If You Really Cared

Carter is a 17 yr. old girl. She has been bullied by 5 boys for years. She has no idea why... Her abusive dad and best friend/little sister have just died. Her mom kills herself over it. All in one day, Carters life is changed forever...

***(the boys are NOT famous in this story... their each around he ages of 16-18...)***


65. Chapter 56

Carter's POV

"Ugh." I cried out. I had fallen and scraped up my right knee badly. I slowed to a walk and continued down the dark alley. I had never liked this place but it seemed the quickest way to get away from the boys. I could still faintly hear their cries but knew they thought I would never come down here.

"What have we here?!" I turned to see the shadows of three figures moving towards me quickly. I tried to speed my pace but it soon became a failed attempt. I felt warm hands grasp my freezing skin and I turn to see the face of a male. Around the age of nineteen through twenty. Two more figures moved in and one looked about the same age as the first. The last one that approached us looked about sixteen or seventeen... my age. The one that had grasped me pushed me hard against the wall.

"What's your name babe?!" the second asked. "C-Carter," I muttered and they laughed. "I'm Jason, that's Will..." Jason smirked. He was the one who had asked so that meant the one who grabbed me was Will.

Will pulled away my top leaving on only my bra but they changed that quickly. I sat there, I was convinced I would freeze to death. I was naked, cold, afraid, and still couldn't make my mind think straight.

"Get me some!" Will commanded at the third boy, I didn't know his name, pulled the tobacco from his pocket. He handed the small circular form to Will and he grabbed some out and plopped it in his mouth. He threw the chewing tobacco back at the younger one and turned back to me.

"Take some!" he laughs but doesn't turn to see him. With Will and Jason focusing on me the young one takes out some black licorice and puts it in his lip. I laugh at how he fools them, he notices and looks away.

"Damn't!" I squeal as Will enters. Jason begins to make out with me and the taste of drugs and alcohol fills my mouth. I had promised myself never to do drugs, but its like I'm doing them now. I try to push him away but with Will holding tight to my waist and since he's in me its impossible. I look at the other boy, just sitting there.


"Leave her!" Jason stands up after he had a go against my will. "Fine," Will agrees and just like that they walk off. The third one picks up my clothes and hand them to me.

"Hi, I'm Logan!" he smiles. "I'm sorry about that, I was told by my mom to keep them, Out, of trouble." he exaggerates the 'out' part.

"Ive had worse..." I reply honestly. "Woah really?" ha asks. "I might tell you one day..." I say and I don't know if I will or not. "So there your brothers?" I ask. "Yea.." he answers. "Im nothing like them," he adds quickly making me laugh.

"K... Cmon lets get you dressed and if you want you can come home with me..." he offers. I think back to Louis and the others. I actually have no where to go.

"I really don't want to be a bother..." I shake my head but in a weird way I wouldn't mind him picking me up and carrying me to his house.

"Ahh, c'mon!" he laughs and I began to put on my clothes. "Thanks..." I say. "Anytime!" he laughs and the way he says this reminds me of Niall.

I feel tears forming at the thought but push it away. NO! Niall hates me. For five years he has lied. And now? I cant forgive him.

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