If You Really Cared

Carter is a 17 yr. old girl. She has been bullied by 5 boys for years. She has no idea why... Her abusive dad and best friend/little sister have just died. Her mom kills herself over it. All in one day, Carters life is changed forever...

***(the boys are NOT famous in this story... their each around he ages of 16-18...)***


30. Chapter 25

Carters POV

Where am I? I asked myself. I took in my surrounding and remembered I was in hell... living hell. I rubbed my eyes and looked around. Louis was no longer holding me and I felt a chill rush through my bones. I shivered and pulled blanket closer to me. I looked behind me to find Lou already tied up with the others. I slowly lifted up my weak body and left the blanket on the couch.

"Get your damn breakfast and feed them!" Thomas gestured towards the other wall and I nodded. I walked slowly to the counter and took the plate. I then trudged to the boys and gave them each food.

"You alright?" Louis asked. "Yea..." I answered awkwardly.

"Carter we're fine... eat some." Niall pushed. "Im really not hungry." I defended but knew they wouldn't listen.

"Carter I lied." Zayn stated very harshly. "What?" "I lied ok? Your not fat! Your really thin, you need to eat." the harshness in his voice had only lightened.

I gave him some more food, ate a little bit, and  slowly walked towards the trash can. I threw it away and went as fast as I possibly could to the couch. I threw myself on it and felt the comfort overcome me. I sighed. I didn't realize it but I had fallen asleep.

Liam's POV

I heard a very loud thump and looked up. Jacob, Hunter, and Thomas had just laid down a metal pole that stood on an metal post-type-thingy. I sighed, I knew exactly what was coming. I looked at Niall next to me and he stared to the ground. I looked at Louis beside him, and he was staring at the boys yanking at Carters arms. I strained my neck and finally got a glimpse of Zayns eyes closed. They opened quickly and he looked back to Carter.

"Get up bitch!" Thomas shouted at her and I could tell she was forcing herself to stay up. She stood there and Jacob gashed his fingers into her skin. Even from behind I could tell how much pain she was in.

She fell to the ground and Hunter yanked her back up. I heard the sound as Jacob landed a hard punch right on her gut. I heard her gasp for air as again she was forced to stand up by James strong arms holding her from behind. She tried to bend over but they pried her back up.

Again the sound rang through my ears and again I heard her gasps for air. I heard the sound over five more times as they beat her stomach in. Every time she was forced to stay up and take the pain as James held her firmly.

Jacob basically threw her at the metal pole and she grasped it. She pulled herself up and clung to it for life. She was now facing us and tears ran freely from her eyes.

Harry's POV

I had given the police Lou's address and I was now in my car with Kyle rushing there. It was literally a block away or less but I had taken the car from my place. I swiftly pulled into the driveway and was surprised that Kyle had beaten me out of the car. The police were already waiting for us and we both ran frantically towards them.

"Hello are you the girls older brother?" a police calmly asked me. I pointed to Kyle beside me and he nodded.

"When is the last time you saw your sister?" he asked. "At the hospital about a week ago..." he answered and I agreed.

"Ok when is the last time you saw them?" he looked to me. "Sometime yesterday afternoon." I answered.

"Good, let's go inside and have a look..." he acted so calm... I hated it! I kept my cool and followed the others inside.

"Last time I saw them... We were all right here. Carter went to make tea, and the boys were sitting in here. I went to the bathroom..." I pointed towards the hall leading away from the lounge room.

"Check the kitchen area." the chief instructed and a few police men went that way. Some staid and kept looking around. I couldn't help but notice how everything was perfectly normal, like nothing had been touched.



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