If You Really Cared

Carter is a 17 yr. old girl. She has been bullied by 5 boys for years. She has no idea why... Her abusive dad and best friend/little sister have just died. Her mom kills herself over it. All in one day, Carters life is changed forever...

***(the boys are NOT famous in this story... their each around he ages of 16-18...)***


58. Chapter 50

Louis's POV

"Carter!" Liam shrieks and I push passed a shocked Charlotte to see her. Carter. Bloody. Beaten. Bruised worse than before.

"What the hell?!" Harry screamed after he glanced at the scene before us. I bent down beside the now broken Carter. Blood matted in her hair, her chest was covered in the stuff and her stomach and was black, blue, and red. Only these three colors. Her right hand lay helplessly on the ground, also covered in red it shakes as she attempts to grasp hold of me.

Her eyes are filled with tears but none fall. Her jeans and boots are still on but I can recognize a red spot beginning to from on her upper left thigh. I lean down and lift up her fragile body bridal style. It's all she can do to let out a whimper of pain. Her eyes close and she rests against me.

"Mmph!" I turn to see the bitch Charlotte holding her stomach. "Bitch! Its what you get!" Zayn shouted and was about to go back for more but Liam and Harry grabbed him.

"What will it fix?!" Harry shouted to him and he calmed. "YOU COULD HAVE KILLED THE GIRL!" Zayn shouted at all the gob smacked now staring at us. Liam steps up to Avalon.

"Don't touch my sister!" he says calmly and slaps her. It's heard from my side of the room and she stands there. No tears. Nothing. Her cheek brightens to a fire red and she calmly walks away. "Sister?!" Charlotte retorts.

"Like brother..." Liam leans and kisses Carters forehead making her eyes flicker open. "Like sister..." he smiles and motions for Zayn.

"Let's get Niall," he says and they both leave.

"Bitches," I say under my breath but loud enough for the three girls still standing there to hear. I carry Carter's body out with Harry following close behind.

"What was that?" Harry whispers to me. I just shake my head and hold Carter close.

"Im so sorry," she manages through sudden shots of pain. "For what love? I asked and use my hand under her back to slightly rub it. She hesitates in pain and I stop.

"We have to l-leave early,' she said and the tears still sat in her eyes but none fell.

"I was ready anyways..." Harry responds with a laugh. A slight smile comes across her lips but dry blood covers them and I can tell it hurts her jaw to even talk.

"We'll be home in just a few minutes Carter," Harry says when we get in the car. I sit in the back with Carter in my lap and Harry in the passenger as we wait for Liam, Niall, and Zayn.

She begins to cough and blood comes up.

"Harry, some napkins?" he hands them quickly back to me. I hold them under her mouth and lean her up. She winces in pain but still forces herself up. She coughs a few more times and a little blood comes out. She leans back down, indicating that she's done and I wrap up the napkins. I use the folded part to wipe away any blood stains left on her lips and pull her close. Harry takes the napkins and throws them in Avalon's yard. "bitch," he mutters under his breath.

She winces in pain again and grabs at her stomach. Her fingers claw at it and her eyes shut tight. I slowly lift the shirt up to reveal bruises, brown, purple, red, and black. The blood trickles down and gathers at the hem of her jeans. I left the shirt up more to show the blood dripping freely from her chest. I very gently take the shirt in my hands and began to slide it over her head and arms. She notices and lift her arms as high as possible, which is isn't high for what a normal person could do. I can tell it must be very painful because she winces every time I speed up or bump her arms.

Finally the shirt comes off and the black bruise with blood oozing from it is revealed. The blood trickles down over her bra and down her bruised stomach. The right side of her chest is covered and on the left you can just barely make out the pale skin in some areas. Her jaw as one giant mound on the left side and it drips blood. The red stains her neck and adds to the blood already covering her chest. Her arms are bruised and bloody and her right hand as I slowly lift it up drips red too. The blood sinks into the creases in between her fingers and stains her palm.

"What happened?!" I hadn't noticed the door open but when I look over Niall is standing there staring at her broken body.

"Charlotte." Zayn states and climbs in beside me. "Damn..." Niall hisses and gets in. "Cant do anything but get Carter back," Liam becomes optimistic and starts the car. Zayn slams the door and we began driving home. I hold Carter close but not enough to hurt her. Her blood stains my shirt but I really don't mind. I cant tell if she's sleeping but tears are dripping slowly and she breathes hard. I want to wipe the tears away but I afraid I'll hurt the bloody bruises that cover her cheeks.


"Carter... We're home," I whisper in her ear. Her eyes open instantly but moan of pain comes out the second after. I hold her body close and lift her up and out of the car. I carry her fragile body inside the house and Liam guides me up the stairs. He holds the bathroom door open for me and I sit Carter on the counter. Harry comes and hands me her shirt but I throw it away, the blood stains are never coming out of that.

Liam unhooks the bra and I slide it gently down her cold, stone arms. She doesn't resist but does wince a bit. Liam helps as we untie and slide off her boots. The socks come of easily and it the pants we're trying to figure out. I unzip them and hold her up carefully while Liam slides them off. We have a bit of trouble but eventually they slide past her ankles along with her underwear. The bath has been running this whole time and Liam helps set her as gently as possible in the warm water.

She hesitates but them soaks in the warmth and relaxes a bit. I use a cup to wash away the dried blood from her chest and stomach and use my thumb to gently rub away the blood from her forehead an cheeks. Liam rinses off her legs and I take the hair. I began to use my fingers and run through the strands of now bloody red hair. The blood came out and I rinsed the hair in shampoo. I gently scooped some conditioner and slid it across her hair.



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