If You Really Cared

Carter is a 17 yr. old girl. She has been bullied by 5 boys for years. She has no idea why... Her abusive dad and best friend/little sister have just died. Her mom kills herself over it. All in one day, Carters life is changed forever...

***(the boys are NOT famous in this story... their each around he ages of 16-18...)***


8. Chapter 6

Carters POV

I slid my feet across the sidewalk, it was really hard to walk with my thigh. People noticed. But they're mean, I was limping the whole way, occasionally I would wince at the pain that would randomly shoot through my leg. I was almost halfway there... I sighed and pushed myself foward.

Nialls POV

We all were sat on the table and bench that was sat about halfway from Louis's house and the school. We still had over an hour till school even started.

"Guys..." Liam got our attention then pulled out Carter's phone. "She should keep a password on this thing!" he laughed and then looked back down. He unlocked it an tapped on the notes app.

"Just choose a random one..." Zayn said watching Liam scroll through them. He tapped on one.

"September 11, 2012. My dad... No! My horrible step/dad. Joseph beat me this morning. He said I burnt his eggs. What?! Kyle told me to get to school before he decided I shouldn't go. I quickly ran from living hell to... living hell. Why is life so complicated???..."

He stopped reading. Louis took the phone from him and chose a new one.

"September 14, 2012. My mom just got the phone call yesterday... Joseph and Lizzy both died in a car accident... I'm still crying, I can only imagine the pain Lizzy went through. She's only 5. I loved that little know-it-all, bundle of joy. I woke up crying again last night. My mom came in, she thought it was because of Lizzy... haha  (well kinda) but she doesn't live in hell or go to hell everyday for so called school... I cant remember the last time I wasn't late for class... thx to Harry and Liam. There in all my periods and they make sure i'm late."


I grabbed the phone from him, I looked through them, and then chose one from yesterday.

"November 28, 2012. My name is Carter Anne James. Im fat. Im ugly. Im a bitch. Im worthless. Im unloved. Im unwanted. Im alone. Im beaten. Im dead inside. Im in a dark hole. Im a cutter. Im anorexic. Im suicidal.

I stopped. "Thats exactly what it says.." I stated staring at the phone. Then Harry grabbed it.

"October 30, 2012. Today was horrible. Zayn broke my wrist this morning. It hurt. Bad. I didnt know it was broken until Kyle made me go to the hospital. After he beat me up, I made the same mistake I make everyday. I attempted to go to class. I came in front of my locker, Liam grabbed me and beat me against the lockers. I now have a scar on m back from where my back hit the latch on one of the lockers. Is there no escape?!"

He stopped. "Here..." he handed it to Zayn. "K..." Zayn stated and took the phone.

"September 3, 2011. Today was the worst day of my life. My step/dad Joseph destroyed my laptop, because I refused to have sex with him. He beat me and cut my shoulder with a kitchen knife. I have such a fear of knives now... I remember my mom screaming. He beat me and raped me. I always thought Id lose my virginity to someone I truly love... I HATE HIM! I hate everyone... Kyle and my mom never stand up for me. Joseph rapes me and beats me. Harry and Liam beat me and convince I have nothing to live for. Louis, Niall, and Zayn beat me... but not that bad. They all tell me Im worthless. I believe it... I truly hate life. Its been a week since I ate a bite of anything... Thats their fault! My crying, my pain, my suffering, my hurt, my heart aches, my cutting, my suicidal thoughts, my anorexia, the hell I live in IS THERE FAULT!

He finished. "Ummm..." Liam stated. I felt like crying, I never stopped to think about what she might be feeling. I never how much pain could be caused by what we do to her.

Louis's POV

Is it alright to feel like crying, and hug her, and protect her? I asked myself. I thought about what I had just heard. It was my fault someone felt like dying, it was my fault someone harmed themselves and didn't eat.

Zayns POV

I tried so hard to stay strong while reading... but wow! I never realized how bad she felt. I didn't know how to feel. I knew I had plenty of information to start plenty of rumors. But I also had enough to understand that I could help alot in making her life a little less of hell.

"What the hell?!" Harry asked the air. No one said anything, no one made much of any sound. We sat there.

"Guys..." Niall stated and pointed down the sidewalk to Carter suffering to walk. I looked at Harry, we all knew why she was suffering so much, her thigh probably feels like its on fire. He stared at the ground.

"Watch where your going! Bitch!" a random boy shouted at her. I quess they bumped into each other. He walked across the street. She had fallen, she was now sitting on the sidewalk, holding tight to her thigh, her head was laid in her lap. She struggled to stand up, I noticed she actually had a short sleeve on, a shear tank top type thing. She stood up, holding her thigh she slowly started moving toward us.

Louis's POV

I hated seeing her suffer so much. I watched her as she held her thigh and cried. She forced herself up and starting moving slowly toward us. I sighed. She was about nine or ten feet away and she noticed us. She wiped her eyes, and stood up more. She took her hand off of her leg, and started moving faster. She looked at the ground the whole time. Zayn stood up. He stepped in front of her, she stopped. Liam stood up and stepped beside her, he faced her, and she looked at the ground.

"Ummm," she finally spoke up but not loud and it was more of a mutter. She looked to me, Niall, and Harry sitting at the table.

Liam laid his hand over her cut, which was kinda weird cous it was right below her shorts. She winced in pain. He squeezed tighter. I saw a tear drip from her eye and she looked up.

"Please?..." she looked at Liam as another tear fell. He quit, "Does it hurt?" he asked. She nodded. He still had his hand laid over her thigh. She looked down and closed her eyes. I looked at Liam and nodded.

"Whats the matter?" Zayn asked.

"Ummm..." she looked around. "I just... I dont, uhhh, I have to go..." she said. She tried to turn around but Liam accidentally grabbed the wrong arm. She quickly turned her head.She looked back a few tears had gathered in her eyes. She squeezed her eyes shut. Tight. He let go and took her hand. She looked at him. He nodded at Harry. I guess she noticed because she put her other arm in front of her face. A few seconds passed, she looked at us, we were all staring at her.

"C'mon..." Liam stated and we led her to the same place we beat her up every morning. There was still some blood stains on the ground. I looked back at her, I could tell she was trying so hard no to cry.

She looked at the blood on the ground, the tears came, and they streamed down her face. She looked away and toward the school. She looked back and but her lip. I dont know what happened, Harry punched her on the side of her face. She threw her hands up to hold it, an she let more tears out...

"Please..." she whipsered. He kicked her leg.

"Ahhhhh!!!" her scream was loud. Niall covered her mouth. She shut her eyes, and screamed her hands covered her bandages. She looked at me and looked away quickly. I couldn't take it.

"HARRY!!" I screamed without thinking, "STOP!" I hollered.

"C'mon, Isnt she in enough pain?" Liam agreed looking at her screamng, tears flowing from her eyes and off her cheeks, Niall just looked away.

"Fine!" he kicked it, hard, once more. "Ahhhh-ahhh-h!" she studdered through crying. Niall hands still covered her mouth. Harry looked at her, he quickly looked away, he sighed and walked away. Zayn followed him...

"Uhhh," I heard Liam mutter under his breath.

"Im sorry Carter..." he looked at the ground and walked away. Niall removed his has from her mouth.

"You not goin?" I asked. He shook his head and looked down at her. "I wont leave you..." he smiled at her. He helped her sit up and lean against him. "mmm..." she winced in pain at me feeling her thigh.

"Its swollen..." I said. "Yea..." she looked down. I laughed after I realized she probably already knew that.

"Im sorry.." I said and hugged her. She slowly hugged back I could tell she was kinda uncomfortable. "Me too," Niall said hugging her from behind.

"I promise Im not leaving again..." I smiled at her and rubbed her unhurt leg. "thanks...' she looked down.

"I-i know we have schoo-l but c-can i go h-home?" she asked her tears had slowed.

"Sure... we'll walk with you.." Niall said.

"N-no I can m-manage..." she looked up at him. "No you cant not with that leg..." I said motioning to her thigh. Niall helped her stand up. She laid her arm across his shoulder.

"If it hurts to much I'll carry you.." I offered. 


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