If You Really Cared

Carter is a 17 yr. old girl. She has been bullied by 5 boys for years. She has no idea why... Her abusive dad and best friend/little sister have just died. Her mom kills herself over it. All in one day, Carters life is changed forever...

***(the boys are NOT famous in this story... their each around he ages of 16-18...)***


19. Chapter 16

Carters POV

I laid alone on the floor for a while. I let the pain in my stomach sink in and I tried to ignore it. I hugged myself with my arms and thought about what had just happened. I could here Zayn downstairs as he turned the tv up loud. I rolled my eyes and pulled myself to my feet. I kept one arm wrapped around my stomach and I slowly mad my way downstairs to the kitchen. 

I pulled open the refridgerator and looked around for something to eat. 

"Why would you want food?!" Zayns jeering voice sinked into my ears. "Your too fat for it anyway..." he added and poked my side sending shivers up my body. I closed the fridge and went to the living room. I felt my stomach begging for food but kept bringing back what he had said, 'your too fat for it anyway...' the words were on replay in my head. Zayn sat back down on the other end of the couch and I stared toward the tv, but I didn't pay attention. I finally took my arm away from my stomach and lay back. I closed my eyes and didn't realize it but I drifted into a sleep. 


"Carter..." my name rang in my ear. I opened my eyes and looked around. The blurr went away and Zayn's face was in front of mine.

"Get the hell up!" he hollered at me. "Louis called. He wants me to take you to the hospital..." I jumped up at the thought of seeing Kyle. I ran towards the door and Zayn stopped me.

"Your going like that?!" he acted disgusted and looked me up and down. I looked down at the baggy sweatpants and old t-shirt I was wearing. 

"I don't have anything else..." I answered and held my hands behind me back.

"Get in the damn car. Bitch, like I care what you look like..." he jeered and I went to the car. I stood by e passenger door and waited for him to come out. Again I felt the hunger seep through me and again his voice replayed in my head.  'Your too fat for it anyway,' 

We eventually pulled into the parking lot after what felt like forever... I jumped out and walked ahead of Zayn and into the hospital. I saw Harry, Liam, and Niall sitting in some seats across the room and I walked over to them. 

"You good?" Liam smiled up at me. "Yea. Where is Louis?" I asked. "He's been talking to your brother for a while..." Niall answered. 

"oh..." I answered. "What might they be talking about?" I asked out of pure curiosity.

"No idea..." Harry laughed. "Something about you I think..." Niall said. "Nah..." Zayn walked up behind me and stated sarcastically. 

"Carter James?" a nurse called out my name. "Yes?" I answered back and she walked to me. "They'd like to see you in room 24..." she turned and walked away. I looked to Liam and he nodded. I walked down a long hallway following the numbers as I went. I counted them down in my head:

39, 38, 37... 26,25,24... I turned and opened the door to the room. "Carter?" Kyles voice came from the room. I walked in and shut the door behind me. Louis was sitting in a chair beside the bed and Kyle lay there looking at me. 

"Hey." I said and sat in the seat by Louis. "Are you feeling alright?" I asked. 

"Enough." Kyle shrugged. 

"Carter..." he began. "Me and Louis were talking..." he paused. 

"and?" I pushed him on. 

"I want you to stay at his house for a while... Maybe longer," he said. 

"My mom will be going on vacation tomorrow with her boyfriend, for three weeks." Louis added.

"I think that they'll be able to care for you more and help you with depression..." I interrupted my brother.

"Wait... Depression?" I jumped from my seat and my thigh burnt. 

"Carter, you've been experiencing it and I think this is better than a therapist..." Kyle said. I sat back down but only because my brother was sick and I didn't feel like fighting. Even though I would have won...

"Do you understand?" Kyle interrupted my thoughts.

"Yea... I guess," I Answered blankly. I couldn't even remember what he had asked... I just said yes well course it's Kyle we're talking about... 

"Louis said that he and the others would keep a watch on you, keep metal pieces away, make sure your eating..." I blurred his voice out and thought back to Zayn and his voice replayed in my head. I hated my brain, I felt like once I thought of something it just kept replaying.

'your too fat for it anyway,' the voice spoke. 'your too fat,' 'your too fat,' your too fat,' your too fat,!!!' I felt like screaming. I couldn't hear anything but Zayns voice replaying in my brain. Telling me constantly how fat I was. I put my hands to my ears. I attempted to hear a peaceful song or something... But nothing worked. I wanted to scream. I used every ounce of energy no to and I felt my face burning up. 

My hands held tightly to my ears and my eyes shut tightly. My lips curled up and I held in my screams. The hunger in my stomach came back with the voice. And my self esteem abandoned me.  A tear formed in my eye. I didn't wipe it away, I just dug for more energy to keep it from falling.

"Carter?" Louis's voice brought me back into reality. My eyes opened and the brightness of the room burnt. I dropped my cold hands from my ears and looked to him. 

"Are you ok with that?" Kyle asked. "With what?" I was confused.

"Living with us..." Liam's voice sank into my ears and I realized the other boys were now in the room.

"yea.."I answered and looked to Zayn. He smirked at me making shivers run up my spine. I looked to my brother and he nodded. Again I felt shivers run up my back as I felt Louis's warm hands rubbing it gently. he smiled at me and I smiled back.


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