Of a Different Kind

I don't know what I am. But I know it's causing a lot of trouble for him.


1. Chapter 1

She ran, her eyes quickly blinking away the tears that were clouding her vision. She never had felt a fear like this before. A fear for her life. She turned a corner and ended up in the woods. Oddly enough her adrenaline allowed her to maneuver over the uneven surface. Her heart thudded strongly in her chest. She looked back causing her to trip and fall in the middle of a clearing. She looked in the direction she was going to see a man. He had pale white skin, eyes as black as night. A lump rose in her throat stopping her from crying for help. She heard a chuckle from behind her, looking in that direction she saw another person. Soon she was surrounded. 

"Little girl, where is your master?" The one man said. She stayed silent. "Where is he?" The man asked bending down to closely examine her. A low growl grabbed the groups attention as they all turned to the forest. A boy stepped out. He had on a loose pair of sweatpants on. He was dirty and barefoot. He had hair black as night. His body was well built and muscular. His gaze rested on the girl. She whimpered under his stare. 

"Help me please." She cried. A grin was etched on his fine features. This made her uncomfortable, hope that someone would come and save her was quickly diminishing. The boy stepped farther into the clearing. 

Are you scared?

The sudden intrusion of another voice in her mind terrified her. 

Breathe. I am the boy in front of you. Do not touch your head at all.

An odd feeling of relaxation and comfort was brought along with the knowledge of it being the boy in front of her.

"Is this your master?" The man asked. 


She nodded. "What is his name?"


"Zayn..." She replied in barely a whisper. She saw Zayn crouch down. A harsh force at her back sent her flying forward. She blocked her face from hitting the ground with her hands. 

"Then go to him." The man laughed. She quickly crawled towards Zayn. He gently cupped her face in his large hands and started to examine her in detail. He snaked his arms around her waist and she put her arms around his neck as he lifted her up to her feet. "Now Zayn you should warn your pets not to come into our territory ever again." The man spat. 

"Well I saw you chase her out of my territory into yours. That means you were in mine first. So beat it." Zayn spat. She watched as 4 more shirtless boys stepped into the clearing followed by 4 girls. The girls had sweats and sports bra's on. The group of the white skinned people had fear written across their faces. They slowly backed away before running. Relief flooded her body as she sunk into Zayn's embrace. 

"Are you alright?" Zayn asked her.

"Thank you." She breathed before passing out in his arms. He watched as she body went limp in his arms. He moved one arm under her legs lifting her up. He carried her to his home with the 8 people following them.





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