If You Really Cared

Carter is a 17 yr. old girl. She has been bullied by 5 boys for years. She has no idea why... Her abusive dad and best friend/little sister have just died. Her mom kills herself over it. All in one day, Carters life is changed forever...

***(the boys are NOT famous in this story... their each around he ages of 16-18...)***


7. Chapter 5

Carters POV

"School!" I woke up to someone hollering in my room. I rubbed my eyes so I could see clearly. Aaron was standing in the doorway. "C'mon! Get Up!" he laughed and moved closer to my bed. "You can get away from Jacob and Micheal!" he laughed again and motioned for me to get up.

"K! Im up!" I laughed. He did too then he turned and went back downstairs. I stopped in front of the mirror and slowly lifted up my pink oversized shirt to reveal my underwear and stomach. I stared in the mirror, I was thinner than normal, but I quickly dropped my shirt and forgot about it. I washed my face and put on my everyday makeup foundation, concealer, natural eyeshadow, mascara, and some lipgloss. Then I brushed my hair and teeth. I decided to leave my hair down, it was like a golden brown, and reached almost to my waist. I took a front strand from each side and pulled them back then pinned them with bobbypins. I pinned in a blue bow in the back to cover the bobbypins. 

I slowly moved towards my closet. My thigh made it hard to get anywhere. I finally got there, I chose some different denim jean short-shorts, and a flowy dark blue shear top. I had on a white tanktop underneath. I have really no idea why but I felt like dressing up so bad today. I then sat on the bed and slid on my favorite pair of gray toms, I wore them alot. I stood up and remembered to grab a sweatshirt... cuts, if anyone notices. I slowly made my way downstairs.

I probably look pretty weird, I have this outfit on with wraps on my left arm and my thigh. I finally got downstairs to see Micheal at the bar eating, Kyle talking to Jacob in a corner, they were whispering, and Aaron cooking something in a pan on the oven. 

"Carter, I made you some breakfast!" Aaron hollered after seeing me. I laughed.

"Not hungry!" I replied... I was starving. He looked upset.

"Please?! For me??" he begged and lifted up the pan. 

"C'mon you have to eat something!" Kyle jumped into our conversation. I glared at him, Aaron had apologized and was making a effort to help me. Kyle was just there... He watched them hurt me and did nothing. It would be a while before I forgived him. He looked into my eyes then back to the ground. 

"Yea... I'll eat a little..." I looked at Kyle. "For Aaron!" I added quickly not changing my glare on Kyle. I sat a seat down from Micheal and Aaron sat a plate of two pancakes and an egg. He laid a fork beside the plate, and gave me some orange juice. I smiled at him and he smiled back. I stared at the food and thought about if I should eat it or not. 

I found myself picking up the fork and getting a piece of the egg. I stared at the fork like I was examining for poison. Micheal looked at me... he was smirking. I didn't think, I closed my eyes and stuck the fork into my mouth. It had been five days since Id ate anything. I slowly chewed the egg and loved it. Food had literally never tasted so good!! 

"Good?" Aaron asked after I had opened my eyes. "Yea! Its great!" I smiled. 

"You should eat some more." Kyle came and stood beside me. "Uhhh. You know what, Im really not that hungry... Dont want to be late! Thanks Aaron!" I hugged him and picked up my backpack. Before anyone had the chance to say anything I pulled the door shut behind me. 

Kyles POV

Carter was mad... I could tell. I understand that she is upset about last night but cant she try to understand that they had guns, they were drunk, and its not like I can just say 'don't do that' and they'll quit. I wanted her to eat so bad, I know it had been days since she had. Aaron got her to eat, I told her she should eat some more and she left. She she wasn't hungry, I knew she was, the way she ate that egg kinda gave it away. I looked to Aaron and he just shrugged. I went to look at the clock. It was 6:59 am. She had an hour till school started, she had never left this early. I sighed. 

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