If You Really Cared

Carter is a 17 yr. old girl. She has been bullied by 5 boys for years. She has no idea why... Her abusive dad and best friend/little sister have just died. Her mom kills herself over it. All in one day, Carters life is changed forever...

***(the boys are NOT famous in this story... their each around he ages of 16-18...)***


41. Chapter 34

Louis's POV

"What the hell?!" my eyes shot open as I heard Jacob's voice. He shook the gun rapidly and two police men grabbed him making him drop the gun. I bent down beside Carter, I felt the heavy tears forming in my eyes. I laid a hand softly on her back and she sighed.

"Kyle... your not going to die! We're going to get you to a hospital." she rubbed his chest gently. I looked up as two officers were coming to get Carter away from Kyle. Harry's arms went out and stopped them. Harry shook his head at them and they both nodded in reply. I think we all knew Kyle was going to... well anyways. I turned back to Carter and Kyle. Liam sat on the other side of Carter and she sobbed on her brothers chest.

"Carter..." he whispered. "Listen to me," she sat up and rested her head on my shoulder. I wrapped my arm around her and she still had her hand resting on her brothers chest.

"Remember, you still haven't danced in the rain! Your ball hasn't come yet," he soothed a stray piece of her hair down behind her ear.

"I love you Kyle," her sobbing slowed and she hugged him again. "I love you too!" he smiled at her response.

"Be strong and remember don't ever make as many fucked up decisions as I have, K?" his breath got lighter and he took his arm down.

"I already have! I should have never told Joseph I wouldn't leave with him... I-if I would have j-just gone away w-with hi-im mom would be alive, you..." he stopped her.

"You wouldn't still be friends with these boys," she looked at me and then interrupted him.

"Yea... s-still," she sighed under her breath.

"Kyle I... - ju-just..." his eyes closed. "Ahhhh!!" she let out her cries and fell on his chest.

I pulled her into my lap and hugged her. Her tears soaked my shirtless chest and I could feel the wet blood on my shirt she was wearing, but I didn't mind at all.

A police man pulled her from my arms and she let him. I sighed, two more police were struggling as they lifted Kyles body from the ground.

"Noooo!!" Carter screamed out and fell from the officers arms. She ran after the others and grabbed at Kyles arm. "Please..?" she begged and they waited. I knew I had to so I went behind her and gently placed my arms around her waist. I held the shirt down and pulled her back. She curled up in my arms and I let her cry into my shoulder. Her tears made my bare skin freeze but I didn't care. I held the shirt under her legs since it was the only thing she had on, and I turned to the boys.

"I think we're going to go back to the house now..." I sighed and turned towards the door. Niall came along and I carried Carter in my arms bridal style. We walked silently through the woods. Niall held a dim flashlight at the ground and he led us back to the house. Carter's tears still dripped slowly down my chest and they collected themselves at the rim of the sweatpants I had worn for days now.

"There here!!" a lady shouted and turned towards the front of the house. We came to the edge of the woods and saw the many police cars, people, ambulance, fire trucks, (I don't see the point), and news reporters. The lady that had seen us came up to me and Carter.

"Did anyone die?!" she asked way over enthusiastically. Not once did Carter look up but she kept her face buried in my chest.

"Why the hell would you ask that?!" Niall got upset and the cameras turned to him. The lady backed up and seemed a bit embarrassed.

"Move..." Niall, you could tell, was very upset. The people made a pathway for us. There were people crowded around the pool and at the door. They kept spreading out and Niall held the door for us.

"Thanks..." I sighed and entered the house, where hopefully we could have some privacy...

He shut the door and followed me up the steps. I carefully held Carters fragile body in my arms and Niall started the bath. Just looking at the warm, clean water made me want to jump in it! I hadn't changed clothes, brushed my teeth, or had a bath in days.

I looked at Niall, I was unsure if I should undress Carter here. But then again he had seen plenty and she only had on my shirt. He shrugged, "I don't mind..." no smile showed and I slowly lifted the shirt over Carters head. To reveal tons of tiny and some big bruises. They covered her stomach, thighs, and upper arms. She had on the old wraps still on her leg, the ones on her arm had wore off.

I laid her gently in the warm bath and turned off the water. Niall bent beside me and slowly began to un wrap her thigh.

"Does it hurt?" he asked in almost a whisper. She shook her head and I sighed. How could someone be so mean? How could someone kill her brother?... Her? I remembered how, at one time, I was like that. But would I ever kill someone to hurt her? I asked myself and decided I would never.

I thought back to Carter and her brother.... How he had said she hadn't danced in the rain or went to a ball.

"Carter...." I paused wondering if she would want to answer. "What did Kyle mean when he said you haven't danced in the rain?" I was dying to know. Her sigh was soft and quiet, but still could be heard by me and Niall.

For the longest time no one said anything. Niall went back to washing her legs gently and I soothed the conditioner into her hair. Almost a minute had past...

"When my mom met my d-dad," she began. "They fell in love... My mom always love C-Cinderella, she wanted to have a ball so bad..."  she studdered through her words. "Well, their wedding was Cinderella themed, while they were dancing it rained... they were the only ones to continue with the dance and not go inside..."

"My mom said that it was the first and last dance she shared with my dad... in the rain," she paused once again allowing Niall to cut in.

"Wait what about you and Kyle... Last??" I knew he was confused and I was too, but I knew we needed to let her tell.

"They had us two before they married, I met my dad once... at the wedding. Before that my moms parents wouldn't allow it." she sighed. "That day, they were going to the honeymoon, the limo crashed and my dad died. My mom got hurt badly," tears slowly dripped from her eyes as she struggled to continue.

"A few years later my mom married Joseph, he never liked me. Kyle told me one night and after that he began to pick on me. It wasn't so bad at first but then..." she paused and the tears that had been waiting came. They trickled slowly down her cheeks and slid off to lightly hit the water below.

"T-then he wanted me... Ju-just me. He w-wanted to take me and he told my m-mom he would make me a se-sex sla-ve..." she sobbed. I used the tip of my thumb to lightly wipe away some of the tears.

"My mom said no and I wouldn't go either... I was only like ten and h-he still w-wanted me. Since I was t-too y-young he d-decided my m-mom would be b-better... That n-night he r-raped her... she got pr-pregnant a few weeks l-later and kept it." she sighed. Again I wiped some tears and she leaned against the side of the bathtub as her fore finger made tiny little circles in the water.

"Lizzie. J-joseph loved h-her, h-he really did. It made me want to d-di, die" she struggled through the last word.

"He really h-hated me, I thought -there must be something w-wrong with m-me... That night was w-when I tried my f-first suicide attempt..." her voice tensed and Niall gasped. I tried to stay calm and comprehend everything she was telling us. It felt amazing knowing that she trusted me that much.

"He s-spoiled and still b-beat me..." I began playing with strands of her hair but Niall staid still.

"I was t-twelve when I met Zayn and Liam..." she sighed. "I thought we were friends.... they told me we were..." she paused again. I could tell how bad bringing all the past memories up bothered her. I continued to play with her hair and she smiled a weak smile up at me.

"They started beating me, Joseph knew I was good, so he began to r-rape me at home... every night almost..."

"I was fourteen and I met the one boy who ever showed compassion at all for me... We went out for months, he knew I was beaten at home and by Zayn and Liam. He broke up with me and left me in an alley after about eight months..."

"Three guys beat me and rape me, Im not sure to who but I got pregnant... There was a miscarriage and then w while later I met you..." "Basically if I would have gone with Joseph... None of this would have ever happened." she sighed.

"Carter! Im so sorry..." Niall gasped. I took in what she had just told me... While she was going through her hair with her fingers. I picked back up the brush and continued brushing it out.

"I think Im done..." she spoke up after a while and we nodded. Niall helped me lift her out of the tub and onto the floor mat below. I got a towel from the hook on the door and helped her wrap up in it. Niall lifted her onto the counter while I rummaged through the cabinet for the bandages. I found them and set them out.

I gently lifted her cut arm up and looked at the wombs. They were still red and purple, some swollen some were just deep nasty cuts. Carter turned away and stared to the back wall. Niall held her arm while I, gently as possible, wrapped it in clean unused wraps. I used medical tape to finish it and she finally turned back.

I examined her thigh, it was a lot better but still was deep, swollen, and bruised. I took some clean wrap and began using the same process as on her arm to wrap it.

"Done." I smiled but she didn't return it. I sighed. She stood up but gasped.

"It still hurts! I think the medicine wore off..." she sighed and bent down. I lifted her up bridal style and carried her out into her room. I sat her on the bed and Niall left.


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