If You Really Cared

Carter is a 17 yr. old girl. She has been bullied by 5 boys for years. She has no idea why... Her abusive dad and best friend/little sister have just died. Her mom kills herself over it. All in one day, Carters life is changed forever...

***(the boys are NOT famous in this story... their each around he ages of 16-18...)***


6. Chapter 4

Carters POV

"Carter?! C'mere!" Micheal's voice slurred. I forced myself to stand up, the stinging pain in my leg held me down but I forced myself. I slowly slid me feet across the wood floor of my house. I thought seriously about running away... until the boys left but where would I go?! I could go to Louis's, I don't know why that even entered my mind but it was too late. I slid my foot into the den and all four of them looked up at me.

"C'mon?!" Micheal motioned. I began moving towards him, my leg burnt like hell, my arm was stinging with pain, and my jaw could feel alot better. I looked to Kyle laying on the couch, he just looked down and I kept moving forwards. I looked down and thought of my last chance to turn and run, but I was stupid. He grabbed my waist and yanked me closer. I flinched at the pain from him holding tight to my waist, and my bruise. It hurt, but I was done being weak... etleast for now.  He turned me to face the kitchen and pulled even closer. My back was now pressed into his chest.

"Grind!" he stated. I stood there thinking... should I?! I looked at Kyle he was still staring at the ground. "Im sorry am I not speaking english?!" Micheal held my waist tighter. "Your one skinny girl!" he added. I stood there blank faced and I stared into nothing.

"Ohh!" he slapped me, bringing me out of my thoughts... "When I say to do something... you do it! Now Grind on me!!" he hollered. I didnt know what to so I grinded as easy as possible.

"Harder!" I tried my hardest to forget about the pain in my leg and go harder. But I couldnt.

"My turn!" Jacob shouted. He took Micheals place and I began grinding. I shut my eyes and held back the tears.

Kyles POV

I finally looked at my sister... she was now being forced to grind on Jacob. I didnt like this... I saw her squeeze her eyes shut. I did that to, she was holding back tears. Thats what I did when I didnt want to cry. I wanted so bad to tell them to stop, but it wasn't that easy. Jacob and Micheal they had been to jail plenty of times for drugs, sex slaves, murder... I knew Jacob had a gun... he brought it. If they dont get what the want... it gets ugly.

Carters POV

"C'mon bitch! Harder!" Jacob hollered. I tried to go but my leg burnt. "Now!" he hollered and slapped my thigh. Right on the cut. I stopped, I froze and fell to the ground in pain.

"Ahhhh!!!!!!!" I dont know why I couldnt stop screaming. I grabbed at my thigh. I pulled my leg closer to my stomach and I screamed. "GOD!!!!!" I hollered.

"Get up!" Micheal hollered at me. I couldn't see, my eyes were too blurry from the tears. "C'mon!" he grabbed my wrist.

"STOP!" I hollered. He grabbed tighter.

"PLEASE?! STOP?!AHHH!" I screamed pain was literally all over my body. He let go and helped me stand up.

Kyles POV

I looked at my sister screaming on the ground holding her thigh. I knew it wasnt scarp metal she fell on... but I still felt so bad. Micheal stood her up. Jacob then helped take of her shirt and shorts. She stood there facing me and Aaron in only a bra and underwear.

"Youll want some?!" Jacob smirked. I noticed Aaron didnt feel comfortable either. Micheal got behind her and pulled her into him. "Grind bitch!" he hollered. She shut her eyes again and grinded down his body. I dont know about anybody else but I saw the one tear fall from her cheek. Micheal had his hands cupped around her boobes and I stared at the cuts and scars that covered her shoulders and upper stomach.


"Slut!" Joseph (our stepdad)  screamed and slapped Carter across the face. "When I say do something I mean do it! Now take off your clothes!" he kept hollering. I stood there in the kitchen with my little sister Lizzy watching silently. We had learned the hard way not to get into it. Lizzy had to go to the hospital because he beat her so bad. When she was only four. Of course our mom didnt bring him into her lie of excuses.

"Please?!" Carter whispered as she stripped down. She now stood naked in the living room. She was facing us and Joseph stood behind her. He kicked her butt making her fall foward to the ground. That was he night Carter lost her virginity, it was the night she still hated me for.


She was still grinding on Micheal but Jacob was now hitting her thighs... sexually. I noticed Aaron looking at me so I looked over at him. He just shook his head letting me know he wasn't for this at all. I kept watching as Jacob was now sexually rubbing in between her thighs. Another tear escaped her eye and she quickly wiped it away. Neither Jacob or Micheal noticed but Aaron did. Out of the corner of my eye I saw him look down then to the opposite side. I knew she hated this... I did too.

Carters POV

About two hours passed. Jacob and Micheal played with me some more, and made me grind, Micheal raped me in another room, and made me dance for them. I got up and slid my feet across the floor to the kitchen. I looked at the oven clock. It was 3:47 am. I had school tomorrow.

"Hungry?" Aaron walked in behind me.

I turned around to face him. "No." I answered blankly. I was still in only my bra and underwear.

"You mean you have been up for how long since supper and your dont want to eat?!" he asked shocked I guess.

"I didnt have supper." I answered the expression on my face hadn't changed.

"Thats worse!" he exclaimed.

"I dont eat... Im fat!" I said looking down then back up at him.

"No your not!" he stated looking at my stomach. "Can i ask you something?!" he added on.

"Sure," I answered and shrugged.

"Are those scars, and bandages from cutting yourelf?. Look I know its weird me asking you thi but my sister died from that stuff."

"Im sorry." I said.

"you didnt answer!" he urged on.

I sighed and looked to the floor. "Yea..." I answered. I felt warm arms slither around my waist as I realized Aaron had hugged me.

"Im so sorry..." he said,  while still in the hug.

"Dont be its not your fault..." I replied.

"No, well yea that too. But I meant Micheal, Jacob, your mom, Lizzy, just everything.." I felt like screaming. I hated when people brought any of that up. But I didnt. I knew he was being nice.

"Thanks..." I sighed. "Im gonna go to bed..." I added and limped to the stairs. I crawled into bed, I was way too tired to even think. I quickly drifted off to sleep.



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