If You Really Cared

Carter is a 17 yr. old girl. She has been bullied by 5 boys for years. She has no idea why... Her abusive dad and best friend/little sister have just died. Her mom kills herself over it. All in one day, Carters life is changed forever...

***(the boys are NOT famous in this story... their each around he ages of 16-18...)***


57. Chapter 49

Carter's POV

"C'mon! Don't be scared!" Charlotte laughed as she led me through the crowds of people.

"Uh, where are we going?" I asked as I followed quickly behind her.

"Just somewhere we can catch up!" she turned to me and laughed. I smiled fakely and nervously looked to the ground after she had turned back around.

"Hi guys!" Avalon greeted us. "Where are the others?" Charlotte asked. "I want Carter to meet them," she smiled at her and Avalon looked around her at me. "Oh hey Carter!" she smiled and I just waved.

"Oh yea in here!" she laughed and led me and Charlotte to another room. It was dark blue color. I think it was going to be a bedroom, because there was a bunk bed at the far end of the room that hadn't been put together yet. Other than the bed it was completely deserted. It had wooden floors and the navy walls made me think it was planned to be a boys room.

"Hey guys! This is Carter!" Charlotte guided me through the door and finally released my wrist. I didn't have a moment to run because I was crowded with hugs the second after. Maybe they did want to be friends... I shrugged and decided I shouldn't be as precautious as I was before.

"I'm Darcy!" a girl about the age of eighteen smiled directly in my face. "Hi," I replied nervously. I don't do good when strangers, or anyone really, just decides to get all in my face.

"Everyone leave unless... well you know who you are!" Charlotte directed and a lot of people left. Some eyed her weirdly but they left anyways leaving Charlotte, Avalon, Darcy, and one other.

"So as you know this is Carter!" Avalon smiled. "Hi I'm," the other girl began and she punched me hard in the stomach. "Karen!" she finished and pulled her fist away. I grabbed at my stomach and fell to the ground in complete pain.

"Bitch!" Charlotte laughed and kicked my gut. Again, I winced in pain and held tightly to my abdomen.

"C'mon guys!" she laughed and they all started directing kicks at my stomach and jaws. I coughed and a lot of red stuff fell from my mouth. Blood. I had never spit up blood before, when Joseph or the boys beat me it didn't happen. Not even when Jacob took it out on me, I was scared. I looked at the glob of red liquid now on the wooden floor.

"Eww!!" Charlotte shrieked and kicked me again making even more come up. Darcy lifted my shirt to reveal bruises, blood, and deep cuts. Charlotte ripped off my shirt and I sat there in a black bra. "Slut!" Charlotte laughed. "Prostitute!" Avalon added.

"Yea... How much do you pay Louis and them?! Huh?!" Charlotte's words slurred and I became sick to my stomach.

"Excuse me, can I?" an innocent girl opened the door and peeped in. I turned to see her and her eyes widened.

"Bitch! Get out!" Charlotte shouted and she imediantly slammed the door. Again a heavy boot of some sort collided into my gut and I was assured some breakage in my ribs. I held at them tight but the same boot hit again with such impact my right hand burst into blood.

I saw blood dripping in front of my eyes and I was ready to black out but it never happened. Will I die? People have died before from bullying. At our school too. Twice. Will I be the third?

Again something hit me and the sulfur taste of blood filled my mouth. I felt the liquid running freely over my tongue and I tried to swallow. Charlotte grabbed my neck and I gasped for air. Her grip tightened. Again something hit my gut, then higher, then higher, it hit my chest and I began to suffocate.

Were they trying to kill me? I really believe they were... I tried so hard, so many times to black out and leave behind all the pain and suffering but it never happened.

Liam's POV

"Mate, you want something?!" a boys voice echoed over the music from behind me and he tapped on my shoulder from behind.

"Nah," I shrugged and turned back around. "Where is Carter and Niall?" Harry asked. "Niall is with Abby and Carter is making some friends with Charlotte..." Louis answered him and took a drink of pepsi.

"Ah and we're supposed to trust Charlotte?" I asked. "I guess so..." Louis shrugged.

"Louis... Your always one to have fun at these things, what happened to your beer?" a boy named Finn from our school walked up.

"Trying to stay sober for Carter," he laughed and took another drink. "Hey guys..." a faint voice spoke but I could hardly hear over the music.

"Guys!" the girls voice now echoed from in front of us. "Yea?" Zayn asked and relief washed over her but still the strained worried face stayd.

"Are you'll the ones who came with that Carter girl?" she asked loudly and I knew she was shouting.

"Why what happened?!" Louis asked worriedly. "Charlotte and the others..." she hesitated.

"Are what?!" Harry shouted louder than needed. "Killing her." she had just gotten the words out and pepsi splattered up my jeans. Louis had dropped it and he was already racing up the steps to where he last saw her.

"Killing?" Finn asked. "That's quite dramatic," he laughed and elbowed me but I knew she wasn't lying.

"Yea," she panted. "She's coughing up blood and you could say her whole body is covered in the stuff!" she finishes. "C'mon!" Zayn shrieked and we ran up the stairs after Louis.

"Charlotte!" I heard Louis's cry. Charlotte stepped out of a room.

"Hi Louis!" she smiled her fake, slutty smile and acted innocent. "What's up?!" she asked after about two seconds of silence.

"Where is Carter!" Zayn demanded. "Don't know," Charlotte flipped her dress up and pushed it back down again.

"Charlotte." Harry eyed her. "I don't know," she turned to go back in the room. "Mmm, NOO!" we gasped at the sudden cry of pain that came from the room behind her.

"Charlotte. Where is Carter?!" Harry asked again and she shrugged. "I said I don't know," she cracked the door enough for her to go in but it was enough for me.

Without thinking I push past her and gasp at what I see...

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