If You Really Cared

Carter is a 17 yr. old girl. She has been bullied by 5 boys for years. She has no idea why... Her abusive dad and best friend/little sister have just died. Her mom kills herself over it. All in one day, Carters life is changed forever...

***(the boys are NOT famous in this story... their each around he ages of 16-18...)***


12. Chapter 9

Carters POV

"Morning!" I woke up to Kyle opening my blinds. "Hey!" I smiled at him. "hey." he replied but never looked up from the ground. 'What's wrong?" I asked. I patted the spot beside me. He sat on my bed and stared at the ground.

"I-i just.. I just don't want you to get hurt. Micheal and James can hurt people, I've seen it. They will kill. Once it starts, it never stops. They do what they want, when they want! It will get worse... It will only get worse!" he paused. "They'll rape you and beat you, Once they got something they wont let it go... Like you. I just don know what... I've narrowed it down to three. Sex, sex, and sex." he laughed and hugged me. "I just don't want you to get hurt."

"I know... another chapter in our fairytale" I sighed and hugged him back. I felt his lips on my cheek and I smiled. "I love you." I stated. "I love you too.." he replied and released me from the hug. "Now get ready!!!" he smiled and jumped up.

I slowly made my way to my bathroom. I looked down at my arm but decided to forget about it. I washed my face, applied my everyday makeup, and plugged in my curler. I limped across my room to my closet and pulled out my red flowy sundress. It was bright red and it cinched at my waist then flowed out. I slid it on and grabbed out my moms black leather jacket. I sighed thinking about my mom. I shook the thought from my head and slid it over my arms. I limped back to the bathroom and began to curl my hair. I finished my hair and put on my black hightop sneakers... I had to dress it down somehow... After I finished I looked in the full length mirror. My bandage was showing at the bottom of the dress, I sighed and got shivers down my back when I thought about it.

Louis's POV

Me and Niall were walking to school together when we began to pass Carters house. 

"Should we?" Niall asked. "Sure." I answered and we walked up to her front door. I knocked and Aaron answered. 

"Hey guys!" he smiled at us as we walked in. "Hey..." we both replied. "NO JACOB! NO!!" Micheal came into our view and he was shouting at the other guy. "SHUT THE HELL UP!!" Jacob screamed back at him. "BITCH GET YOUR ASS DOWN HERE!" Jacob hollered up the stairs. A few seconds passed and I heard footsteps on the stairs. I looked up and Carter was struggling down the stairs. Niall and I quickly went to her and helped her to the kitchen. She was smiling until she looked over at Jacob and Micheal. They both smirked at her then turned and went out the back door. 

"Morning beautiful!" Aaron smiled at Carter from behind the stove. 

"Woah Carter, You look... Woah!" I laughed and hugged her. 

"Beautiful..." Niall smiled an hugged her too. "Thanks Guys!" she laughed. 

She really did look beautiful! I had never seen her like this, her smile, her confidence... She was lovely! 

"Here... This is yours." I handed her the phone.

"Thanks..." she smiled at her phone.

"Breakfast?" Aaron asked. "Im not that hungry..." she answered. "C'mon Carter, you havn't ate since yesterday morning..." Aaron sighed and held the plate of food in front of her. "Im really no hungry!" she said looking down. "You'll ready?" she looked at me and Niall. "When you eat." Niall answered her.

"Eat something Carter!" Kyle stood behind her. "No!" she stared at him. "Carter your going to eat!" he grabbed her wrist before he could run but he grabbed the wrong wrist. "Ahhh!" she faintly screamed. "KYLE LET GO!" she hollered. He released her wrist and she held it close to her chest. 

"Sorry, but you'll have to get used to the consequences of being a cutter!" he said blankly at her. "Wait! Cutter?!" Aaron spoke up. Everyone ignored him. 

"CONSEQUENCES?!" she started hollering. "SERIOUSLY?! YOU DONT KNOW WHAT I WENT THROUGH!" she looked to me and Niall. "NO ONE DOES... EXCEPT THEM!" she pointed to us and I looked down. "Carter..." he tried. "NO!" she hollered in his face, she turned and ran out the front door. 

"What do you know?" Kyle looked to us. "Uhhh, Cant be late!" I said and started moving towards the door. "Yea, better go cheer up Carter!" Niall said and we ran out of the house after Carter. 

Carters POV

I kept running, I didn't stop until I got to the bench that the boys sat at everyday. I grabbed my thigh... "Gahhhh!" I hollered in frustration and pain. 

"Does it hurt baby?" I heard Zayn's voice. 
"Uhhh... yea kinda," I answered, fear was boiling inside me. "Ahhh, Im sorry" Harry stepped into my view. I backed up, into someone. 

"Oh im sorry..." I said turning around, then noticed I bumped into Zayn. "No im sorry you chose the wrong day to dress up..." he smirked. My phone rang right on time. I quickly pulled it out.

"Hello?" I asked confused. "Hey sexy... Be home early today!" I heard Jacob voice on the other end. Harry and Zayn were staring at me. 

"Why? I have school!" I said. "LISTEN BITCH! YOU BETTER GET HOME AT TWO! I'LL KILL KYLE IF YOU DONT! YOU BETTER GET HERE... WE GOT SOMETHIN PLANNED! IF YOUR EVEN ONE MINUTE LATE, ILL BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF YOU!" he screamed into my ear. I forgot about Harry and Zayn and let a tear fall down my cheek. 

"ok...' I answered. "HEY GIRL!" Micheal's voice came on. "Hey...' I looked down. "GET HERE BITCH! TWO O'CLOCK! BE HERE! ILL BEAT THE HELL OUT OF YOU AND YOUR BROTHER CAN WATCH... BEFORE WE KILL HIM TOO! WE'LL HAVE HIM READY TO DIE... AT TWO-O-ONE IF YOUR NOT HERE I WILL SHOOT HIM AND AARON!" I felt more tears. "K?!" he screamed. "k..." The line wen dead and I hung up. I looked up at Harry and Zayn, they were staring at me. I wiped my tears. 

"Nice speakers..." Zayn said. I looked at my phone and saw it was on speaker. 

"shit!" I cursed under my breath. They didnt do anything... they just turned and walked away. 

"Carter!" I turned to see Niall an Louis running towards me. "Are you alright?" Louis asked and wiped the tears from my eyes with his thumb. "Yea.." I answered and we walked to the school.

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