Opposites attract

Makayla: Beautiful. Popular. Every guy's dream girl. The girl all girls envy. But Makayla isn't the typical rude, snobby, fake popular girl, in fact she is the opposite. She is caring, sweet and charming.
Marcel: Nerd. Shy. Keeps to himself. The #1 bully victim, that is until Makayla saved him.
Soon, these two are the best of friends who tell each other everything. Makayla sees Marcel isn't who he claimed he was. Well not completely. She always found him adorable and cute on the inside and out, but suddenly when he makes a change in his appearance everything is just hot. Once these two date and fall in love, things happened that weren't supposed to. One of them ends with a broken heart.


13. Flirting?

Marcel's POV

When I woke up for school, I had a smile as bright as every morning ever since Makayla. I would never smile in the morning, I would be scared and nervous, because of bullying but Makayla has stopped that, mostly.

I got up, taking my gel, and slicking my hair back, like usual. I brushed my teeth, and then went back to my room. I grabbed my cream colored vest and long sleeve undershirt, and put it on. I grabbed my brown slacks. I yawned while stretching with still a smile evident. I sighed happily, excited to see Makayla. Last night I was wondering, how could I be more romantic? I want to ask my mum how to be romantic. Its just that, Makayla has given me so much nice and important advice, she deserves so much more.

" Good morning, sweetie." My mum greeted with a smile. " Good morning, mum." I replied back, taking an apple. " Your pretty smiley this morning." She giggled. " Thanks to Makayla. Mum, she is just so perfect. She really is." I sighed happily. My mum looked me in my eyes. " All you talk about is her and how perfect she is... do you think, maybe, just maybe you might love her?" She asked looking me in the eyes. My smile grew at the realization that... I do love her. I do. She is always on my mind, im smiling in the morning and im actually excited to go to school, she is just so sweet and caring.

" Well I got to go." I said and left her hanging. She laughed. I smiled  and got in the car and drove to school. Im not going to confess my love, im scared she will run away, but I highly doubt it. Im just frightened she will. She still can have any guy in this school and yet, she's with me. I want to meet her friends, so I can be closer to her.

Makayla's POV

I was talking to Caiti, when someone covered my eyes from behind. " Guess who?" The familiar voice that belongs to Marcel called. I giggled and turned around, wrapping my arms around his neck and pulling him into me for a kiss. He chuckled against my lips, as they moved with his in sync. I got the butterflies again. My heart beat quickening, like always. Its amazing, the effect he has on me. " You didn't guess. Tsk, Tsk, Tsk." He said jokingly, playfully shaking his finger at me. I giggled and pecked his nose. " You guys are to cute!" Caiti squealed. he must've not realized she was there, because he looked at her with widened eyes. Acting as if she was some goddess. I was getting a little jealous of her, I mean he was staring at her, like she was glowing!

Caiti looked behind her, to see what he was staring at, and she giggled. " What?" She laughed. "Oh! Im sorry. Im Marcel! Nice to meet you." He greeted with a crooked smile. He shook her hand and never lost eye contact with her. His smile never fading the slightest bit. I rolled my eyes and walked off. I should've been getting to class anyway. Yeah, I know, im jealous, but he was staring agape at her! God, yes Caiti is beautiful, something I was always jealous of.

What if Marcel liked her? Well of course he liked her to be staring at her like that! My mind said. I decided to just ignore him for the day. I slumped into my English seat. I crossed my arms. After a while, people were filling the empty seats. When Marcel passed me, he whispered " Why'd you run off?" I shrugged. " Are you okay?" he asked. " Yeah." I sighed and lied. I knew he didnt beleive it by the facial expression he made. His eyebrows frowning, and his eyes filled with confusion. " Are you sure?" He asked, edging on. " Yeah. Im sure." I said and tried my best to show a smile. His lips made a line. " Alright." He said pecking my cheek and heading to his seat. I rolled my eyes, since that's probably what he wants to be dong with Caiti. Kissing her cheek, kissing her in general, and even hugging her like usual couples. The teacher went up to the board and was writing the agenda of what to do in class. ' Get with project partners and discuss the words in which are familiar to you.' it read. I sighed, grabbing my things to go to sit next to him, but he already took his seat next to me. It was a little awkward for me, not really knowing what to say. He sighed. " I don't think you are alright. Is there something wrong?" He asked.

" No, Marcel. Im fine." I sighed and slumped in my seat, grabbing my pencil and writing my name on the paper. He sighed. Just as I was about to get started, Caiti turned around in her seat and waved to Marcel, and she even did that girly giggle. He waved back smiling at her. I rolled my eyes again. I was working on it alone, since he was to busy flirting with Caiti. I did it myself. Every once in a while, id feel him glance at me. Why do I have to be so jealous?


Soooo what do u think???? Hrmmmm? I hope u guys like it!!!

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