. Im mad, so let me be." I said and glared jokingly at her, even though what i spoke was true. " Your just like your father. So stubborn and passionate about what you believe. " She said and i rolled my eyes laughing at her comment but quickly removing it when i remembered im mad.

I walked up to my bedroom and jumped on my bed. I hid myself under my blanket as I yelled out in anger. I always take a nap when im mad cause it usually makes me cool down. But before I could fall asleep there was a knock on my door, and my mom answered it with a greeting, but I didn't hear who it was. but next thing you know, Marcel comes in my room. "Kay? Why are you under your blankets?" He chuckled. I didn't reply, I just took the covers off and glared at him. "What?" He asked. " Why are you here?" I sneered. He looked at me confused. "Cause I noticed how upset you were. I just came to make sure your alright. What's wrong?" He asked sitting down on the edge of the bed. I rolled my eyes and crossed my arms.

"Whats wrong? Hmm, what's wrong, Marcel? Maybe the fact that my boyfriend was flirting with my best friend right in front of me. That's why!" I raised my voice using hand motions. He widened his eyes hat were filled with worry. "W-what babe? I-I- I wasn't flirting with her." He stuttered. I could tell he was getting scared. " Well you sure as hell couldn't keep your eyes off of her, and you couldn't take a smile off your face." I snapped. "I wasn't flirting. I swear." He said " sure you weren't. What were you doing earlier?" I questioned. " Talking about you." He said. "bullshit!" I screamed. His eyes began to water.

I know I was getting rude, but my mom is right, I am stubborn, just like my dad. "I wasn't Makayla Please believe me." He begged, grabbing my hands. He was trying to get my eye contact, but I wouldn't look at him, since my eyes were watering also. " Baby, look at me." He said. I looked up to meet his green eyes. " I actually thought it'd be the other way around Me getting jealous because I would think your flirting." He said. I rolled my eyes. " Honestly, babe-" He began as a few tears already escaped his eyes. " The only girl I want is you. You are my perfect angel." he continued and wrapped his arms around my waist and he lifted my arms up around his neck. " I just don't want you to leave me." I cried. " Babe! Are you crazy? I would never!" He exclaims making me giggle. "im sorry" I sighed after a few moments of silence. "Shh" He shhhed me.

He leaned into me and kissed me. I kissed back. When he pulled away, he started to sway our bodies like slow dancing. I smiled faintly as did he. We were slow dancing without music. I love that. Its so romantic. " Im sorry." He murmured after a while into my ear, sending tingles down my spine. " Shh." I intimidated him. He chuckled before resting his chin on my head since mine was on his chest. "I love you so much." He said out loud. I quickly pulled away and looked him dead in the eyes. "What?" I asked. " I-I nothing." He said. " No, you said you loved me." I said happily. "Well yea." he replied. I smiled. " I love you, too." I replied before smashing my lps on his.

I had a headache while writing this so sorry if you didn't like it!

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