Of a Different Kind

I don't know what I am. But I know it's causing a lot of trouble for him.


2. Chapter 2

He watched as her breath seemed to even out. He walked up to his house and put her into his bed. He drew his covers over her small figure.

"what are we going to do with her?" Perrie one of the girls asked as she entered the room.

"I don't know but she is different, she looks like them but can communicate with us." Zayn let out a frustrated sigh. They had walked down stairs to the rest of the group. The chatted for about and hour when Zayn felt someones eyes on him. He turned around to see the girl standing there in one of his t shirts. 

"Zayn." She whimpered. He stood up and walked over to her. He brought the girl into a hug. She clutched onto his shirts and he soon felt the dampness cause by her tears. "Shhh." He cooed. "What's your name love?" He asked her softly. 

"Aribella, call me Aria." She whispered. He smiled softly a beautiful name for a beautiful girl.

"Well Aria, that's Niall, Liam, Harry, and Louis. They live here. And thats Perrie, Danielle Eleanor, and Febe, they are just visiting." He told her while pointing to each person. She was really timid and shy, so she hid behind him. She was tiny compared to him. He was about 5'11" and she was only 5'7". Perrie let out a soft chuckle. "Everyone this is Aria." He said introducing her to everyone. 

"Love we won't bite." Perrie chuckle. 

"Oi speak for yourself, I might." Harry laughed. Suddenly tension grew think in the air. She felt Zayn grow stiff at the comment. 

"She's mine." He hissed at the curly haired boy. Harry stood up. His brow furrowed. Louis pulled him down. "Haz don't challenge me again. That's a warning you know what I would have to do." Zayn sighed, his eyes seemed to glaze over. Harry let out a sigh. 

"I know, I'm sorry man." Harry said. Aria grew frustrated with what was happening. She remembered how Zayn talked to her through her mind, maybe she could talk back. He sat down and pulled her onto his lap. She buried her head into his chest and concentrated. 


She managed. She felt his chest vibrate.


What would you have to do?

Kill him.

"WHAT?!" She screamed pushing herself away from him. He took in a deep breath. Everyone was shocked. She ran out of the sliding glass doors. 

"Aria! Wait!" She heard him call after her. She ignored him and ran. She ran towards a clearing. She stopped in the middle of it suddenly getting disoriented with her surroundings. She sunk to the ground and hugged her knees. Her heavy breathing soon broke into sobs. 

Aria please, let me explain.

He begged for her forgiveness as he raced through the woods searching for her. 


She exclaimed in a frustrated, hurt, sad tone. 

Please, trust me, it will all make sense just let me explain.

She thought about it, but without further hesitation she replied.


Ok now turn around Aria.

She turned her head around to see...



hey! sorry for the cliffhanger. Anyways just wanted to get this story out and I hope you all like it. Comment your opinions :) I appreciated constructive criticism but no hate plz :)

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