If You Really Cared

Carter is a 17 yr. old girl. She has been bullied by 5 boys for years. She has no idea why... Her abusive dad and best friend/little sister have just died. Her mom kills herself over it. All in one day, Carters life is changed forever...

***(the boys are NOT famous in this story... their each around he ages of 16-18...)***


38. Chapter 31

Louis's POV

"Oh my gosh!!" Carter screamed again. Jacob was hovered over her and I could barely see her legs. I couldn't stand it. Jacob was torchering her and all they could do was laugh. I grimaced at just the sound of her pain and it reminded me of all the times we beat her up. She had never been that loud, shed mainly stay silent while we through punches at her or while we kicked her. But now she was screaming out for help and all we could do was watch.

"Where's Harry?" Niall asked from beside me. He said it only loud enough for us to hear. I looked back to Carter. Jacob held her in the air while Hunter plaid around with her. He threw her on the ground and now it was Thomas's turn. He entered her and she screeched.

"Do you like it?!" Jacob shouted at her. "NO!" she shouted out in pain. Hunter slapped her face and she wailed.

"How about now?!" Thomas hit harder and again she screamed. She shook her head no and Jacob kicked her jaw.

"Now?!" he demanded. "Y-yea..." she gave in and he patted her head. "Good bitch..." he laughed and Thomas went harder and harder.

"Ahhh!" she screamed once again and Thomas finally pulled away.

"Take a break." Jacob spat at her and she collapsed on the floor. They all walked out and I sat there, tears forming in my eyes, and I watched Carter suffer. She looked up at us and a shiver went down my spine. She picked up the over sized dark blue t-shirt and slid it on. She crawled towards us and I couldn't help but wonder what she could be doing. Tears filled her eyes and some were able to escape as they ran slowly down her cheeks.

She stopped in front of me and I smiled. She returned it and leaned against.

"Louis Im sorry..." she sighed and I felt her warm tears trickle down my chest. I wanted so bad to wrap her in my arms and show her just how much I loved her but the ropes that were secured tightly at my wrists made that quite impossible. I sighed and she wrapped her ice cold arms around my torso and I smiled to myself.

"Are we ever going to get away from here?" she whispered to me and only Zayn, Niall, and Liam could hear.

"I promise..." I whispered back. "We will." Niall finished for me. I smiled over to him and he returned it. "I love you too Niall" she slightly laughed and hugged his torso tightly. She then hugged Liam and he stared away from her.

"I'll never forgive myself..." he sighed and still wouldn't look at her. "Liam... I'm just happy you didn't die" she hugged him tighter.

"Zayn..." she crawled over to him. "I'm learning to trust you." she hugged him and he slightly smiled down at her. "Better than nothing..." he sighed.

"Carter you should run away..." Niall said. "Yea... they can hurt us but now is your chance!" Zayn perked up.

"Shhh..." Carter put a finger to her lips. "No, I wont leave you." she demanded and we all shut up. Thomas came back in...

"What are you doing?!" he rushed over to us and forced Carter to stand up. She wailed in pain and collapsed to the floor. "I cant stand..." she whispered at him and he rolled his eyes. He grabbed her upper arms and pulled her up.

"You need medicine..." he sighed and carried her to the kitchen he sat her on the counter and rummaged through the cabinets.

"Here," he stated in a agitated voice. He gave her some anabiotics and she gulped them down with water.

"Thanks..." I barely could hear her. She attempted to stand but failed. He caught her and carried her to the couch. He sat her down harshly and sat beside her. She looked towards us and I shrugged. She turned back and he faced her.

"Who was the best?" he smirked. "What?!"

"Who was the best out of all of us? Who did the best job?" he pushed on and the smirk just became larger.

"No one." she stated and he looked away.

He turned back and slapped her. "Was it me?!" he asked harshly. "No." she stated.

"Then who?!" "Liam." she stared to the ground. I looked towards Liam and shock covered his face. "Why?!" anger filled Thomas's voice.

"Because he wasn't actually trying to hurt me." she stated and he sighed.

"He wanted to hurt you just as bad as us!" Hunter came into view and they both looked up.

"No he didn't!" she defended. "Bitch! He doesn't like you! He just wants you!" Hunter kept hollering. I could hear Carter crying.

"That's not true!" Lima made a big mistake and shouted at them. Hunter came over and punched him hard in the gut. He winced in pain and then Hunter duct taped his mouth.

"We'll see about that!" Hunter smirked and walked back towards Carter and Thomas. Thomas ripped off her t-shirt and the tears began to run freely down her soft, pale face.

"Not again..." she whispered and Hunter picked her up. "Well you think Liam didn't want to hurt you... See what he does when we do this..." they both smirked and Hunter carried Carter over to us. She was naked and he held her uncomfortably in his arms. Thomas followed, the same smirk covered both of their faces.

He dropped her to the floor and she winced at the pain he had just created. He hovered over her, they were literally right in front of us. We were forced to see everything.

"Ahhh!" Carter let out a faint scream as he entered her quickly. He didn't take any time at all and began going faster and faster.

"Stop it! Cant you see how much pain she is in?!" Niall screamed. Thomas placed duct tape over his mouth and Hunter kept doing his thing. Thomas forced her to makeout with him and he rubbed her chest sexually. Tears flowed freely from her baby blue eyes and they didn't seem to care.

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