If You Really Cared

Carter is a 17 yr. old girl. She has been bullied by 5 boys for years. She has no idea why... Her abusive dad and best friend/little sister have just died. Her mom kills herself over it. All in one day, Carters life is changed forever...

***(the boys are NOT famous in this story... their each around he ages of 16-18...)***


43. Chapter 36

Harry's POV

Relief washed over me as I followed Liam and Zayn back towards the house. There were a few police in front and behind us. I was relieved that I had found Carter and the others but then the guilt of Kyle's death overwhelms me. I picture him, laying there, lifeless, Carters cries of pain and agony as the police pull her away from the last bit of family she had. The thought of it gave me the chills and I pulled my jacket closer to my body.

I try to shift my brain onto thinking of something else but Carter wont leave. I have beat her the longest out of all five of us, I'm the one who told her to die numerous times, I'm the one who let her and the boys get taken. Its me. My fault. Her tears are my fault. Mine.

"What are we supposed to do?" Zayn voice sinks through my thoughts and I listen to the two boys in front of me.

"I don't even know.... How can I even face her?" I could clearly hear the pain in Liam's voice as he spoke back to Zayn. I knew the police could hear, and I actually felt less safe with them there. I decided early on in my life that I hated the police. I mean hate!

Liam's POV

Zayn held the door for me and Harry and we entered the warm house. It had only been days since I last stepped through this door but it literally felt like ages. A few police had followed and they were beginning to get on my last nerve. I rolled my eyes and try to ignore them. I did my best and went to the kitchen. I was craving, anything. Any type of GOOD food. I smiled at the sight of Niall already sitting happily at the island munching away on oreos. I took a seat next to him and shared the oreos. The taste of them was so distant but yet so beautiful. I couldn't stop myself and I shoved them in my mouth. Zayn joined us and we all three munched away while forgetting about the whole situation we were dealing with.

"Where's Carter?" Harry's voice stopped me from sticking another one in my mouth. I swallowed hard and looked at him.

"Don't know... probably with Lou," I suggested and his face seemed to change. "K..." he answered. "As long as she's safe..." he added and took an oreo.

"I want to stay here..." Carter's voice entered my ears and I jumped up. I followed Niall into the lounge room where Lou held Carter close to his side and two police men faced them.

"Well we tried that but no one was safe..." a police argued but I knew it wasn't going to work. Carter was on of the most stubborn people I had ever met.

"Well Im staying here." she stated and that meant the argument was over. It was suprising to me how she would argue with the authorities but then again in her situation I don't blame her.

"Fine but we will figure something out later if we come to find this doesn't work." the captain gives up and lets her stay. I'm happy but at the same time I know we'll never be the same... I regret what I did to her. I always will.



So if your one of the few people who actually read these author things then I just want to say Im sorry if this chapter was a little dull or boring but I wanted to clear up what was happening so I could start, fresh I guess, on the next chapter!!

(no edit...)


XOXO- Sailor

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