Opposites attract

Makayla: Beautiful. Popular. Every guy's dream girl. The girl all girls envy. But Makayla isn't the typical rude, snobby, fake popular girl, in fact she is the opposite. She is caring, sweet and charming.
Marcel: Nerd. Shy. Keeps to himself. The #1 bully victim, that is until Makayla saved him.
Soon, these two are the best of friends who tell each other everything. Makayla sees Marcel isn't who he claimed he was. Well not completely. She always found him adorable and cute on the inside and out, but suddenly when he makes a change in his appearance everything is just hot. Once these two date and fall in love, things happened that weren't supposed to. One of them ends with a broken heart.


6. Getting to know each other

Makayla's POV

We both lay on his bed. " Okay, ill ask first." He confirmed. " Um, what's your favorite color?" He asked. " Rainbow." I answered. He gave me a confused look causing me to giggle. " I cant choose. " I explained. He nodded. " Ugh, your fave color?" I asked. " Green." He answered.

" Favorite movie?" He asked. I thought about it but I didn't have a favorite movie. " I don't have one. I like a lot." I said before a laugh escaped my lips. He chuckled. " Favorite super hero and why?" I asked.

"Superman. Because he is strong and because he could whoop someone's bum for bullying." He said. I glanced around and noticed a purple line through his hands. " What the hell happened!?" I shrieked. He flinched. " Well, Jason happened." He answered. I grabbed his hands ever so gently. " How bad does it hurt?" I asked. " Well, it feels a little better now that your holding it." He said. I blushed the deepest ever. He was flirting! he was flirting with me!

I leaned down and kissed his lips, and didn't stop. I licked the bottom of his lip and he granted entrance. Our tongues roamed each others mouth. He had his arms around my waist and I had mine playing with his curls. He moaned as I tugged one. I giggled through the kiss. Since we both were laying down, I got on top of him. Straddling his hips. He moaned as I sat on his thingy. I giggled and said sorry. So did he. " M-Makayla. W-What are y-you doing?" He asked nervously as his arms still were on my waist. I blushed out of embarrassment. " S-sorry." I muttered and got off of him.

Marcel's POV

Oh come on Marcel! Why did you have to ask her that! Now she's getting off. I guess this confidence I had came from actually standing up for myself. I chuckled at myself. Her cheeks were the reddest I've ever seen them. I like this confidence so I decided to say the thing I was thinking. " I didn't say I didn't like it." I said and pulled her on top of me again. I kissed her and she kissed back. Things got extremely heated in a matter of seconds. She was grinding on my you know what. I moaned and she smirked. She leant down to kiss me again, only to be interrupted by my mum. " Marcel!" She called through the door. Makayla's eyes widened and she jumped off of me. My cheeks were redder than red. "  Yes mum?" I called back. She opened the door. " Ermm, I was just wondering if your friend would like to stay for dinner." She asked. I smiled at Makayla. " Thank you Mrs. Styles. I'd be delighted to."  She said shaking my mum's hand. My mum pulled her in for a hug. " Dear you can call me Anne." She said. I smiled at my mum and she winked at me. Obviously thinking Makayla is a good friend.

By the time mum left Makayla and I were in awkward silence. " I-Im sorry, Marcel." She apologized. " What? Its fine. Totally okay with it. I didn't mind." I said. Confidence. Wow. I should've punched Jason back a long time ago. She blushed. " So we should finish our game." She said. I thought she was referring to our make out session so I said, " Same here" and pulled her into me. She giggled. " Not that one silly. 21 questions." She said. I blushed and set her down again. " Okay. Ermm, something I should know about you." I said. " Well, honestly there is a lot. But since we're like best friends, or whatever we are, you should know im EXTREMELY sensitive. And by extremely sensitive, I mean EXTREMELY sensitive. If someone yells at me, i'll break out crying but I cant help it." She said. I nodded.

We finished our game after a while. I got to know a lot. I learned a lot about her. As well her, me. It was almost time for dinner. " Marcel, do you think you're mom will like me?" She asked. I gave her an 'are you serious' look. " Of course. She already does." I said. " But she doesn't even know me." She commented. I held her hand. " Makayla. You are the ONLY person that is nice to me. You are my only friend. And my mum understands how much you mean to me. You are honestly the most caring, nice, beautiful girl I've met. She will love you." I explained. Makayla looked at her hands and blushed. I blushed as well as I realized I just told her all of that. She probably thinks im some creep. "You think im beautiful?" She asked still fiddling with her fingers. I nodded and blushed. " Thank you, Marcel. If you don't mind me asking, but where did this... confident Marcel come from?" She asked.

I looked down and shrugged. " Its hot." She said, before slapping a hand over her mouth. Her eyes were widened and so were mine. " Ugh, thank you. " I blushed and hugged her. She shot out from me and looked as if she was in deep thought. " Okay we should have nicknames for each other. " She suggested. I nodded and smiled. " Okay." I said. " Okay, i'll call you... ermm, Marcy?" She asked. I smiled and nodded. " I love it." I commented. " I'll call you... Kay?" I suggested. " yeah! Because MaKAYla. Right." She asked. " Yuperoo." I said. " Okay, now we have to promise something. We are going to be close, and we will tell each other everything. Okay?" She said. I nodded and we pinky promised.

My eyes flickered from her pretty eyes to her lips. They were so pink and plump. I was slowly leaning in, but my mum called us from downstairs and we ran to go eat.

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